21 Benefits of Having Sex Frequently with Your Spouse

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Sex frequently is beneficial to your relationship and physical health. It is the engine that drives any relationship.

Ask any couple who have sex frequently and they will tell you it’s the sex that keeps them together. If you think that’s a joke, wait till you find yourselves in the counselor’s waiting room.

Sex Frequently

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Don’t fight about sex. Just do it! You never know what it’s going to do for you and your relationship. lots of research has been done on the benefits of regular sex.  M. D. Pensati, the author of Better Sex For You, says each sexual encounter can be totally fulfilling. Here are some 21 awesome benefits of having sex frequently with your spouse.

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A fulfilling relationship and great sex go hand-in-hand. Do you know couples that have great relationships? Most likely they have a great sex life. It’s usually easy identifying couples whose sex life sucks. Just check if they are struggling in other areas of the relationship.

You could be in a similar situation. Do you often have unexplained fights? How frequently do you argue with your spouse? It turns out that irregular sex can be the root cause of resentful feelings towards your spouse. Have sex frequently, you will feel and get closer!

Peggy J. Kleinplatz, the author of New Directions in Sex Therapy, says that sex is beneficial to the overall relationship.  It doesn’t matter if you are feeling closer, tense, sad, anxious or irritated. Regular sex is possible even when you aren’t in the right mood. When you have sex frequently, you are able to blend your bad moods with the good ones. That’s because couples who do so understand each other so well. They deliberately avoid arguing or bickering. To them, it is easier to sit down and talk things out. It wouldn’t be easier for you to handle each other so cordially without regular sex!

Do you have a buildup of tension in your relationship lately? Do you feel stressed out often? How often do you feel bogged down by seemingly mundane situations? It turns out, sex can help you cope with stress. Researchers have pointed to sex in helping you cope with stress.

Have regular sex and your body will produce lots of endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine. It is these neurotransmitters that help relieve the tension in your body. In your body, tension arises from high levels of cortisol. Get rid of this unwanted hormone by cuddling after sex.

Who said sex is not fun? That’s a given! However, there is no better way to connect with your spouse! Sex cannot take place without you talking with each other. Tell your spouse what you like and what you don’t. Whisper lots of sweet nothings in their ears. It always the small things like this that help you connect on a more personal level. Don’t be surprised if this spills over into other areas of your life.

Sex frequently also presents a unique way for couples to get together. Think about the cuddling and snuggling. Nothing creates a sense of togetherness like sex. When you have sex frequently, you tend to connect without having to say anything.

Do you know that having regular sex will make you look younger than your real age? It’s not magic, but it’s true. If you want people to tell you how you don’t look your age, have more sex. It makes your face more brilliant and fights aging.

Amy Wechsler, the author of The Mind-Beauty Connection, says regular sex can help you look seven years younger. Scientists suggest that regular sex leads to the production of pheromones which help you look younger. People will find you to be more appealing. That explains why you desire each other more when you have regular sex.

So, you’ve been having lots of sex lately? Notice the way your spouse can’t pass you without touching your butt. It’s impossible for couples who haven’t had sex for a long time to do that. What sex does is that it draws the two of you closer every day. It makes you hotter for each other.


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Sex is enjoyable, ask anyone who has an orgasm frequently. But why is it that you feel so good when you climax? Blame it on the hormone oxytocin. High levels of these neurotransmitters are known to lead to feelings of being in love, trustful, and closer. Try it and you will have no reason to blame each other for anything.

Couples learn to trust each other by trying out new sexual positions. Although it might be new to your partner, you are sure they won’t ruin the moment. It, however, takes years of personal and body exploration together to gain that kind of trust, says Amy Wechsler.

There was a time when people feared having sex because they thought it caused heart attacks. It turns out that engaging in the deed could actually prevent cardiac arrest. In a study by Queen’s University Belfast, it was established that regular sex can halve the risk of heart attack or stroke.

All you need is having it at least three times a week. A 2010 study in the American Journal of Cardiology concluded that sex twice a week reduces heart disease in men. According to this study, men, who had sex once a month, were at a greater risk of developing heart disease.

Michael Krychman and Alyssa Dweck, authors of The Sexual Spark, say that sex improves the heart. According to them, the heart is the ultimate sex muscle. But you ought to be having fun, satisfying sex to decrease chances of heart disease.

In women, having an orgasm is everything. An Israeli study established that women who had two orgasms a week were less likely to get heart disease. That’s compared to those who didn’t have an orgasm or enjoyed sex. Krychman and Dweck suggest that this is due to the hormone oxytocin, which is produced during orgasm.

There are several reasons why you may go into depression. Mostly, it’s as a result of a loss. It could be the loss of a job or a loved one. You never know when you will find yourself in the dark abyss of depression. There is no need to waste cash taking psychiatric drugs. There is a cheaper way out! Regular sex!

Alex Lluch and Helen Eckmann, are authors of Simple Principles to Feel Better and Live Longer. They suggest that having sex frequently can help you overcome depression. One of the hormones released during sex is serotonin. This is the happy hormone. It will make you feel joyous, happy, and more relaxed. The more the sex you have, the more the serotonin produced and the less the depression.

People who avoid engaging in regular sex are more inhibited than those who do. Imagine baring your all to a person of the opposite sex. There are neither inhibitions nor pretensions here. If there is anything you learn, it’s all about being real. You might initially be embarrassed about your appearance, but it gets better with time.

Are you shy expressing yourself? You just can’t seem to ask for what you want. Having regular sex can make things better for you. You’ll not only get over your inhibitions but also learn how to say what you want. That can work for you even in other areas of your life.

Are you having sleep-related problems? Insomnia is a problem affecting a huge segment of the population. There are a lot of people who spend lots of money on pills just to have some sleep. Sara Gottfried, Author of The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol recommends sex as a remedy for sleep. During sex, your heart rate increases. The result is a better-relaxed body.This, coupled with the feel-good hormones such as dopamine will make you sleep like a baby.

During sex, it is also possible for the dopamine levels to fall as prolactin surges. When this happens, people tend to feel relaxed, sleepy, as well as content and happy. A 2006 British survey reported that half of 10000 men fell asleep during sex.

Did you know that getting enough sleep comes with a lot of benefits? You can’t find a better way to maintain your weight and blood pressure.

There is too much that goes on in a day that can make you feel disoriented. Whether it’s a situation at work or home, things seem to conspire to drive you crazy. Sex is very different! It feels more like role-playing.

During the tangle, you tend to leave planet earth. You get out of the hassle of your daily existence and into a world of exhilaration. Holding your partner tightly and letting go when it matters is a feeling like no other! It gets better when you have an orgasm. Nothing else matters other than you and your spouse.

There are a number of people who make having back pain as an excuse for not having sex. What they do not know is that sex is a pain reliever. During sex, the body releases lots of pain-relieving hormones to help you fight headaches and back pain. These natural painkillers, also known as endorphins, can leave you feeling less pained. In fact, regular sex in women is known to reduce pain caused by arthritis.

Shane Eric Mathias, the author of The Happiness Tree, says an active sex life leads to an improved immune system. If you are looking for ways to fight common ailments such as colds and flu, try sex. Your body immunity is stronger when you have regular sex.

According to research findings, lack of human touches such as hugging, massage, and sex can result in low immunity. This is due to lower levels of cortisol in the body. On the other hand, having sex frequently, hugging, and caressing causes the production of oxytocin. This reduces the risk of ailments such as colds. It works well if you are having sex at least once or twice a week.

Men will love this! Those who engage in sex regularly have been found by research studies to produce sperms of better quality. It’s more like the longer you take to have sex, the staler your semen gets. According to studies, men tend to have the healthiest semen if they’ve had sex within two days. This quality is greatly diminished in men who abstain for as long as ten days.

Are you trying to get a baby? Make sure to keep your sperm in tip-top shape and freshness. What should you do? Well, have sex at least twice a week. Striving to have it only at the time when the woman is ovulating is a mistake you should avoid.

It’s impossible to get time to hit the gym as a parent, employee/employer, and friend. The only activity that will help you remain active is having sex frequently. It is estimated that half an hour of vigorous sex is enough to help you burn 100 calories.

People who are able to have sex frequently at least twice a week will burn an extra 5000 calories. That should work for those who for some reason are not able to have an active life. Only ensure you vary your sex position so you can tone different groups of muscles.

According to Alan Bonsteel, author of Stay Young, Start Now: A Family Doctor’s Guide to More Energy, Less Stress, and Better Sex, sex is a form of exercise. He estimates that couples who have sex three times a week burn 7500 calories a year in the least. The reason why this is so effective is that people expend energy when they engage in sexual activity.

Unlike other forms of weight loss exercises, sex is pleasant. Think of how hard it is for you to do weight lifts, ride stationary bicycles or run. Dr. Perry Bathous and Dr. Clarissa Flanders, authors of SWELL-WIMP Sexual Exercise style=”font-weight: 400;”>, say sex is a pleasant way to exercise. For couples, sex is natural and is likely to help you cut weight if you put your mind to it.

  • Increasing your sex drive

Sex is like other abilities in life. You either use it or you lose it. This is how it works: the more the sex you have, the stronger your sex drive. When you have regular sex, it is easier for you to desire each other more and more. Expect a healthier and happier sex life in the future.

Make sex part of your daily routine. Make it a priority and you will never see it as weird or awkward. Why should you worry about how to reconnect or resume when you are having it regularly? Mandy Changfu, author of Love in Marriage says that having sex frequently increases the levels of oxytocin. It’s this hormone that brings you even closer and increases your desire for more.

You might be among the people looking for self-esteem in sexual activity. Well, when you have sex regularly, you will feel more desirable and attractive for your partner. In fact, one way of enhancing your self-confidence and self-image is having more sex.

Sex Frequently

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Do you know that having sex frequently leads to sharing each other’s needs and wants better? You must, however, be willing to explore. If you lock yourself in a cocoon, you may not like new things your spouse introduces into the union.

Being open-minded is the way to go. That way, you won’t have to deny your spouse anything they want to try out in the bedroom. Both of you are free and comfortable with exploring your fantasies. That makes you more creative and better fulfilled sexually. Unlock those creative juices, have more sex and make the world better with your creativity.

Did you know that sex can make you smarter? Abraham Morgentaler, the author of Testosterone for Life: Recharge Your Vitality, Sex Drive, Muscle Mass, and Overall Health, says regular sex will make you mentally sharp. It doesn’t matter what problem you are trying to solve. Whether it’s work-related or academic in nature, sex can boost your brain power.

There are a number of women who have reported diminished pain from period cramps after having sex. The reason for this is thought to be the muscle contractions that occur during orgasm. This causes tension relief in uterine muscles. The result is eased menstrual cramps and the pain that results from it.

Scientists have long established the relationship between low estrogen levels and a dry vagina in post-menopausal women. Regular sex in this group of women is known to stop the dryness of the vagina. This decreases pain and irritation. While such women may argue that the dryness was preventing them from having sex frequently, they need to think otherwise.

As a woman, great sex acts as a workout for your pelvic muscles. These are the same muscles that control orgasms and urine flow. Exercising these muscles through regular sex helps reduce urine leakage and incontinence.

Most women experience incontinence during pregnancy and menopause. However, those who have regular sex make pelvic muscles stronger. This significantly lowers the risk of experiencing prolapse and stress incontinence later. If you think about it, having sex frequently should be easier than doing solo pelvic floor exercises.

Do you need more cash in your bank account? Try regular sex! This isn’t prostitution either. In 2013, a Greek paper by Drydakis sought to establish the relationship between sexual activity and wages. According to the findings, more sex leads to more wages.

People who had sex more than four times a week had the highest wages. This could be due to the way sex makes people more connected. If you have less of it, you will become depressed and less productive at work. The result is reduced earning capacity.

Are you looking for ways to ward off the risk of prostate cancer? A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests you have more sex. According to the study, having at least 21 ejaculations in a month reduces the risk of prostate cancer. See why you need to be making love to your spouse often?

You don’t have to be older to be having more sex. Men in their twenties who have five or more ejaculations weekly reduce their risk of prostate cancer by half. That includes all forms of ejaculation, wet dreams and masturbation included.

Sex frequently also works to prevent cancer in women. A 1989 French study found that sexually inactive women had a triple risk of developing breast cancer. In comparison to women who were more sexually active. Stephen Holt, author of SEX: THE NATURAL WAY, thinks this could be due to the neurotransmitters produced during sex.

In Conclusion;

What are you waiting for? Having sex frequently on a regular basis has several proven benefits. The best of these is that having it more leads to your wanting it more. Why don’t you try it? You will not only enjoy the health benefits but also get enhanced relationships. There is clearly no reason why you shouldn’t get down with it!





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