How To Satisfy Your Man In Bed Tonight

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How do I satisfy my man in bed? This is the question most women of today want an answer to. Due to our fast-paced and busy lifestyle, many men have lost the spark for their spousal or matrimonial duties. Stress is a culprit, mixed with an economy where no one has job security anymore.

12 Proven Ways To Satisfy Your man In Bed

As a woman, it is part of your responsibility to help your partner find his interest in the bed. There are many ways to achieve this including foreplay, dirty talking, massage, perfumes, the list goes one. We hope that you would try some of the tricks below and see which one works best for you and your partner.

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Dirty Talking

There is power in the tongue but many women don’t realize this. Dirty talking can help arouse your spouse and make him jump all over you, more than you can ever imagine. This involves the use of bad language on sexuality with him and making him get aroused.

Most men don’t get this kind of treatment often and from past experience, they are usually the ones that initiate sex. Taking the center stage with your beautifully crafted words will help trigger his imagination and make him want more from you. Talking dirty works all the time for many women and it makes sense for you to give it a try.

Flirting with your Man

If you want to make your man jump all over you then you should learn about the incredible art of flirting. Men have emotions like women but it’s somehow buried deep inside of them. Your job as a woman is to provide the means to dig out all that emotions so you can start acting on them to your benefit.

Have some kind of a flirting plan that will last for a while and strike hard. Put on some sexy clothes when you approach him so he can get the message straight. Make him realize that you’re prepared to satisfy him and make him feel good about himself. There is no single husband in the world that can resist the charm of a woman who is on a mission.

Dress Up Sexy for your Man

How To Satisfy Your Husband In Bed

We just talked about dressing up but here, we’re going to expand on it a bit. You see, nudity has a way of getting boring when you see it all the time. Men are curious people that want to see something good gently unveiled.

When you know he’s going to come home get ready for him with your sexy dress that leaves little to the imagination. Practice all those sexy moves in the movies and find yourself some nice lingerie that will make your man’s heart start racing like hell once he sets his eyes on you.

Give Him Massage

With all the stress and confusion in the modern workplace, little wonder why many men just get want to eat, watch the news or games, take their bath, and go to bed straight. Sometimes it can be painful for women as you begin to feel like you are invisible to him. You can turn things around for yourself and get his attention by offering to give him massage once in a while. Massage helps to:

Once you have been able to make your husband relax his strength will come and the rest of the night will be a victory for you. You can make use of hot oils while doing the massage to add a bit of function and drama to the whole mix.

Music Can Do A Lot

If your man is finding it hard to come to you, perhaps you can get him aroused by putting on the kind of music that will trigger something inside of him.

There are so many songs that have powerful lyrics that can make you want to spend the whole night making love. Find out the kind of soft and slow music that can help you achieve this with very little effort.

Perfumes Can Do Some Magic Too

For women who are asking how do I satisfy my man in bed, putting on perfume can help do some magic. Everyone has one or two perfume they can’t resist and will always entice them.

This is why you need to know a lot about your husband; what he likes and the kind of things that attracts him. Putting on perfume will make your spouse appreciate the fact that you’re trying to attract him and put him in the mood.

Strip For Him


Another concept that works like a charm is when you strip before your man. By gently removing your cloth and revealing your body, you spark up his imagination and make his heart begin to race faster than a speeding bullet train.

The next thing he wants after this is to grab you and put you on the bed, giving you all you want for the rest of the night. There are certain rules you need to follow to make this a success including:

The more he waits for you to unravel the mystery you have within you, the better it is for you.

Be Happy

Happiness is contagious so also the opposite of it. Sometimes, the key to getting your husband to fall deeply for you is as simple as you being happy. Some men can’t stand a woman with a low mood because it may affect their psychology.

In fact, men rely on women for their happiness and you should be the one making the home a lovely and enjoyable place to be. Don’t worry about how you’re going to satisfy him or anything, just be yourself and make sure that you play your part, he will come around.

Get Into The Shower

The shower is yet another place that most men love getting down. If you notice your man lacks the inspiration to come to you, why not take him into the shower and let the two of you get along there. There are so many things you can do there while the water runs.

You can wash each other, kiss, hold each other, and so on. If you have a tub you can fill it with soap and lather and rest on each other while you sip wine. Once you succeed in arousing him there the two of you can make for the bedroom and end the conversation there.


Most men don’t mind their women taking control of things once in a while. The best way to do this is to try some game of blindfold. Just get a good blindfold and put over his eyes for a while and watch what comes out of it. Normally, blocking one sense tends to heighten the rest which can lead to amazing things on the spot.

Having you blindfold your partner puts you in control and will definitely turn him on, making him crave for more of you. Start the game immediately after he comes home from work by grabbing him by the tie and taking charge of his entire evening, from then on.

Get Touchy


There is something about touching that makes it ignite nerve endings in our skin and bring about sensation. If you have been wondering and asking how do I satisfy my spouse in bed, here is one of the best ways to achieve it.

First get him on the couch and in a good position and without warning, start touching and feeling him in different parts of his body. Don’t go too quickly for his genitals and be gentle and easy. If there is a place he enjoys more try staying there for a while and make sure you give him all the desires that he wishes for.

Try New Sex Positions

If you want to achieve a better result start doing things in a different way. If you want to satisfy your partner in bed one of the best ways to do this is to try new sex position. Drive him to try this new sex positions and notice how he reacts.

Once you’re able to find the one he likes very much stop there and give him more of that. Men like to experience new things and go to new heights as long as the woman is willing also. It gets better this time because you are the one initiating all of these new ideas and you’re sure to earn the profits once you hit the right spot.

Trying to satisfy your man in bed is not an easy task. The stress of work and providing for the family is real but you can still get through to him by trying new things and adding some flavors to old stuff. Try some of these methods and see how he reacts. Once you find the one he likes, stick to it and do it over and over again. Do it to him until he begins to ask you for more and by that time, you will be reaping the fruits of your labors.




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