20 Products That Will Improve Female Arousal

By David Small •  Updated: 08/05/17 •  12 min read

Female arousal is the center of a woman’s sexuality! There is nothing more important to a woman than feeling pleasure and enjoying all their sexual desires and fantasies. Sadly, it’s not the case for many women.

Hormonal imbalance and physiological changes greatly influence female arousal. Made from natural ingredients, you can improve your sex life as well as make it more exciting.

A low sex drive can kill any relationship! Not anymore; you have more options to choose from.

Here is a list of 20 products that will increase female arousal as well as get your groove back:

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Female Arousal Product #1. Lush Personal Lubricant Water Based Sex Lube

If your biggest problem during sex is lubrication lush personal lubricant is designed to reduce dryness and friction. It gives you a natural feel, and its highly recommended formulation is nonirritating, unflavored, and fragrance-free.

If you are kinky and enjoy using adult toys, then the lush personal lubricant is highly recommended, and also it’s compatible with latex condoms.

It’s easy to use with the simple to remove the cap you just rotate the locking pump to control the amount as well as the location of the lube.

It’s perfect for intimate use.“It’s long-lasting and smooth. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to give another water-based lube a try?”

Female Arousal Product #2.Vaginal Tightening Gel with Manjakani Extract Firming Feminine Cream

Are you feeling lo0se down there? You are looking to tighten your walls to make sex more exhilarating and pleasurable.

Vaginal tightening gel will restore your vaginal walls giving you back your sexual confidence and pride. More than tightening your vagina this cream acts like a moisturizer replenishing your dry or irritated skin.

The results are supple and more toned vaginal area free from odors and itchiness. In addition, the cream supports natural and healthy stimulation improving your sensual arousal.
Free delivery on all orders over $60

Female Arousal Product#3.Vulva Balm Cream – Vaginal Moisturizer – Organic & Natural

Vulva Balm cream is your go-to moisturizer made with organic and natural ingredients estrogen-free. It doesn’t irritate but replenishes and rejuvenates your vagina soothing as well as relieving irritation from your dry vulva.

More than just a moisturizer the vulva balm cream reduces bacterial growth and protects your vagina from the abundance of yeast and other problems.

“This cream has put me back on track to being my old self! I’ve had dryness and irritation issues since menopause 11 years ago. Hmmm, how to say this without being vulgar or gross? This also took care of an unacceptable odor problem I was having.

The cream has a nice consistency and is easy to use. All those nasty post-menopausal annoyances have completely vanished since the first night I used it. I feel normal and confident again, which is worth its weight in gold! Good job Bloom Krans, thanks so much.”

Female Arousal Product#4.Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin by Penchant Premium

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Constant irritation can drastically affect your sexual experience. Intimate lubricant for sensitive skin is uniquely concentrated to last longer than water-based lubes.

If you are worried about staining than the intimate lubricants are easy to clean up and won’t stain. It’s the best silicone lube in the market with well-balanced ingredients to give you that smooth and silky finish.

Your personal lubricant will work perfectly for you and your partner providing both pleasures with its pleasure-packed goodness.

Works just like they say it will, my wife & I agree it worked better & lasted longer than anything else we have ever used, this will be the only thing we use from now on.

Female Arousal Product#5. Skinny Bean® Sexual Enhancement Pill for Women

Are you experiencing a low sex drive? Are you having a hard time getting aroused or getting to your orgasm? Skinny bean sexual enhancement pill is the go-to solution for women experiencing low sex drive or overall sexual health.

Made with a natural aphrodisiac the skinny bean pill is formulated to naturally increase your sexual performance as it evens out your hormones. It will supercharge your libido giving you the ultimate sexual experience.

The pill not only increases your sex drive but it heightens your sexual anticipation cause you more intense orgasms. You no longer have to struggle with your sexuality with the skinny bean pill it works to arouse your sexual experience.
Free delivery on all orders over $60

Female Arousal Product#6. Ocean Sensuals [G] Natural Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant

Foreplay will never be the same again with ocean essentials stimulating and personal lubricant, a single drop will give you a tingle. Made from natural topical stimulants it gives you heightened female arousals and gives you more intense orgasms.

For maximum sexual satisfaction apply it before sex, it will enhance your sexual experience from foreplay to the orgasmic experience. After applying it you will experience a warm tingling feeling that results to unexplainable pleasure.

The best part about this lubricant is that it’s latex compatible meaning no messes, spills, or stains. Because it’s natural, even if you have sensitive skin it will work perfectly with your partner.

Female Arousal Product#7. Crazy Girl Classic Erotica Oral Sex Gel, Cotton Candy

If you are a fan of oral sex, then crazy girl classic sex gel then be ready to be aroused. It’s made from natural ingredients edible which means you can enjoy oral sex with your partner.

Arousal and pleasure during oral sex will be a more fulfilling and satisfying experience as you give and receive. Although the results in terms of pleasure may vary from couple to couple, the oral experience is worth it when it comes to female arousal.

It’s packed in a well-designed bottle packed with pleasure the crazy girl classic erotic gel will mesmerize your sexual senses.

Female Arousal Product#8. Ocean Sensual Sensual Massage Personal Lubricant

Sensual massage sets the mood for a night of excitement and a magical sexual experience. After a stressful day enjoying your partner’s full attention with a sensual massage using ocean sensual massage will arouse your sexual senses.

It releases your sexual tension as it enhances your power of touch to leave you looking even more radiant. It is a 2 in 1 formula as a sensual massage and personal lubricant sets the mood for your intimate moments.

Its long-lasting formula is designed to moisturize and condition your skin, as you touch each other you can feel the extra smoothness on your partner.
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Female Arousal Product#9. Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lubricant, Organic Vaginal Dryness Moisturizer

Are you experiencing pain during sex? It can be due to dryness of the vulva which can be caused by a hormone imbalance or even menopause. Aloe Cadabra is a natural lubricant highly recommended by doctors to give your vagina more moisture.

No more painful sexual intercourse it gives you the ultimate comfort with a natural feel. What it does is that it richly hydrates your skin to enhance your sexual pleasure. One of the best things about this product is that it’s made from natural ingredients so you can enjoy chemical-free sex. If you are kinky and love experiments you can try it out for anal sex.

Female Arousal Product#10. Organic Glide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant

Vaginal dryness can affect anyone, some women are embarrassed about this condition but it’s common. A woman can experience dryness anytime in her life but most common during menopause.

Organic glide probiotic is a high-quality personal lubricant that restores your vaginal moisture. One of the best qualities of probiotic glide is the natural ingredient formula as a vaginal moisturizer it lasts longer than standard lubricants. Your vagina walls will never be the same again and your sex life will spark all the way.

Female Arousal Product#11. Vagisil Prohydrate

A woman experiencing vaginal dryness can affect every woman, due to stress, menopause, and even breastfeeding. At these times enjoying sex can be a task rather than a pleasurable moment.

Vagisil pro hydrate will work on your vaginal dryness hydrating your vagina walls fast. It gives you back your sexual confidence with its naturally hydrating formula it lasts longer.

Intimacy will never be the same using Vagisil pro hydrate with its smooth and silky feel. It is an easy application that targets your source of dryness to give you fast relief and sexual excitement.Lovehoney.com The Sexual Happiness People

Female Arousal Product#12. Premium Clitoral Stimulation Gel – Do Her

Premium Female Arousal Gel

If you had forgotten what intense orgasms were then this magical gel will work magic for you. Premium clitoral stimulation gel is made from safe natural extracts that will excite your partner as well as experiencing explosive orgasms.

Don’t limit your sexual experience with this gel, get him wanting more with his tongue, hands, and privates. It’s one of the best sexual enhancers that will give you an exquisite sexual experience. Users of this product exclaimed their satisfaction especially with the increased stimulation of their clitoral section.

Female Arousal Product#13. Major Curves Vaginal Tightening Gel

When it comes to vaginal tightening you need something that works fast, major curves tightening gel takes effect after 20 seconds. It restores your vagina’s suppleness, contracting and reshaping the vagina walls.

The best part is the products are all-natural which means it’s safe to use even for sensitive skins. It’s the best one to use if you want instant results but it, not permanent vaginal tightening.

Female Arousal Product#14. ZESTRA Essential Arousal Oils

Female Arousal

Zestra essential oils will arouse you and give you pleasurable sensations. Because it’s clinically proven it’s safe to use as it’s made from a natural blend of topical extracts and botanical oils.

It works fast within 5 minutes then you will feel it peak at 10 minutes while it will give you lasting pleasure for up to 45 minutes. Sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction guaranteed to give you extreme pleasure to your partner.
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Female Arousal Product#15. Impulse Intimate Stimulating Lubricant by Healthy Vibes

Stimulate and invigorate your sex drive with impulse intimate stimulating lubricant, it is designed to make your sex life better. It’s made from natural ingredients designed to cater to sensitive skin as well. Because it’s water-based its long-lasting moisturizing effects will give you utmost pleasure.

Made from a combination of menthol and arginine you will experience a warming and tingling feeling passing through your body to give you waves of intense pleasure.

The stimulation gel is meant to be rubbed on the clitoris and g-spot for maximum effects and you will experience multiple orgasms. Use this stimulating gel and experience mind-blowing pleasure. Because it lasts longer your sexual pleasure will be exploding with each moment.

Female Arousal Product#16. Personal Lubricant – Water Based Intimate Lube

Friction during sex can be uncomfortable but for ultimate pleasure, you can use Personal Lubricant water-based Intimate Lube lubricant. It is lightweight and grease-free properties will glide through smoothly to intensify your passion.

Fragrance-free its natural unflavored fragrance makes it best for hypoallergenic men and women. You can achieve long-lasting intimacy without distracting irritation or distract your senses.

Easy to apply and wash from your body leaving no stain or wet marks on your beddings or undergarments. Compatible with latex condoms its friendly lubricant will make you pleasurable with exciting sexual pleasure.

Female Arousal Product#17. Natural Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin Isabel Fay

Specifically made for women this natural personal lubricant will arouse your sexual confidence. It releases you from the confines of uncomfortable sexual experiences and expands your pleasure. Made from natural products the lubricants work well with sex toys and all types of condoms.

You will feel fulfilled, accomplished and attractive giving you that touchdown feeling every woman deserves. It provides an orgasmic experience for both partners with a sexual intensity that will blow your mind.

Female Arousal Product#18. Wet Platinum Silicone Based Lubricant

Enhance your sexual experience with this silicone-based lubricant, it’s a magical experience. The formula stays silky for longer providing you with the ultimate sexual experience.

Female arousal using the silicone lubricant is a little different from water lubricants. Because silicon is smooth it never dries and lasts longer. It’s latex friendly and even works well underwater.

Female Arousal Product#19. LELO Personal Moisturizer

When it comes to personal moisturizers LELO is the best in specially formulating intimate moments. It’s fragrance-free and the long-lasting formula is enriched with Aloe Vera to give you that non-greasy lubrication.

It’s made for the modern woman with its exquisite and discreet packaging you will experience a new level of comfort and ease for you and your partner. It’s also made from natural ingredients and can be used by women with sensitive skin.

Female Arousal Product#20. Flavored Natural Lubricant for Women & Men – Sensual Berry Flavor

If you are into flavor then you will enjoy the fullness of this sensual berry flavor. It increases lubrication reducing dryness and pleasurable experience.

Formulated for all types of skins its well-balanced water bases and Ph balance is good for sensitive skin for great sex. It’s edible and you can enjoy oral sex with your partner as you experience the sensual excitement.

Enjoy sex with these amazing products, lubricate, tighten and stimulate your sexual pleasure. You can try out some of the lubricants and stimulation gels to see which works with your partner. Don’t undermine your sexual experience with your partner make it adventurous using toys, flavored lubricants will make oral sex even more interesting.

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