100 Terrific Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend.

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What romantic things can I do with my boyfriend? Falling in love is a very wonderful experience, but you have to do romantic things to do for your boyfriend. This will build a strong bond between you both.

Have you noticed that when people fall in love, expressing their love comes naturally?

Yes, people in love will always look for every available opportunity to express their love towards their partner.

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But the truth is, getting men to be romantic is not always an easy task.

You can write him a romantic poem but that may not be enough to get him into the mood. It’s difficult but not impossible.

Below is a collection of 100 romantic things you can do for your boyfriend. So ladies, hop in and let’s hit the road.

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    Prepare a special dinner for him

Have you ever heard the saying…” the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” As crazy as it sounds, a simple meal prepared by you can be regarded as a romantic gesture.

  1. Offer to pack him lunch

Men often start out their daily routine so early. They rush out most times without breakfast.

Still thinking what you can do for him? Why not pack him a surprise lunch? He will appreciate the romantic gesture more when he finds out your packed him is favorites.

  1. Appreciate him for who he is

Men find it romantic when you compliment their effort. Learn to compliment your man.

  1. Get creative in the bedroom

According to Michelle Keldgord in her book 15 romantic things to do for your boyfriend, she simply puts it, “Get Kinky in the Bedroom”.

Avoid sticking to a particular routine, it bores your boyfriend out. This includes your bedroom routine. Keep it lively and interesting. Be romantic in the bedroom.

  1. Keep your own plans aside and do what he wants to do

Is your man a lover of a particular football club? It’s okay if you’re a football hater, just put that aside for today. Go see a game with him. He will find it romantic.

  1. Kiss him more often

Kissing has remained one of the most romantic things you can offer your boyfriend.  Nothing can be more soothing than a kiss planted timely.

  1. Give him a photography gift

Still wondering about the perfect gift at a low price? Get him a nice frame with a photo of the two of you. You can find something that will interest you at Etsy.

  1. Let him have his free night out

Once men don’t get enough time to hang out with old-time friends they easily get bored. One of the greatest romantic things you can do for your boyfriend is to let him have his night out.

  1. Give him a customized gift pack

What are the things your boyfriend is constantly in need of? You can get awesome ideas about the perfect gift from the Dating Divas website https://www.thedatingdivas.com/gift-guy-kit/.

  1. Buy him a pair of customized briefs

Who doesn’t like it when they get a set of briefs from a loved one? It’s time to show him you know his size and spec. get him a customized brief and boxers.

  1. Offer to give him a massage

He’s back from work feeling tired and weak from activities at the office. Don’t hesitate to give him a good massage, its romantic.

  1. Give him a gift just because you want to

What is your man’s favorite hobby? Is he a football fan? You can give him a surprise ticket to the next football game.

  1. Slip him a written note once in a while

Majority of the men won’t even take a blink at your long poetry. This doesn’t mean that they won’t read something sweet. Once in awhile slip him a romantic text.

  1. Dance for him or dance with him

Here, professionalism doesn’t matter much. So long as you can move your body it’s okay. So, what are you still waiting for? Men find it romantic their ladies dance for them. You can start slowly, he will love it. Think about romantic things to do for your boyfriend every second and your marriage will be strong. Dancing with your boyfriend is one of the many ideas.

  1. Plan an exceptional date night with him.

Forget the routine date nights, they become boring after some time. Plan for something exceptional. Fix a new date and location. Instead of the movies, take a trip to the park.

  1. Escape on an adventure with your man

Adventures can be very romantic. Have you ever thought of taking an adventure with your man? Take a trip to the mountain sites or go on a hike uphill.

  1. Get fully dressed up for your man

How often does your man see you fully dressed up with your make-up on? I guess once a week. Why not surprise him, get fully dressed up for him. It’s simply romantic.

  1. Cuddle your man

Have you ever thought of cuddling your man? Men are like babies; they love to be cuddled. When he whines about how stressful work can be, draw him close to you. They love the romantic feeling.

  1. Drink wine together

Research contained on lifehack states this point. So what are you waiting for? Gift him with his favorite wine and share a drink with him.  See Journal of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Series for more info.

  1. Get him a personalized pillow

Purchase a personalized pillow that reminds him of a special place or event. This is a romantic gift.

  1. Utilize the power of social media to your advantage

Post one of those romantic things about your boyfriend and tag him to it. Go ahead and let the world know how special he is to you.

  1. Offer him the gift of a public affection

Forget all that part where he acts like he doesn’t enjoy the PDA.  Wrap your arms around his waist, kiss him, hold his hand. Just be sure he doesn’t get irritated by your actions.

  1. Give his car a surprise car wash

Have you ever tried out your hands at car washing before? Give his car that surprise car wash. He will find it romantic.

  1. Be a part of your boyfriend’s fantasy

Ask your boyfriend what that his secret fantasy is. It will be romantic to help him achieve it.

  1. Spending Quality time together is one of the Romantic Things to do for Your Boyfriend

Men often want to forget everything about work and spend romantic time. Your man is not an exception. Be by his side and spend some quality, undisturbed time with him.

  1. Act like a lady – think like a man

According to Steve Harvey’s popular book “Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” sometimes try to put yourself in his shoes.

  1. Learn to get along with his family

Who told you he doesn’t want you to stay close to his family? Contrary to that view, he wants you to get along with his family. Make it one of your objectives.

  1. Throw him a surprise birthday party

Get some of his friends, organize a surprise party for him on the terrace. Your boyfriend will love this romantic gesture.

  1. Don’t criticize him when he fails rather encourage him

Are you fond of criticizing him whenever he fails? Don’t make his day worse. Learn to comfort him in times of trouble he will find it romantic.

  1. Stock up his refrigerator with his favorite beer

Does your boyfriend enjoy beer as part of his leisure? One of the romantic things you can do is ensure his fridge is stocked with his favorite beer.

  1. Expose it a little when you’re in the bedroom

you certainly know he has a craving to see some flesh exposed don’t you? Well, you’re both alone now. Feel free to slap on that transparent lingerie.

  1. Volunteer to help him accomplish something on his list of to-do items

 You must have heard him talk so much about his to-do list, haven’t you? Volunteer to help him accomplish anyone you can.

  1. Recognize his second love

Get it off your mind, nobody is talking about relationships here. What is your man’s favorite free time? If he loves playing baseball, get him a baseball bat.

  1. Prepare an inexpensive candlelit dinner

Were are not saying you should break your bank to do something crazy. A simple candlelit dinner in your home can be romantic.

  1. Sit out with him and count the stars

If your man finds it romantic to sit out and count the stars, don’t hesitate to join him. Have fun together.

  1. Give his room a surprise face-lift

Do you have your boyfriend’s room key? Don’t just gaze at it, get creative. Visit his home and give that home a face-lift preferably when he’s away.

  1. Leave him a message on the mirror

Write him a simple message on the mirror. Let him know what you feel for him. Keep it short and romantic.

  1. Offer to give your man a romantic bath

It’s very romantic to offer to give your boyfriend a warm bath after a hectic day. Go ahead and be romantic.

  1. Get him a brass calendar

A brass calendar with 12 pictures is certainly a romantic gift to give to your boyfriend.

  1. Buy him a wooden book

This gift is just perfect for him. Tell him how much you anticipate a future for both of you together.

  1. Decorate his room with stick-up board

This is inexpensive but still a good way to save the sweet memories.

  1. Personalized photo blanket

This might cost you some dollars but then it’s a good way to keep the memory alive.

  1. Send him a mid-day text

It doesn’t necessarily have to be his birthday before you send him a text. A simple mid-day text can be romantic.

  1. Buy him a customized slipper

For a little amount to can make him feel loved. Buy him a customized slipper with a small message. It’s romantic.

  1. Surprise him with a wallet gift

A gift as small as a wallet can make his day. Men feel it’s romantic to receive gifts from their lover.

  1. Give him a gift for every year you’ve been together.

It’s not all that necessary but he will certainly find it romantic if you do.

  1. Give him a classic love basket

A classic love basket with everything about him contained in it is just perfect. He will find it romantic.

  1. Send him a handwritten letter monthly

The days of handwritten letters are far gone. But who says handwritten letters can’t be romantic? Send him a handwritten letter monthly it’s romantic.

  1. Drop him kind notes in a jar

Buying a gift may be expensive but slipping kind notes in a jar aren’t. Once in awhile, slip him kind notes in a jar. He will find it romantic.

  1. Buy him a personalized romantic book

Don’t settle for ordinary. Make every gift memorable. Buy him a personalized romantic book he can relate to.

  1. You can give him a gift of a personalized mug

Get him a nice mug with a sweet message engraved on it. Let the mug do the talking.

  1. Get him a lovely pocket watch

Pocket watches are very romantic especially when they carry customized messages or photos.

  1. Fancy music box

Men love to pay their music collection often. Get your man a fancy music box. Watch him tell the world how romantic you are for this.

  1. Share music together

Sharing your favorite music together romantic. Why not have one end of the earpiece while you have the other.

  1. Find a common ground where both of you can play together

There is certainly something fun both of you can do together. Find a common ground to play together and ease the stress.

  1. Tickle your man

Learn to tickle your man at bedtime, get him to laugh really hard. It’s a way to keep your love alive.

  1. Buy him a sexy key ring

A sexy keyring is a romantic way to express your love to your boyfriend. It may look inexpensive but he will certainly value it.

  1. Help him knot his tie before work

Just offer to help him with his tie. I’m sure he will oblige and find it romantic.

  1. Watch the night skies together and count the stars

The night skies are beautiful with a million stars to behold.  Make the night a memorable and romantic one. Lay down on the grass and count stars with him.

  1. Give him a gift of a shopping voucher

Do you have some spare cash to spare? Convert it to a shopping voucher and hand it over to your boyfriend as a surprise gift.

  1. Get him a customized homemade gift box

You can make him a simple gift box with his name written on it. Help him organize his personal treasures in the box. I’m sure he will find it romantic.

  1. If your man loves adventure – get him a compass

I know a lot of men who are adventurous in nature. If your man falls within this category, you should get him a compass.

  1. Get a love journal

Get a love journal where both of you can have fun filling in your love progress.

  1. Give him a gift of a framed lyric

It can be your wedding song or a verse from his favorite song. Hang it on the wall where he can see it.

  1. Hand him over a gift of a board game

Give him a gift of his favorite board game. Make out time to play the game with him.

  1. Engraved metal photo for his wallet

This engraved image will always remind him of how valuable you are to him. It a very romantic gift that can last for a long time.

  1. Get him a personalized state pillow from

It can be the state you both fell in love with or the state you both live. Get one of those pillows from special online stores.

  1. Buy him the scented man candle

A nice and romantic gift to help him relax all night. Make his night romantic with this gift.

  1. Go the extra mile, get him a gift for two

Buy him something both of you can enjoy together. I suggest a double hammock. It’s a perfect gift for two.

  1. Buy a touch lamp

I love the touch lamps. You should Invest in touch lamps. It’s a romantic way to ensure you stay connected.

  1. Purchase a coupon booklet

Perfect for all kinds of celebrations and events. Want to wish him a happy birthday or just want to say I love you? It’s all in there.

  1. Volunteer to play bedroom games with him

There are quite a couple of bedroom games you can play together. You love them and so does your man.

  1. Offer him a whole week of sex

I suggest you take a week’s break and spend time with him. Don’t hold back anything from your man. let him have sex for seven days if he wants to. It can increase your bond. Sex every day is one of the Romantic Things to do for your Boyfriend that he will treasure the most.

  1. Subscribe for a monthly sexy gift box

Pay for a monthly sexy gift box subscription for him. it’s certainly a romantic gesture. You and your eye know that he will enjoy it.

  1. You can have fun with the romantic sex cheque

Find one of those fun cheque booklets online. Write him a post-dated cheque and see if he can wait for the right time to cash out.

  1. Have fun with body paints

Painting your boyfriend’s body can be very romantic. Give him the opportunity to paint your body as well.

  1. Be his stripper for the night

Once in a while, you need to get naughty. Why not be his stripper for the night? This is romantic. I am certain he will be glad to feast his eyes on you.

  1. Purchase an intimacy pack for him.

You can find the perfect intimacy pack online for him. These packs usually contain a set of games you can enjoy together.

  1. Get him a sexy bell to always ring whenever he needs sex

I recommend this sex toy for couples who want to keep their sex life discreet. Now you will know when he wants to slip into the mood. Only you and your man understand what the bell ring stands for.

  1. Play some love confession games

It’s confession time. I love confession times. You go ahead and tell him those little things you love about him. Let him tell you the things he loves about you.

  1. Purchase a customized couples’ shirt

This is a cute gift for a romantic outing together. Whether it’s a valentine or a birthday gift.

  1. Invest in couples’ necklace

I totally love those necklaces. They usually come in two halves that can be fused together. It’s a romantic way to keep your love close to his heart. You can purchase it for a small sum.

  1. Give him a customized dog tag necklace with his name

Write his name with your own handwriting and have it transferred on a dog tag. This is a romantic way to express love. You can offer him this as an expression of your love.

  1. Invest in sexy him and her bracelet

This sexy bracelet with romantic messages is a perfect gift for him. Let him wear one while you wear the other. Talk about romantic things to do for your boyfriend it will build a tremendous bond between both of you.

  1. Buy him a scarf for the winter

Scarfs are very memorable gifts, especially in the winter. Wrap him up gently. This can be romantic and memorable.

  1. Give him a rare gift like a wooden watch

This is a rare gift and I am certain he would love it. He will appreciate the extra effort you put to put in to get him this gift.

Stainless steel cufflinks with your handwriting engraved on it is a romantic gift.

  1. Get him a cupid arrow tie bar

Cupid is a symbol of love. The cupid arrow tie bar is an inexpensive but ideal gift for your man. You can buy him this.

  1. Brainstorm with him

Men love women who are able to offer them ideas. Do you know how to make his business move to the next level? Offer him all the ideas you can.

  1. Buy him a fleece robe to keep him warm

While you keep his heart warm with your love, you should buy him a cozy jacket. This will keep his body warm as well especially during winter.

  1. Buy him a beard gift set

For as low as 16 USD, you can get him a nice beard set. Help him keep that beard soft. This one of the greatest Romantic Things to do for your Boyfriend, he will love it.

  1. Give him a gift of a cologne set

If you want your man to smell good give him a custom signature cologne. There is nothing more romantic than your man smelling sweet.

  1. Buy him a new toiletry bag

You may like to give him a good nice leather custom made toiletry bag. You will be helping him to keep his life organized.

  1. Take a walk on the beach

A walk on the beach just the two of you is definitely a romantic experience. It will increase your bond.

  1. Take your shower together

You should agree to take your bath together once in a while. I think it’s simply romantic. It can tighten bonds.

  1. Play romantic music and slow dance to it

I personally love it when couples dance to romantic music. Paly a romantic music, both of you can dance slowly to. Throw your body on him and let him feel you.

  1. Enjoy that afternoon siesta with your boyfriend

You don’t always get that afternoon time together. When you do enjoy every bit of it. Have siesta together, it’s romantic.

  1. Get him a male grooming kit

Help your man look good with a collection of male grooming set. This is one of the top romantic things to do for your boyfriend. You are looking after his personal hygiene and looks.

  1. Hang out with him and feed him grapes

   Arrange for a special night out and feed him grapes. He will find it romantic when you pamper him.

  1. Learn to say “I love you” – it’s romantic

Learn to say I love you in a different way every day. It’s a way of reassuring him of your feelings for him. You can do a lot of things for your boyfriend, but the greatest of all the romantic things to do for your boyfriend is to tell him every day. ” I Love You”


There is just so much you can do for your boyfriend for a little or no cash. You can borrow a thing or two from our list of romantic things to do for your boyfriend things.

Falling in love is certainly a beautiful experience. When you find that special one for you, keep the feeling alive. Without creativity, love will slowly fade away.

The best way to ensure you have a long-lasting relationship is by keeping the romance alive. Sometimes you don’t have to leave the whole relationship stuff to the man. You’re in it together so whatever will make it work should be explored.

The most romantic gifts are not the most expensive. They are simple timely gifts from the heart. Go spice up your relationship today with our ideas.

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