101 Romantic Ideas That Will Improve Your Love Life

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Is your love life dull and dreary? Are you looking for romantic ideas to resuscitate it? well you came to the right place.We have search, and discovered romantic ideas that will set your love life afire.

These ideas have been tried and proven by many individuals who’s love lives were transformed.

Nothing beats the feeling you have when you fall in love. It doesn’t matter how old you are. When that special one captures your heart, it feels like life has a whole new meaning. Within no time, you want to do everything to make him or her happy.

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You don’t want the romance to end. However, falling in love is one thing. Staying in love is completely different. Just what do you do to improve your love life? In this write-up, we suggest 101 romantic ideas to improve your love life.

What’s Romance?

Romance is the exciting and exhilarating feeling you get for being in love with someone. In most cases, romance is unforgettable. It may not happen all the time but when it does, it makes you want more and more of it.

At the beginning of a relationship, romance is what cements the chemistry that bind the two of you together. In a long-term relationship, romance keeps things fresh and interesting. However, it does not just come by itself.

Here are 101 romantic tips that will improve your love life. Read and put them into action you love life will neve be the same.


1. Is your partner travelling out? One of the best date ideas for couples is to tell her you have organized for her to have a bodyguard, since you are worried so much about her.

2. Using a pack of glow stars, spell the words “I love you” on the ceiling above your bed. Your partner will get to see it as soon as the lights go out.

3. Do you have a special occasion? Buy a bouquet of roses with an artificial one in the middle. When the real ones dry, the artificial one will remain standing.

4. Check for the availability of a domain name related to your partner and buy it. Ask her to check if the domain name is taken. She will be surprised with the romantic messages.

5. Gift your partner with a trendy hand mirror. Tell her the woman in the mirror is the most beautiful in the world.

6. If your partner is reading a book, pick a section of the book and underline letters to spell a love message. He or she will love it.

7. Send someone to deliver flowers to his or her workplace. Apart from enjoying the flowers, she will relish the attention from her office colleagues.

8. One of the best date ideas for couples is to lie on a hill in the middle of nowhere and gave at the blue sky. Check for shapes and formations.

9. Pick a memento stone while on a walk on a weekend and engrave onto it some love message for your partner. Ask for help from a jeweler.

10. Using crayons draw a bright picture of stick figures and smiley suns for heads. Make them hold hands and put in an envelope including the message “I love you”.

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11. Are you a Shakespeare reader? One of the best romantic birthday ideas is to recite a line from his books. Your partner will love it.

12. Is your partner working late? Fill a lunchbox with cookies, herbal tea, chocolates, a teddy bear, and virtually anything she likes. Send it to her.

13. On the swings in the park, give him or her a ride. Nothing works as well as rekindling childhood memories.

14. Place a long stem rose in a place where your partner will easily find it. Accompany it with a love message.

15. Is he or she starting out a new job? Tape a favorite song with an additional love message. A good example is “I Have Confidence” accompanied with an appropriate message.

16. In a decorated cardboard box, line tissue paper, place in the massage oil, and write a message with your number as the reference.

17. Everyone has a hard, long day sometimes. If he or she is going through that, why don’t you run a hot bath? Using fragrant oil, bath your partner.

18. One of the best romantic tips is to play your favorite song on a portable CD player while out on a romantic weekend. With an earpiece in her ear and one in yours, dance.

19. Does she have a pet she really adores? Buy a Christmas gift for her and the pet too. With a happy pet, she will be happy too.

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20. Take a walk on your favorite beach. Stop and draw a huge love heart. Sit on the sand inside the heart and just cuddle as you behold the sun disappear under the horizon.

21. Go with your partner on the hiking trail. Carry some supplies for a picnic in a backpack but don’t tell her. Surprise her with an impromptu picnic somewhere deep in the woods.

22. Is she leaving you at home while she goes to work? As soon as you say goodbye, send her an email on her work address. A “miss you already” message will do.

23. Do you play a musical instrument? Arrange to serenade your partner by seeking the help of her roommate to lure her to the balcony at the time you desire. Play your musical instrument.

24. Does she have long hair? Brush it for her in a slow motion. The best time is soon after she has showered or just before bed.

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25. One of the best romantic date ideas is to go on a treasure hunt. Wait for one of those special occasions like her birthday. You can make the treasure a nearby beach or restaurant.

26. Invite her on a date by sending a take with a message describing the venue. When she hears the message on the tape, she will be glad you spend time thinking of her.

27. Ask a family member to tell you the thing that your spouse has always wanted but never got. If she wanted a doll house, buy it for her. Best during a birthday or other special occasion.

28. Invite a professional photographer for a photo shoot. Once you get a portrait of the two of you together, frame it and prominently display it.

29. Write a note about how you can’t keep thinking about her. Then put it in a place she just can’t miss it.

30. Its Valentine’s Day! Why don’t you buy her a 14-charm bracelet? After removing the charms, ask her to find one charm every day for the first 14 days of February.

31. Going to an airport or shopping center? Take an instant photo at a booth. Best if the pose involves you kissing your partner.

32. Get into your partner and tell her how much you keep thinking of her. This is apt for easy navigation of the hard times.

33. Take your partner on a mystery trip. Work with a travel agency that won’t reveal the destination until you settle on the place.

34. Place some rose petals at the back of the sun visor in your car’s passenger seat. On a post-it note, write “I love you.” Stick the note behind the sun visor. As she pulls down the sun visor, watch the surprise on her face.

35. Is she going on a trip? Put a present in her suitcase so she can find it when she arrives at her destination.

36. On your anniversary, engrave two champagne glasses with your names. Take the glasses to your favorite restaurant and ask to be served in them.

37. It is her birthday. Arrange for twelve guys to deliver a rose each in turn to your partner. Once they are through, deliver twelve other roses in person.

38. Take note of your partner’s greatest reminiscences. Could be an ice cream she had as a little girl at a certain shop. On a special occasion, recreate that moment.

39. Collect photos, past tickets, and other mementos of the two of you together and create a love montage. Have a professional create a 3-D montage.

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40. Take a wood box and line it with red or green felt. Put an old key in the box together with the massage “key to my heart”.

41. Plant a tree together. Commemorate your anniversary each year by sitting next to the tree for a glass of champagne while talking about the rapid growth in the tree.

42. In the morning, after a shower, scribble a love message on the mirror and wait for her to discover it. When it gets cold, do it on the car window.

43. Why don’t you liaise with an astronomical agency to name a star after your partner? When you receive the formal documentation, make it known to her.

44. Know about a comic strip that relates to the two of you? Enlarge the cartoon, block out the words and type your own. Laminate and send it to your partner.

45. When out on a date together, take time to watch a golden sunrise. Do that once in a while and you will learn to make good use of the days you have together.

46. Place a couple of candles around the tub in a spa. On the surface of the water, throw rose petals. Before you join her, serve chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne.

47. Create coupons redeemable for romantic favors. Fix a date by which the coupon should have been used. If the date is way into the future, she will know you plan to be together forever.

48. The best time for a backyard picnic is on a warm summer night. Apart from snacks, have some champagne and chocolate. There is nothing like stargazing.

49. Is it raining heavily? Take your partner on a walk without raincoats and umbrellas. When she falls, take her hand, turn her around, and give her a kiss. At home, take a hot shower and drink tea before an open fire.

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50. Surprise her with a special trip in a hot air balloon. Take a glass of champagne before floating above the countryside.

51. You find your partner sitting at a desk or table. Why don’t you give him or her a head, shoulder or back massage from behind. When through, kiss him on the chick.

52. On a random day, place a newspaper ad with a subtle love message.

53. Buy a book that’s favorite to both of you. Every night before sleeping, read a chapter together. Take turns reading out loud.

54. Before she finishes the bath or shower, place a towel in the dryer until it is warm. Wrap it around her and tell her how much you love her.

55. One of the best romantic ideas is to get a photocopy of your hand. Send it to her asking if she wants to hold hands.

56. Order a pizza and have it shaped into hearts before delivery.

57. In a box of chocolates, place a note expressing your love for her. Seal the box and send it to the love of your life.

58. On a tandem bike, go riding with your partner. When the ride is over, settle down in the park for a picnic.

59. Are you on a business trip? Write a letter documenting your day for your partner and send it. She will know you always think about her.

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60. Enquire from her family about her favorite book. After buying a copy, read it out loud in bed.

61. Send an email with a well-structured fictitious story. Once you are through with the first chapter, ask her to write the second.

62. Go out on a windy day with a kite you just bought and fly it with him or her. The best is one that’s controllable with two hand lines.

63. Plan to have an adventure dinner where you ask your partner to choose any number from 5 to 10. Every time she makes steps equivalent to the number chosen, she has to toss a coin. A head means turn right and a tail, turn left. When it’s all over, go a nearby restaurant for a meal.

64. Grab a camera and start clicking away when your partner comes out of the house. Ask her questions just like a professional photographer to a famous actress.

65. One of the best romantic ideas is to take care of your partner when she is staying at home sick. Apart from your physical presence, make her soup and wrap a warm blanket around her.

66. Ask your partner about the things she has always longed for. Take note of these things and help her actualize them.

67. Rent a video of your favorite romance film and settle down to watch. Avail plenty of chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne, and popcorn.

68. At the drive-in movie theater, spread a blanket, light a candle, and remove a pack of popcorn. Cuddle as you enjoy the film.

69. Ask a graphic designer to create a magazine cover with her photo. Suggest a catchy headline. Stick the cover to a real magazine. Place it at a news stand and lure her there. Watch as she discovers your piece of art.

70. In your car trunk, carry a couple of helium balloons and drive to a raised place in the countryside. When she opens the truck, the balloons will be released and the love message revealed.

71. On two white T-shirts, use fabric paint to write “LO” on one and “VE” on the other one. Each one of the T-shirts should have a half heart which is completed when you go out walking together.

72. It is a hot summer day. Armed with two water pistols, go to the beach. Split them between the two of you and have a water fight.

73. In a restaurant having a meal, take some food on a fork and have your partner try it out. Sharing food is one of the best romantic ideas.

74. When out in public, take every opportunity to compliment your partner. As you talk about her, squeeze her hand.

75. As one of the best romantic birthday surprise ideas, take time off work. After breakfast, take a walk in the park, do some shopping, and settle down for coffee in the afternoon and dinner in the evening.

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76. One of the most workable romantic tips is rewarding her with a gift voucher for a facial treatment at the local beauty parlor. Accompany it with a special love message.

77. Been out even for a short while? Make a grand return and give your loved one a hug. Tell her you are grateful to be back.

78. When she helps you with something, send a “thank you” note. It could be for a favor she did. Tell her how you really appreciate her.

79. Take the kids for a weekend visit to their grandparents. Plan to spend the entire weekend, just the two of you together.

80. Buy for her a magic gift box. Once every month, put a small gift inside for her to explore and discover.

81. What’s his hobby? Buy a gift that will enhance the hobby. Research on the internet or ask his friends and family.

82. Go out to a masquerade ball. Lure her to a particular spot at a specific time. Come wearing a mask, grab her hand and drag her to the dance floor.

83. Get her to pack up some walking shoes and casual clothes for the weekend. On Friday evening, drive off to a bed and breakfast establishment for a weekend of romance.

84. Draw two crystal balls, one for you and the other for your partner. Ask him or her to look at the crystal ball and predict where the relationship will be in the future. Also, share your prediction.

85. Give him or her a loving nickname, perhaps what her family called her as a little girl. Alternatively, create a special nickname.

86. Are you musically inclined? Write for her a love song. Come up with a professional manuscript and have it framed. Create a CD cover and together with the manuscript, gift your partner.

87. Have your partner blindfolded and drive her to a totally unexpected destination. It should impact her when she finally removed the blindfold.

88. Ever had a pillow fight? Buy two feather-filled pillows. Poke holes to allow the feathers to start flying when the fight gets going.

89. If you are looking for date ideas for couples, try the great outdoors. Hike for an entire day and built a fire for the night.

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90. Choose a favorite photo of the two of you together as your partner’s computer wallpaper.

91. If you can draw, ask her to pose for you so that you can create a portrait of her. Do your best.

92. Any festival lined up? Whether a music festival, wine festival, jazz festival or food festival, take your partner there.

93. Why not create a video capturing events in your life over a given period of time? Once done, keep it away and remove it on your 25th or 50th marriage anniversary.

94. If you find yourself in a secluded beach in warm weather, have an unplanned skinny deep.

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95. Are you in a long-distance relationship? Have regular chatting sessions. Also, arrange to regularly meet up with her.

96. Get a goldfish. Put it in a bowl as a gift for your partner. Tell her in a note that she is the only fish for you.

97. Take a drive at dawn or dusk, whichever you prefer. Play a tape with sounds of nature. It could be sounds of the ocean. Hold hands as you drive away.

98. One of the best romantic birthday surprise ideas is to hide flowers, streamers, and helium balloons in a closet in the house. Wait until she is asleep and place these items around the bed to surprise her when she wakes up.

99. Take an afternoon out to a bookshop so that you can browse shelves and sit down to read over a cup of coffee.

100. You may not afford to buy one, but you can hire a sports car for the weekend. Drive on the coastline.

101. What about breakfast in bed. It can be anything like fruit juice, cereal, French toast or a heart-shaped poached egg.

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