The Ultimate: 17 Ways to Get a Guy Attention

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Guys! Attractive guys make a girl’s knees go weak, and the mind fills up with butterflies. In today’s society, the good guys seem to be already taken. Single, attractive, and successful men are a rarity. But that is not all, finding a man with these three qualities and who is ready to settle down is even rarer.

Yet, the rarest of them all is the man who is ready to commit to a relationship or marriage when the woman wants him to. This makes finding, catching attention and keeping the dream guy a tough call for most women.

The Ultimate: 17 Ways to Get a Guy Attention- relationshiptips4u

But just how do you go about approaching a guy to have him commit to you and settle down in a long, and fulfilling relationship? According to Christina Carter, women tend to approach relationships with guys in three ways.

The logical approach shows the woman using rational judgment to consider the situation. Alternatively, a woman can use the emotional or intuitive approaches, the latter being touted as the best.

Regardless of which approach you use in your relationships with guys, the following are some crosscutting suggestions you should consider when trying to catch a guy’s attention.

You have spotted a guy you are interested in. Keep looking his way until he catches your eye. This is the simplest and easiest way to let a guy know you are interested in him. Ensure you exchange glances now and then, but do not overdo it if you hope to catch his attention.

According to Christina Carter, this shows your guy that it is you who is making the selection of a mate. This is the natural disposition of a woman. Guys are meant to respond to a girl’s show of interest. That’s just what a normal guy does when that part of him responds to a woman’s advances is triggered. If anything, guys love it when girls give them attention!

Any guy is more likely to notice a girl who looks like she loves who she is and who is proud of who she is and the way she carries herself. If you come across as someone who is already happy with yourself and the life you have, then the guy of interest would want to be part of it.

Acting in desperation, to find the right guy to make you “feel whole” exposes you to just any man that comes along. Do not look to meet someone else’s standards, rather define for yourself how you live your life. Learn to love whatever you do and a guy will be able to tell if you are a contented person before he decides to be with you.

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Learn to love the way you look, no matter how bad you might evaluate yourself. Take note of your strong points to catch his attention. Exercise, if that is what it would take to give you the perfect shape and confidence. Also, take care of your dental hygiene and avoid checking your figure in the mirror every so often. This only gives you away as not so confident.

James Barter, in his book How Men Evaluate Women, suggests that guys do evaluate women based on characteristics that have more to do with sex and the potential for healthy offsprings. For guys to actually fall in love, they have to be sexually attracted to you. This is because the guy’s attraction starts with the physical lure. It doesn’t matter where you are. Men are certainly visual beings and your vital body assets are what first catches their attention.

It doesn’t matter where you are. Men are certainly visual beings and your vital body assets are what first catches their attention. Therefore, try to show off your curves. Men tend to notice a woman’s curvaceous body after the face. While on your feet, stand like a woman, not a man! Keeping your feet close together allows your hips to jut out to one side, thus enhancing your feminine features.

However,  Marni Battista, in a special report titled How to Attract With Class, warns women not to make themselves super-sexy when out attracting a guy. After all, you do not have to be overly sexy to attract a guy’s attention. Get over the notion that if you want to attract a man, then you have to show a lot of leg or cleavage.

Try to catch a guy’s attention by getting that all-important eye contact. However, do not stare at the guy, or smile too eagerly. Also, don’t step away from your friends and wait for the guy to approach and talk to you.

If the guy doesn’t notice you, no problem! Just don’t force it by awkwardly winking or tapping on him. It only makes you come out as a girl desperate for attention.

You only have one opportunity to make the right first impressions. So make it count! Allow the guy to come over to you. Be friendly, but don’t come on too strong; only be approachable and easy to be around.

Put the guy at ease. Make a small joke or poke fun at yourself to show him that you’re fun to talk with. However, avoid any controversial topics or negative ones.

Project a body language that says you are confident and ready to engage the guy in a conversation. Sit or stand with a raised head and don’t slouch or keep your arms crossed. Fidgeting with your jewelry or clothes is a no-no as it makes you look too nervous.

Lean in to hear the guy talk and, where possible, give him a light touch on the arm, or knee. Remember not to lose his attention! Keep looking into his eyes. Making eye contact with your friends, constantly searching the room and checking your phone every so often can only put the guy off.

The Ultimate: 17 Ways to Get a Guy Attention- relationshiptips4u

Whenever you feel comfortable with the guy, start to flirt with him. Tease him and allow him to tease you back. Show him you are not afraid to have him poke fun at you. Play with your hair or lick your lips. Do anything to get his undivided attention.

Keep things cool and have fun while at it. There is no need for you to tell him what you think about him or start getting too close to him for attention purposes. To have him lean over to listen to what you have to say, talk more softly than usual.

While some guys have the man pebbles to make a move on a girl, at first sight, it may not work that way for your guy. Assume the guy has no guts to approach you and help him out by giving him more opportunities to talk to you. Walk alongside him going to the ladies room, brush against him at the counter and apologize with a warm smile.

Do just about anything to catch his attention. Don’t exaggerate to avoid looking desperate! The point is to make the guy perceive that he was the one who made the first move. This is a source of pride for any man, making a move on a woman.

If the guy has taken notice of you and for some time you have been on talking terms, keep the cool. Obviously, he appreciates the amazing and unique person that you are. Just be yourself and maintain a positive vibe by sticking to topics that are funny, light and uplifting.

  • Look good and dress well

At the risk of reiterating the point, men are completely visual when it comes to an attraction at first sight. Most men love women in high heels and women who dress with the sole intention of making a man’s jaw drop. Try dressing to catch his eye, but don’t be vulgar! According to James Barter, wearing clothes that fit snugly against your hip and waist enhances a curvy look that does the talking for you.

Just remember not to overdo it trying to catch his attention. Marni Battista warns that wearing clothes exposing too much skin, makes those looking at you make certain assumptions that do not truly represent your true self. They also make you quite uncomfortable. Avoid clothes that show up before you do.

  • Be a fun girl

According to Christian Carter, guys love being around a woman who has more to talk about than the mere everyday stuff. If you are at a party, know that guys cannot resist a girl who is the life of the gathering! While hanging out with your friends, have fun.

When he turns his attention to you, the hot girl having loads of fun, there’s little reason for him not to approach you. Guys will love being around you if you radiate a love and enjoyment of life and bring a unique and upbeat energy that sets you apart from the crowd.

  • Be seen in the same places

Whether by design or otherwise, bump into the guy frequently, be it at the gym or cafeteria. You don’t have to talk to him to catch his attention. The fact that you keep bumping into him is enough to send the right message. Only draw his attention so that he will miss you when you’re not around.

  • Ask him for help

If you have been trying to catch his eye and he ’s still not making a move, try and light up his chivalrous side. Dropping a few books or sheets of paper when he walks past you or asking him for something is sure to get him to give you attention. If he is smart enough, he will seize the opportunity and make a move. If anything, guys like coming to the aid of a girl in need.

  • Take it slow

You might be on talking terms, but you do not have to get excited just yet! Avoid bringing yourself out as desperate by talking about your single status and how you are searching up and down for a man to love you. Instead, have interesting conversations to let him realize how much of a catch you are.

The Ultimate: 17 Ways to Get a Guy Attention- relationshiptips4u

  • Keep in touch

You are !now connected. Ensure you catch his attention through social networks by dropping a few comments on his page. However, if it turns out that he is not responding, back off for some time until he shows interest in you. The aim of keeping in touch with your target guy is to ensure he wants to see you again and be the one making the initiative to contact you.

  • Be mysterious

Guys like women who seem mysterious. It makes them want to know more about you, especially if you only tell him a few things about you. He will only want to ask more questions. If a guy can’t guess your next move or words, he is left to wonder and constantly think about you. Tell him about your interests and hobbies, but do not just reveal it all.

Although talking about your weekend spa trip or regular massage session can seem harmless, it’ll make him think of you in the nude. Too early for that! Only add a few pointers that can awe him and make you irresistible. Keep pulling him towards you and he will soon be all yours.

  • Don’t be rude

Some guys take it as a challenge! They are therefore attracted to girls who disagree with them. However, no guy would like a girl who puts him down often or rolls her eyes at him. Don’t look for ways to prove your point or be too strong headed, just to show him you’re smart and confident.

Marni Battista says that anyone who is rude to others has some issues and might leave others feeling rejected on the basis of their looks, value or smarts. Be friendly with guys who come to talk to you. You never know when the right guy will come knocking!

  • Play hard to get

After you have dropped a few hints that you like him, begin to play hard to get so as he can instinctively chase you. You have given him a chance to see how desirable you are. He should do all he can to win you! Letting men figure you out is a huge part of catching the guy’s attention.

Don’t over-expose yourself to him by saying too much about yourself. Maintain the mystery! Give him the opportunity to wonder where you are and what you are doing. Guys love the fun that comes with chasing a girl.

So when it comes to finding the right guy for you, avoid being the girl that sits and waits for things to happen. Come on, do something about it!

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