Top 51 Unique Romantic Date Night Ideas For Couples

By David Small •  Updated: 04/02/19 •  13 min read

Romantic date night ideas should not be that hard to come up with, that’s why we’re bringing to you the top 51 romantic date night ideas for for couples that will make your nights always unforgettable.

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Top 50 Unique Romantic Date Night Ideas For Couples

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Romantic date night ideas should be lively, fun-filled, able to put the sparkle back in your love life and give you one-on-one time that all relationships require.

The romantic date night ideas you’re about to go through are fun alternatives to the typical ‘dinner and a movie’.

Read on to discover unique romantic date night ideas for you and your partner.

1. Go to a Car Show

Enjoying a car show together as a couple is one of the best romantic date night ideas, the feeling is unimaginable.

2. Make a Music Video

As a couple, both of you should have your favorite songs, make a music video of each other’s favorite song and see who performs better.

3. Go Horseback Riding

Find a local stable and either take a guided ride, a lesson or rent horses if you already know how to ride. Giddy up! It’s more enjoyable as couples.

4. Up, Up and Away

Want to go on an adventurous romantic date night idea as couples? Take a hot air balloon ride.

Glide over the roof tops pointing out sights of interest or just enjoy floating on air.

5. Child-free Date

Ignite your sense of playfulness as a couple by making a list of all the pastimes you both enjoyed as kids.

Then pick your top four and have a child-free date engaging in these youth-centrist activities.

According to a study in the American Psychological Association Journal,” Emotion”, the childlike wonder that blossoms from these excursions can enhance your health.

Romantic Date Night Ideas

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6. Book a Hotel Room

Spice things up by booking a hotel room for couples.

Perhaps in the center of town, so that you have plenty of restaurant and bar options to enjoy before you turn in for the night. Or, stay in and order room service.

Whatever you decide to do, nothing says romantic evening like spending the night in a fancy hotel together.

And you can make the night even more special by booking a couple’s massage.

7. Babysit Together

Take your relationship to the next level by offering to watch a friend’s kid for the evening so that the couples can have a date night of their own.

This date night idea will help you and your partner know how sweet it is to take care of another person’s kid.

8. Listen to Your Throwback Records, Vintage Tapes or Mix CDs

Listening to your throwback records together as couples is one of the romantic date night ideas that can help recall some beautiful memories.

Pick the ones that were important to you while you two just started dating.

9. Do a Taste Test

Pick up the same kind of food from three places to compare them. (Consider cookies, cakes or brownies!)

As a couple, there’s no way both of you are not going to enjoy this romantic date night idea.

10. Go Visit a Family Member

Maybe even have a family dinner! It’s nice to see family you enjoy spending time with.

 Date Night Ideas

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11. Sit Down and Ask Each Other Some Questions

Sometimes just talking and reconnecting as people can be an awesome date night!

These questions would be good for couples who are just dating, or married couples as well.

12. Go To An Escape Room Challenge

You can typically find deals for these on sites like Groupon.

13. Troll for Photo-booths

Spend an evening looking for photo-booths, and taking fun photos together. The souvenirs from the evening are just a bonus.

14. Go Swimming

As a couple, have you both tried swimming together in the night? Oh well! This romantic date night idea is a must do. Thank me later!

15. Read Aloud to Each Other From Your Favorite Books

Each bring a copy of your favorite book, and read aloud from the first chapters.


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16. Play Truth or Dare

Not just for seventh grade parties, an evening of truth or dare is a great way to have fun for couples during date nights.

17. Have a Sing-a-Long

If one of you knows how to play piano or guitar; or any other instrument, sing through your favorite songs together.

Grab a bottle of wine and make it an at-home karaoke bar. This will be more than a romantic date night idea.

18. Play Games

Whether it’s chess or you geek out and play Catan, it’s fun to get competitive. Competition is sexy, right?

19. Check Out a New Band

See a concert — not just major headliners at huge venues, but check out smaller places which showcase indie artists and up-and-comers.

20. Learn About Your Family Tree

Dig up old photos or dig into what you can find on and learn all about each other’s history.


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21. Take a Dance Class

Learn some sweet moves to show off later.

22. Play Pub Trivia

Everything’s easier when you’re on a team. And maybe you’ll even win a prize!

23. Go To a Street Fair

Because life is sweet when food is cheap. Plus, it’s fun to discover new and interesting types of foods and vendors.

24. Go Dancing

You know how you sometimes say to each other, “We are so not club people?” But what if you went out with the literal intention of just dancing together?

All the people grinding on strangers will be jealous of your fun moves.

25. Go To a Touristy Part Of Your Neighborhood

You scoff at it, but there are probably some really cool views and things to do. Be shameless for a day.


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26. Play Pool

Shoot some pool, drink some wine, and call it an awesome night. Oh, and try to win.

27. Document The Night

Head to the pub around the corner, hit the coffee bar for dessert, or just grab takeout—but be sure to take plenty of fun, artsy or silly Instagram pictures.

Not only will it create an awesome memory, but studies have shown that looking at photos of your significant other can make you feel even more connected to them, so find a favorite and print it out for your office.

28. Head To The Opera

There’s something so sexy about dressing in your absolute best as you watch a performance in a darkened theater.

It was the turning point in Pretty Woman, and even if you don’t understand exactly what’s going on onstage, the music and drama will sweep you both away.

Bonus: If either you or your guy are veterans, you can often get free tickets to local events.

Check to see any offered in your area. With this idea, you both will surely experience one of the most romantic date night ideas.

29. Stargazing is a romantic date night ideas

What’s more romantic and fun in a date night than stargazing? It’s so classic that it’s almost a cliché. Spending the night outside is so romantic we couldn’t resist including it.

The best way to stargaze is to actually know what you’re seeing, so download The Night Sky app.

That way, you can actually be confident you’re looking at the Big Dipper before you abandon all pretense and just make out.

30. Read The Same Book

It’s like book club, but way better, because you don’t have to deal with that friend of a friend who gets judgy if you talk about anything other than the book.

It’s just you and your partner enjoying each other’s company in a date night.

Date Night Ideas

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31. Try a New Cuisine

Step away from the takeout menus and give something you’ve never tried before a shot. Burmese? Ethiopian? Norwegian?

There’s a whole world of flavor out there and it tastes even better when you get to enjoy it with your best friend.

This is among the romantic date night ideas couples will never forget.

32. Attend a Film Festival

No need to book tickets to the south of France. Chances are your town, or a town nearby, hosts its own festival where you can scope out features from future auteurs.

33. Go Camping

Whether you pitch a tent in the wilderness or right in your backyard, there’s nothing better than couples sleeping under the stars.

Don’t forget the s’mores supplies. Yay! You both will surely enjoy this romantic date night idea.

34. Get a New View of the City in the Night – Helicopter Ride

They’re quick, somewhat affordable and a totally cool view that you can’t get anywhere else.

What better way to get a new view of your city? Great romantic date night idea!

35. Ride Bikes

Get some fresh air and ride some bikes together.

Top 50 Unique Romantic Date Night Ideas For Couples

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36. Go to a Comedy Show

We take our sense of humor very seriously and it’s always fun to share a laugh with that special person.

37. Peruse a Bookstore

When you’re both book nerds, an evening spent browsing your local bookstore is the ideal set-up to get you bonding over your favorite titles.

It also allows you to give each other suggestions on what to read next. Just make sure you’re not getting too lost among the shelves that you’re not paying attention to your date.

38. Walk a Dog Together

If one of you owns a pup, take them out to the nearest dog park to catch up and check out all other cute dogs.

Note: It might be a mood killer if your dog’s not super well-behaved, so just make sure you’re prepared to handle any hijinks that might occur once you get there.

39. Head to the Zoo

Who doesn’t love seeing exotic animals and cuddly zoo creatures? This one’s an easy date idea if you can sneak by at a time when the crowds aren’t too heavy, probably towards the evening time.

40. Visit an Art Gallery

Whether you’re a true art buff or are just along for the ride, this one’s a great quiet place for both of you to gauge each other’s interests and conversational skills.

Choose a fun, exciting gallery or photo exhibit that’s not too obscure if you’re anxious about not having enough to talk about.

Romantic Date Night Ideas

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41. Attend an Outdoor Concert

The perks of an outdoor show, especially if you both love the band are the good vibes.

If there’s space on the lawn pack a blanket or get up close and personal in the pit.

Outdoor concert is a great date night idea, it’s among date nights that always create wonderful memories.

42. Head to the Aquarium

No ambience is more romantic than the hush of a soft-lit aquarium.

Stroll through the darkened rooms while you point out your favorite creatures behind the glass.

43. Visit a Tea Room

If you’re more into herbal blends than java, visit the soothing atmosphere of a tea room for your first rendezvous.

The tea room owner will typically lead you in a tea ceremony at an ASMR volume while both of you sip on calming teas and feel zen.

44. Go to the Beach

Whether you live by an ocean or a lake, an evening out on the sand is always a calming date spot if the weather’s playing along.

45. Do Something Neither of you Have Done Before

Sometimes the best romantic date night ideas are ones that involve doing something that neither of you have done before.

Date Night Ideas

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46. Go On a Train Ride

Train ride can be fun when you’re riding with your partner, no boring moment!

47. Eat Dinner in the Backyard

As couples, it’s now a norm to eat dinner indoor. Why not try out this great idea? Have today’s dinner in the backyard and experience something different and romantic.

48. Borrow or Rent Bikes to Do Some Sightseeing

Imagine riding a bike while sightseeing with your significant other? You know the feeling, right?

49. Host a Dinner Party for Friends

Host a dinner party for friends, everyone should come as couples. What a night it’s going to be.

Date Night Ideas

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50. Venture into The Kitchen

This one should be called, couple’s kitchen day. Well, both of you should be careful so the food doesn’t get burnt while on fire.

51. Re-Enact Your First Date

The last on the list. Fall in love all over again by re-enacting your first date. Go to the same multiplex or restaurant or amusement park you went to on your first date to bring back all the fond memories and relive those beautiful moments.

Make this romantic date night idea even more interesting by packing your favorite wine and ending the day sipping it while cozying up with your beloved.


Like we wrote earlier on, dinner and a movie…that can get old really quickly. We all love good dinner and a movie, but if you’re stuck in a dating rut and need some romantic date night ideas, then this list of 51 romantic date night ideas should give you some inspiration!

It can be tough to think of fun things to do on a date night, but having come up with these great romantic date night ideas for you and your significant other, surely out of these 51 romantic date night ideas you can find something fun to do together.

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