How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

By David Small •  Updated: 07/17/18 •  11 min read

More than 3 million married couples in the United States are in a long distance relationship.  This is why it is important to stress on tips that make these unions work. If you are one of them, do not let distance be a hindrance. Discover how to keep the fire burning. While not all of them are applicable to every couple every day, most of them are tried and tested.

Long Distance Relationship


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  1. Video chat with Skype or Facetime

This is a must for all couples in far-away places. According to Chris Bell in The Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide, maintain eye contact with your lover when you have a video chat session. This should be a daily schedule no matter how busy your lives are. Share intimate feelings, jokes, thoughts, and ideas no matter how silly or small they may seem. It is the little things that actually matter.

  1. Communicate daily

If you cannot have a live video session, use the telephone. Communication is the backbone of any relationship, especially where partners are miles apart. As Tamsen Butler writes in How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work and Flourish, there should never be a reason for failing to talk. Even if you are angry with your partner, at least let him or her know your disappointment and then solve it with time.

  1. Play games online

There are tons of online games that you can play with your mate. Challenge each other in these games so that there is always something to look forward to. In addition, play games with other friends or close family members, just like you would play poker cards in a group. Young Scot feels that playtimes are opportunities to enforce your love and companionship.

  1. Set rules of engagement for your long Distant Relationship

From the onset, long distance love is bound to have issues. Which relationship doesn’t? It is very important to set basic rules and adhere to them. Gregory Guldner, in Long Distance Relationships: The Complete Guide says that respecting rules create mutual respect. For example, agree on who will pay the bills, when and how.

 Long Distance Relationship Work

  1. Eat together

Plan your meal times so well that you eat at the same time. A family that eats together stays together. No matter how busy you are, find time to talk about what you are cooking and eating. According to Panda Gossips, couple’s dinners are best shared when spouses they are apart. If possible, eat the same meals to keep the food bond strong. Plan your dinner timetable together so that you have the same meal for the days of the week.

  1. Dance together

Play a song at the same time and dance to it while you sing along. Dancing is perhaps the oldest known human fun time. We do it since we are kids until we grow feeble. Daytona Watterson in Long DistanceRelationships is of the opinion that singing together affirms the bond of love, even if you cannot join hands. If you can do this several times in a week, your love is ready for the long haul.

  1. Talk about your future together

Where is your love going? Are you dating for a couple of months or do you want to make it a lifelong union? It is important to talk about your future so both of you know what to expect from one another. Semi delicate balance advises you to have mutual life objectives. Both of you must be committed to achieving these goals. Examples are buying a family house and starting a business together.

  1. Email each other love quotes

The internet is today the largest collection of love quotes. There are perhaps millions that you have never heard before. Do you want to pleasantly surprise your love done? Look for a love quote that they have never heard and sent it over. Me Without You written, by Ralph Lazar states that love quotes from famous people can have a great effect both to the sender and to the receiver.

25 Tips That Will Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

  1. Share jokes regularly

When you are together, jokes are part of dating. It should never be different when you are apart. Relationships Tips 4U writes that calling each other and saying stupid things can actually build a long distance relationship.

Send jokes over SMS or email even when you are busy with work or school. Alternatively, say silly things that you did during the day and feel the connection been build between the two of you.

  1. Share sexual moments and dirty talks

The fact that you are far from one another does not mean that sex should die. You can have an open relationship where both parties are free to explore with other people. If this is not an option for you, use sex toys and send the escapades to one another.

Caroline Tiger’s The Long Distance Relationship Guide helps you survive weeks, months and even years of sexual deprivation. Read it and learn how to stay satisfied throughout.

  1. Send each other gifts

Have you come across a nice watch or pair of shoes online? Do you think they are cute for him or her? Shelby Lorman in the blog Business Insider asks you to buy them off and have them shipped to your partner.

Make the delivery a surprise to have a nice warm lovely impact. When you receive gifts from your long distance relationship lover, wear them, take pictures and send them over to say that you appreciate.

  1. Take each other through video tours

There must be amazing sights and sounds around your home. Go out to these places and take pictures and videos. Amanda Ryan in Long Distance Relationships: How to Maintain a Successful Long Distance advises you end them to your far-away lover and share the fun. While he or she will be thrilled, your lover will look forward to going to these places, and might just cut short the overseas trip or take time off to be with you.


  1. Do something at the same time

Pick a crossword puzzle and attempt to fill it out at the same time. Bestlife writer Julia Malacoff is an experienced long-distance counselor and advisor. She is of the opinion that partners who are miles away should find something to do at the same time. Other activities that can be done simultaneously are swimming, playing a musical instrument or watching a shared movie. These affirm your companionship and love.

  1. Know each other’s daily schedule

Remember the old relationship saying, out of sight out of mind. You are likely to stop thinking about someone if they are far away. But as Blogkiat writes, knowing each other’s schedule keeps your minds and heart together even when in a long distance relationship. Share events of the day right from waking up time to sleeping time. At the end of the day, go through each other’s undertakings and marvel at the accomplishments.

  1. Engage each other when you’re with friends

Go to birthday parties, weddings, camping, sleepovers and other fun activities with your friends. While there, take as many pictures and videos as possible and email these to your better half. According to Atlantic Publishing Group in The Young Adult’s Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide, your partner feels part of the fun when he sees you having a nice time with mutual friends or close family members.

  1. Have faith and maturity

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you really want to make things work, you have to maintain a positive attitude. Maturity and faith in your love is the most important thing according to Without the hope that things will be better someday, partners can easily drift apart, cheat on one another and fall out of love. After all, your partner who went away will surely come back when he or she is through with studies or work-related project.

 Long Distance Relationship Work

  1. Be honest with each other

Honesty is the best policy as far as dating when miles apart is concerned. Ava Rey in How to Keep and Love Your Long Distance Relationship observes that modern-day couples are increasingly dishonest with one another. You must express your heartfelt feelings, fear, concerns, and anxieties. Are falling out love with your partner? You must let them know and find mutual things to keep the fire lit.

  1. Miss each other

Even as you seek to maintain a psychological connection, take time off your loved one and do other things. It is okay to miss one another, as this builds the urge to see one another someday. advises partners in a long distance relationship to miss one another so that they look forward to chatting next time. In this regard, respect the personal space that your partner needs.

  1. Explore opportunities for growth

While you are away from your lover, T. C. Hill advises in Long Distance Relationship Guide that you could find beneficial opportunities. For example, find out if there is a suitable university near you that your spouse can attend. Better still, look for employment opportunities that you think would be suitable for your loved one. Such breaks could bring the both of you together to enjoy a lifelong marriage.

  1. Visit each other occasionally

Being in a long distance relationship can be a harrowing experience. Find time to occasionally be together. Note that a perpetual relationship can best be built by physical contact. While at it, says that you must play, work, eat and do things together. Have steamy sexual encounters that will remain etched in your memories for a long time.


  1. Plan life’s goals together for Long Distance Relationship 

Shawn Shweier writes in Everyday Power that you must maintain a mutual and individual goal. Share these with each other when you are miles apart. Check on each other to remind, motivate and inspire one another. Know where your partner is in terms of realizing a life goal. Are you studying for a degree or undertaking a project away from home? You might be surprised by the amount of resource that your partner can provide.

  1. Have a mutual journal of accomplishments

If you want to survive while being far away from your lover, keep a joint journal of your daily undertakings and accomplishments. Let each partner comment on the achievements of one another. As Chris Bell writes in The Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide, such a journal motivates both partners to be better at work and at school. There is perhaps no better inspiration than one that comes from the person you love.

  1. Keep romance with nicknames

Nicknames such as Sugar Pie, my Barbie Doll, Kitten and Red Butterfly seek to encourage the romance between two hearts. According to, your brain experiences a relaxing stimulus when you are called by your nickname. Ensure that the name is respectful and both of you are okay with these. Use these nicknames when you text, call, and video chat.


  1. Keep photos that you took together

Before you started the relationship, you must have met and shared fun times together. While at it, you must have taken pictures and shot videos of yourselves. Send these to one another when you are far apart. Stephen Blake in Still Loving Your Long Distance Relationship advises you to take more photos when you visit one another. These little memories keep your love relevant. When you remember certain milestones, you look forward to the next one.

  1. Pay attention to each other’s fears

How well do you listen to your spouse? Do you let your innermost feelings and thoughts known to them? According to Modern Long Distance, people who are utterly honest with one another are more likely to see themselves through the relationship. For example, tell each other what troubles or challenges you faced at work or in school. Be like best friends and share any little detail with each other.

In Conclusion,

There is no excuse for failing to keep in touch even when the lovers are thousands of miles apart. The above tips come from experienced marriage and relationship experts. Implement them today and introduce a positive impact to your love. Share these tips with your lover for a mutually beneficial connection.

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