21 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthier and Stronger

By David Small •  Updated: 01/10/18 •  15 min read

Ever wondered how you could keep your relationship healthier and stronger? Relationships could be draining at times, especially if there is a lot of disagreements and misunderstandings.

However, making a few changes could make your relationship healthier and last a lifetime. Do you want a few tips on how to spice up your relationship?

 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthier and Stronger

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Well, look no further, this article 21 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthier and Stronger will be your best bet to strengthening your relationship.

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Accepting your partner is a very important factor in any thriving relationship. It is always advisable to accept your partner’s flaws, characters, and behavior. Creating an air of mutual understanding will avoid conflict in your marriage or relationship.

Remember, women are said to be from Venus and men from Mars. This is just a sassy way of explaining why men and women have a difference in how they view things. A simple and mutual understanding of this will help to avoid conflict.

Knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes will also give you the freedom to be your real self around them. As a result, you will end up being good friends. This will, therefore, aid in a better, stronger and long-lasting relationship.

Honesty is one of the foundations of a good marriage or relationship. Expressing your views to your partner is a very important factor for a relationship to be healthy.

Do not be compelled to suppress your viewpoint to avoid arguments at that moment. Speakup. Let your partner know if they have done anything to anger or upset you. A later outburst may be terrifying. This is not good for any relationship as it will only create a gap between you and your partner. In some cases, it can even lead to hurting each other either physically or emotionally.

In their book,“A Guys’ Guide to Love/A Girls’ Guide to Love,”John Logan and Dorothy Kavanaugh say that “You need to be honest about who you are, don’t pretend to be someone you are not.”However, you should be open to learning new things. Honesty will save your relationship from a lot of headaches.

Quality time is an important factor in any strong relationship. Do fun things together, visit places together, in short, you should engage in recreational activities together.It will do a lot of good to make your relationship healthier. You do not need a lot of money to do this.

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. Holding hands and taking a walk in the park will strengthen the bond between you. I watched a movie a while back where a newly married couple would keep their cell phones away every evening. They called it unplugging. It was very interesting. It actually improved communication in their relationship! The time used on their cellphones was now invested in doing fun things together.

It is always good to acknowledge that things will not always happen how we expect them to. In relationships, it is important to put one’s ego aside and compromise on certain things.

Sometimes, there is no need of fighting over issues which cannot get resolved. For instance, as a woman, your partner may not have enough money to take you out on dates. It could be the only thing between you and dates to the finest restaurants in town is his wallet state. In such an instance, understand your man.

I’m not suggesting that you should compromise your standards as a woman. However, sometimes it’s the thought that counts. Compromising and letting go things like this will lead to a stronger and long-lasting relationship.

One of the key factors for any relationship to grow in trust. Don’tindulge in a habit of doubting or suspecting your partner every now and then. It kills the morale of the other person especially if their actions are genuine.

In her book “Building Strong and Healthy Relationships: The Essential Elements for Growing Deeper in Love and Nurturing Strong and Healthy Relationships,” Denise P. Lafortune says trusting your partner may take time. However, do not despair, your trust level will increase as you get to learn more about your partner.

It may not be easy to trust especially in a marriage where one of the partners cheated. However, forgiveness is a personal choice. Eventually, you will find a way to rebuild that trust. Building trust between each other will lead to a stronger relationship.


Psychology has proven that relationships last longer when partners recall funny moments together. Sharing humorous moments lightens the atmosphere especially after heated arguments. Humor makes people forget everything thus making the relationship healthier. It may not always work but most of the time it is likely to work.

Laughing together, however, should not be limited to breaking the ice after arguments. Get into a habit of sharing funny moments together. It will go a long way in making your relationship better. It helps to break boredom thus strengthening your relationship.

Simple words such as “Sorry” and “Thanks” could work wonders in your relationship. Learn to thank your partner every time they do something for you no matter how small. Simple gestures like this will make your partner happy.

It is just a small way of showing your partner that you respect and care about them. A few manners will go a long way in maintaining a culture of mutual respect.

This tip is especially important for married couples. When people stay in a marriage for a long time, they tend to get fond of each other. This leads them to take each other for granted. Some couples hardly even see the importance of surprising their partners with gifts on their birthdays.

It is very important as partners to remember each other’s special days. Plan romantic dinners or vacations or surprise your partner with gifts or flowers. Doing this will not only make your partner feel special, but it will also keep your relationship healthier.

Couples who exercise together are not only physically fit but are also more satisfied with their relationship or marriage. Let us not forget that there are divorces which are caused by trivial issues such as one partner not feeling good enough. This could be caused by being overweight which lowers one’s self-esteem.

A partner who is feeling better about themselves is more likely to make the relationship work, compared to one who is not. Exercise will make you healthier and more good looking hence leading to a stronger relationship.

Healthy couples do not avoid conflict. However, Denise P. Lafortune in “Building Strong and Healthy Relationships: The Essential Elements for Growing Deeper in Love and Nurturing Strong and Healthy Relationships,” says that such partners know to how to keep the lines of communication open.

The distraction of phones and laptops is one of those factors that lead to poor communication. Partners should allocate enough time to spend with one another. This will help improve your level of communication.

Eating together enables couples to connect and receive both physical and spiritual nourishment. It provides a regular sacred place for laughter and conversations.This in return aids in increasing the bond between couples especially in marriage.

Everyone would love to have somebody to share a meal together with after a long and tiresome day at work. It relieves the mind of some of the day’s stress and tension thus making one happier and relaxed. A happy couple in return creates a stronger marriage or relationship healthier.

Switching roles will not only spice things up a little. It will also enable your partner to appreciate things from your perspective. This will help to kill boredom and routine which can make a relationship stagnant.

For married couples, the husband could switch the role of driving with the wife. The wife, on the other hand, could switch the role of cooking with the husband. If any of you faces a certain challenge in that process, then you will end up appreciating your partner more.

You have probably heard this gazillion times! However, not going to bed angry does not necessarily mean you should always discuss matters even as late as midnight. It simply means agreeing to sort that issue when there is enough time to talk. However, if you find it more favorable to solve a dispute when it has occurred, then go for it!

If you have an argument late in the night with your partner, don’t discuss things if you are both tired and angry. It could lead you into saying things that you might regret later. Always sort issues out after clearing your head. It will give you time to think things over and reduce anger or any form of negative emotions. This allows you to build a great sense of respect and mutual understanding between yourselves.

This tip mainly applies to married couples. Do not be so quick to point out each other’s flaws as you grow old together. Avoid mentioning the stretch marks and the beer belly among other things if you want your relationship to last. In his book, “A Survival Guide to Aging,” Chris Orestis advices against being caught up in the reminiscence of yearning for the good old days.

Be willing to complement each other no matter how old and wrinkly you get. Marriage requires a lot of tolerance especially when it comes to physical looks. This is because maturity and change are inevitable. No matter how much your partner’s physical looks change, always remind them they are still good looking. Make your partner feel like they can still nail the town’s beauty contest

This should have probably topped the list! Holding grudges and failing to forgive will make you and your partner unhappy. Learning to forgive can be quite challenging but it will make your relationship healthier.

Bringing past incidents into the present could make you feel hopeless about your future together. It is, therefore, good to consider the consequences of not forgiving your partner. Lack of forgiveness is also one of the biggest contributors to divorce.

This is because a relationship cannot move forward if partners keep holding grudges against each other. The two of you end up getting stuck on past incidents and occurrences that are unhealthy for your relationship.

Healthy competition is good for every relationship but when it becomes negative then it stops being healthy. Couples should always focus on competitions that only produce negative results. Healthy competition does not have losers.

If competition is creating progress between you two then it is good.Problems arise when one partner begins to feel like a loser. You should never make your partner feel dumber, uglier, weaker or less successful.

Nobody wants to feel like they are worse than their partner no matter how much they love them. Let your relationship motivate you to be the best version of yourselves.Turn life into a game, just remember there can be no losers in this one!

Most people get into an argument feeling the need to win and prove they are right. This attitude, however, is not advisable in any relationship. It limits the ability to solve the conflict. Being determined to win an argument shows you don’t care about your partner’s thoughts. It shows that the argument is more about feeling dominant. Avoid this as it could shut down the lines of communication in your relationship.

As Denise P. Lafortune sais in her book, “Building Strong and Healthy Relationships: The Essential Elements for Growing Deeper in Love and Nurturing Strong and Healthy Relationships,” puts it, people always have a difference of opinions. It is always good to humble yourself and apologize whenever you are wrong. Consider the emotions of your partner. However, you do not have to agree on all issues. Just make sure you treat your partner with respect while at it.

Most of the time, people fail to pay attention to their partners. It is always advisable to listen to your partner. You do not have to necessarily give them advice or share your opinion with them. Giving your partner a listening ear will go a long way in strengthening your relationship. This way they can keep in mind that they have someone to talk to and share ideas with.

Listening to your partner will portray your level of selflessness as a person. It will give assurance to your partner that you genuinely care about them. Failing to listen will only make your partner think that you only care about yourself. Nobody wants to be with a selfish person, therefore, this will only end up ruining your relationship.

Cheating is one of the key recipes for breakups. For married couples, cheating often leads to a bitter divorce. Therefore, if you truly and genuinely care about your partner, avoid cheating.Cheating is often attributed to laziness from one of the partners.

Someone cheating on their partner does not necessarily mean that their partner stopped looking attractive. It simply means that you are too lazy to create factors that will make the relationship more exciting and keep your relationship healthier and stronger.

Relationships often have problems and this may cause people to fall into the arms of others. This, however, should not give you a reason to cheat on your partner. If there is something that you feel your partner should change talk to them and make them understand.

Being close to your partner does not mean staying together all day. It basically means being there for one other.Appreciating your partner in little ways will strengthen your relationship and make it last longer.

Send your partner short messages of appreciation for the things he does for you. Spend time together whenever you are free. These actions may not be big but they will contribute to a better relationship.

Sometimes it is good to surprise your partner with small gifts such as cards containing messages of love. It will show your partner that you care and think about them. Holding hands as well as goodnight kisses are other ways to be close. It is an important factor when it comes to intimacy. These routines will keep your intimacy alive and relationship healthier.

Making time for yourself is essential for your relationship.It is advisable to pursue other activities and interests.Things like taking a break or a vacation are good for relaxing your mind.

While spending time together is essential, making time for yourself is as paramount. It will help you maintain a longer and stronger relationship with your significant other. Furthermore, when you love and take care of yourself, you can do the same for your partner.

You need to learn to make time for yourself before you can make time for others. Denise P. Lafortune in her book, “Building Strong and Healthy Relationships: The Essential Elements for Growing Deeper in Love and Nurturing Strong and Healthy Relationships,” says it does not mean you are alone, you are with yourself! It also shows that you know your self-worth. Being secure in yourself is a great way to start a relationship. Knowing yourself and loving yourself will lead you to a healthier relationship.

In conclusion;

Healthy relationships do not come with a guarantee or warranty! They require a lot of time to grow into something great and beautiful. It may not be easy, but the tips listed this article 21 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthier and Stronger will lead you a step closer to a stronger relationship.

If you are with a partner who compliments you it will not be as hard. Yes! You can create a happy blossoming relationship with your partner!

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