Mort Fertel Marriage Assessment Comprehensive Review

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Marriage assessment by Mort Fertel is exactly what your marriage needs! Forget about always running to your friends or counselor for help. Mort Fertel marriage Assessment is here for you! Have you ever wondered how you were faring on in your marriage?  Your score as an individual

I want to ask you, are you really the best version of yourself in your marriage? Are you giving your spouse the best of you? Are you really?  How do you know you’re giving your marriage the best of you? Ever assessed it? Critically?

Marriage Assessment

Well, you don’t have to do it all by yourself!  The worldwide accredited relationship psychologist Mort Fertel is here for you! According to thousands of worldwide reviews, the relationship guru has salvaged loads of weathering marriages. He’s always thrilled to salvage one more.

“It takes both the rain and the sun for a seed to germinate!”

Having gone through the storms in his own marriage, Mort Fertel marriage assessment tests are well thought out and custom made. So, are you willing to salvage your marriage like  Mort Fertel did? Well, here are a couple of questions you should start reflecting on.

  1. Are you a cheerful Giver in your marriage?
  2. Do you really know your better half?
  3. What percentage would you score on your fidelity assessment test?
  4. What about a marriage assessment test on priority?
  5. Are you the kind who’s pushing your spouse away?
  6. Do you make decisions focusing on yourself or do you consider your better half?

Below is a snippet of what each of the 6 marriage assessments test offer. A comprehensive review of the 6 Mort Fertel marriage assessment tests.

Ps: Don’t be scared of being honest during the marriage assessment tests. The results are confidential!   Mort Fertel will not display them anywhere. Awesome, yes?

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#1. Mort Fertel Marriage Assessment on Giving Patterns

Are you a giver in your marriage? Are you the kind of spouse, your partner can count on?  To fix the bulb, help with the dishes or change diapers?  Do you normally cut them some slack? Do you allow your spouse to breath? Personal space is vital in any marriage!

The questions Mort Fertel ask in this particular marriage assessment test tackles the major challenges couples encounter. This is specifically when it comes to giving.  Are you the type of spouse who’s thoughtful about giving presents? Or do you buy your spouse a gift just to shut him/her up? How surprising can you get? Do you occasionally surprise Him/Her with an out of town trip? Or with clean dishes? How much of your time do you give? Are you normally 100% present during those times?  Are you a giver when it comes to sex?

Any clue why your spouse is often referred to as your better half? Well, it’s  Simply because she/he Is! They are a direct reflection of the person you are. An extension of you! Giving your all in your marriage is non-negotiable! For the sake of transforming your marriage, take this marriage assessment test right away! You’ll forever be grateful you did! With a score, you’ll be better placed to transform your marriage.

Be a better spouse from today, henceforth. Start by being a giver!

#2. Marriage Assessment of Knowledge. How well do you know each other?

Are you thinking it’s your spouse’s fault they don’t really know you?  Do you think you have anything to do with that? On the other hand, do you know your spouse? Did you wish them the best in their big presentation this morning, last week or last month? Or you didn’t  even know they had a presentation?

Do you know the person your spouse has grown to be? Are you accountable for his time? Say you were to win your dream car if you identified the clothes your hubby is wearing today. Would you go home with your new ride?

This Marriage Assessment by Mort Fertel is like no other! It’s no wonder it has worked for many couples worldwide.  A high ranking in the knowledge assessment test means your marriage is redeemable. A low score represents hope! There is hope for your marriage! Get to know your spouse today!

How well do you really know your hubby?

Can you easily identify your spouse’s favorite color, their dream vacation, restaurant, dessert, shopping mall, what they like seeing you on, the chore they dread most,  The pet they deem peeve and their favorite actresses?

Do you know what your spouse would do if they had 1 million dollars?  This marriage assessment by Mort Fertel asks the simple yet mind-blowing questions. It’s amazing because you can relate to the questions. That’s one way you know this marriage assessment by  Mort Fertel is efficient and effective.

There are several other critical questions you’ll need to ask yourself. That’s if you desire to experience the best version of your marriage.  Look out for a link to the questions.

Knowing your spouse is paramount for intimacy!”

#3  Mort Fertel Marriage Assessment on Fidelity

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Fidelity? Do you know your marriage could be suffering from infidelity without either one of you cheating sexually? Yes! There are other ways you can cheat. There is emotional infidelity and Physical infidelity! The book “The Emotional Affair: How to Recognize Emotional Infidelity and What to Do About It “ by  Ronald Potter-Efron MSW Ph.D. and Patricia Potter-Efron MS  clearly address emotional infidelity.

This marriage assessment test on fidelity lets you know if you’ve been unfaithful emotionally or physically. A marriage is all rounded! Physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually and mentally. Below are 5 questions you can look forward to answering in this fidelity, marriage assessment test by Mort Fertel. They Include:

Answer all the questions truthfully to better understand the person you are.  Try doing this assessment with your spouse. Encourage them to be honest, while answering the questions. You can achieve that by not being judgmental when they score lowly.

The marriage assessment test is meant to work for you! To improve your marriage! To make the both of you, better and stronger for each other.  It does so by pointing out daily realistic challenges a wife or husband goes through. That way, you’re able to know your weaknesses as a couple and work on them! A blissful marriage will then be inevitable!

#4.  Mort Fertel Marriage Assessment on Priority

In today’s fast-paced world, both you and your spouse could be working at 2 jobs for survival. That shouldn’t  keep you aloof. Your spouse must always come first! Right after God. Mort Fertel 18 questions will help determine if you prioritize on your marriage.

Take a minute and reflect on your single days. Remember those days you longed for a life partner?  Do you remember your wedding vows? Did you vow to prioritize him/her? To love him/her with all your heart?  Have you been doing so? To ensure you have,  Mort Fertel marriage assessment test on priority is your solution.Mort Fertel

“Don’t easily forget how fortunate you are to have your hubby!”

Mort Fertel marriage assessment test on priority will bring to light some weaknesses you might possess when it comes to prioritizing your mate. You might be undertaking some day to day activities that affect your relationship negatively. The priority questions are well structured and direct to help your marriage.

Couples who prioritize on their marriage have a higher percentage of celebrating their Golden anniversary together.  So, how much time you spend with your spouse is important. However, the quality of the time you spend together is more important.

Do you spend most of your time together arguing or criticizing each other? Do you long for date nights or you dread them? Don’t worry if you’re dreading spending time with your better half. There are days He/she is going to be your better half. Don’t,  however, dwell on the bitter part for long. Be bitter, address the issue and enjoy quality time together!

#5 Mort Fertel Marriage Assessment on Decision-making

“The Decisions you make today independently will directly affect your spouse tomorrow!”

Marriage Assessment by Mort Fertel wouldn’t be complete without addressing Decision making in your marriage. Are you a team player when it comes to making decisions? Is it always your way of the highway?

Making decisions together is how you strengthen your bond, He states. When it comes to making decisions on whether to purchase a house item or not, or whether to discipline your child/children, always do so with the consent of your hubby.

Look at it this way, How would you feel if one day you walked into your home and didn’t recognize it? The entire interior décor has been remodeled and your spouse hardly mentioned it.  You’d be mad, right? What if your hubby chose and paid for a vacation in a destination you dread? Simply inconsiderate and frustrating! Yes?

So, why should you be making decisions without involving him/her? It’s not all about you! You have a mate now! His/her input should always be valued and sought after. That’s if you want your marriage to thrive through adversity. Don’t make decisions on your career without letting your spouse know. Together you excel separately you fail. Besides, two heads are better than one. When a financial decision, for example, is made by both parties, it’s highly expected to succeed.

You both agreed to marry each other. Supposing you or your hubby said no, there would be no marriage! This marriage assessment test addresses all critical questions on decision-making. Take it today, know your score and work on involving your partner in all major decisions you make. You’re in that marriage together!

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Marriage Assessment by Mort Fertel is among the several ways Mort Fertel is changing marriages worldwide. Would you like to transform your marriage today? To go back to the honeymoon phase where everything was blissful and simpler? It’s doable with Mort Fertel. That’s how effective his works are.

This renowned relationship guru is willing to share his theoretical knowledge and wisdom he’s acquired the hard way. Through life experience! You don’t have to purchase any audio or book right away. The first thing you can do is acknowledge that your marriage needs help. Once you do, sign up to get the best Mort Fertel has to offer.

Signing up is simplified and fast. All you’ll need is a working email and you’re good to go.  So, why should you sign up? Here are the top 5 reasons.

  1. By subscribing you’ll get more free marriage assessments that will help in improving your marriage in all sectors.
  2. You’ll receive daily emails from Mort Fertel addressing marriage challenges and how to handle them.
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  5. You’ll always be updated on the different marriage events Mort Fertel  Clue: think camping.

Convinced on why you should sign up? Get started right away! Start working on your marriage now with the help of Mort Fertel!

In conclusion,

The above 5 marriage assessment tests should be tackled by every couple. Ensure you repeat them regularly to keep your marriage fit. We are all humans! Sometimes life happens and we forget the value of our mates. Mort Fertel assessment tests help you focus on the important thing, your marriage!

You can make it more enjoyable by doing the test with your better half.  Doing assessment tests with your better half is one way of bringing you closer to each other.

What makes this particular marriage assessment tests stand out is the fact that all questions are personalized. Each question gets you thinking and addresses a specific issue. It’s no wonder there is so much fuss on Mort Fertel.

For your marriage to excel, you have to keep falling in love with your spouse. Over and over again. Find new ways you can enjoy each other. Remember, you don’t have to do it all by yourselves! Mort Fertel is a click away.  Let him help you transform the bitter lemons in your marriage to an enjoyable lemonade. Your marriage will forever thank you! Taking this marriage assessment test is the best decision you can make. So, make it by clicking on


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