Best Relationship Advice for Men from Top Relationship Experts

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Experts dating advice, especially the one that centers on relationship advice for men isn’t as difficult as you might think.

What the experts know that you don’t are mostly just a set of simple behaviors and procedures that any man can apply to improve their relationship lives.

29 Experts Share Their Best Relationship Advice for Men

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You will agree with me that beginning a relationship is generally the easy part; it’s maintaining the connection that gets a little tricky.

Keep reading to learn some of the easiest things in the world that will have you wondering why you didn’t learn them yourself years ago.

Be Confident Always

Been confident always is a key ingredient to stay attractive to women, every woman like their man bold, strong and fearless in the face of the travesty.

Guess what? Confidence can be faked, and when faked for a long time, you start becoming confident. Here are a few small things that will have you appearing more confident:

  • A big smile that doesn’t stop at your mouth.

  • You are walking tall and straight with your arms at your side.

  • Clinking classes or giving high fives, even to total strangers, as you work the room.

  • Always assuming attraction on the part of women.

Express love and show it

Often time’s men get carried away and stop expressing how they truly feel in the relationship.

The relationship advice for men experts gave is to learn to express themselves in a relationship. Say the words “I love you” as often as possible with intent.

It could be a cold evening, and you and your partner are indoors hanging out relaxed on the sofa look deeply into her eyes and profess love to her, tell her how much she meant to you.

She had a stressful day at work the previous day, express love to her by getting her breakfast in bed. Send banquets of flowers to her without any special celebration.– psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D.

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Upgrade Your Touch Game

No doubt you hug and kiss each other hello and maybe snuggle a little after having sex. But simple acts like stroking her arm while you’re watching TV, taking her hand when you’re walking down the street, or fondling her thigh during dinner are also ways to bond.

Touching your partner throughout the day triggers your feel-good hormones, which reinforces your affection and makes you feel closer on an instinctive level.

Touching is simple but powerful. Expert’s relationship advice for men is to touch women as often as possible and ensure they are meaningful touches.

Women need a considerable amount of touch daily, learn how to touch them in the appropriate Places.

You can touch her in very socially “safe” areas like her upper back, her hands, and her arms. This creates a powerful connection, but it also gives her permission to touch you back.

Smiles Are Essential

Smiling as often as possible is the best bet at staying attractive to women. Make smiling a habit, smile as often as possible; it is adorable to women when they see a guy smile. It’s a sight that will melt the heart of a lady you love.

When smiles are developed well, it can be used as a weapon at not staying angry at each in a relationship.

It projects confidence, shows that you’re friendly and approachable, and even makes you appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

It’s an opinion, just solid science that has been confirmed with study after study. Smile with your whole face, not just your mouth.

Schedule Dates to Talk About Your Relationship

“Commit to investing time in the relationship—on an ongoing basis—to work on strengthening your relationship, troubleshooting, and making it more satisfying,” says experts’ relationship advice for men.

Set up a weekly or monthly dinner where you only talk about relationship issues or goals. Sure, it might sound drab, but getting your “homework,” or couple’s maintenance out of the way during a designated conversation is better than having it sabotage a perfect romantic meal.

Make sure to cover the things that you’re grateful for as well as use the time to figure out how to solve problems and minimize them in the future. – Manhattan-based licensed clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona, Psy.D

Best Relationship Advice

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Know Her Love Language

Be candid about your feelings—the good and the bad. Regularly opening up can help bring you closer, say experts on relationship advice for men.

“Once you think that your feelings don’t matter, won’t be heard, or are not worth sharing, you open the door to harbor negativity and resentment.”

That includes positive feelings, too, he points out—especially when they’re connected with your partner. “People need to feel appreciated in any relationship.” – Dr. Gary Chapman

Figure Out the Recurring Issues in Your Relationship

Every couple has these recurring issues in their relationship. Maybe you repeatedly fight about your intense work schedule or your partner’s spending habits. Whatever it is, not addressing the root of the problem means you’re going to continue to fight.

That’s why an expert recommends that you and your partner identify recurring conflicts, and decide on the solutions. It’s helpful to focus on “specific and discrete behaviors” when you do this instead of labels and interpretations.

For example, instead of saying that your partner is inconsiderate when they buy a mini-fridge without consulting you, it’s better to say that when they make big purchases without talking to you first, you feel like they’re trying to hide things from you.

Focusing on the issue rather than blame can allow for more effective problem solving and a team-based approach.

Don’t Expect Your Partner to Be Your BFF

“We expect so much from our relationships these days. We want our partner to be a best friend, confidant, co-parent, and companion. This sets us up to be disappointed when our partner cannot fulfill our needs,” says an expert’ on relationship advice for men.

If you feel like your partner just isn’t best friend material for you, experts recommend finding “healthy, alternative ways” to have that need met through others.

“This can free up your relationship to be a source of joy rather than something that lets you down,” he says. – licensed family therapist David Klow

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Before Commenting, Repeat Their Words Out Loud

It’s called “mirroring.” Here’s how it works: When you have an important discussion with your partner, repeat back exactly what you heard them say before you comment on it. For example, something like “So what you’re saying is, you think we need more time for just us without friends or kids around?” is more effective.

“You will be endlessly surprised at how the simplest statements are heard differently by various people,” expert says. “This not only dramatically improves the accuracy and quality of communication by allowing for correction of misinterpretations, but also creates a strong sense of being heard and understood in each partner.” – psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Money

It’s so easy to fight about finances but talking about money—the right way—can actually help make your relationship stronger, expert says. “A couple that communicates their financial goals, and is willing to work together to achieve them, will likely have a deeper bond,” he adds.

So, if you know you like doing your research before a big purchase but your partner is more impulsive, have that conversation before the car lease is up. Or, if you’re more interested in investing in travel than saving up for a vacation home, be upfront about your preferences so you can find common ground.

Relationship Advice

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Choose to Love Your Partner Every Day

“My favorite piece of advice is the idea that every day we wake up and decide to feel affection towards our partner,” says experts’ on relationship advice for men.

The idea behind this is simple, she says: Love is an active daily choice, and you have control over how you’re feeling. “When we wake up, and the first thing we notice is a flaw in our partner, it will be hard to feel connected and in love for the rest of that day,” she says. “If we wake up and identify something we love or admire, that sets the tone.” – psychotherapist Jennifer L. Silvershein, L.C.S.W.

If You Must Fight, Fight Productively

Yes, you can fight but productively, please. Every couple fights, but fighting in a way that moves the conversation forward and clearly explains why you’re feeling a certain way can make a difference.

By not addressing a problem, it probably won’t be resolved. Explain how you’re feeling, give her a chance to respond, and don’t let it devolve into an insult bout.

An expert’s on relationship advice for men recommends being specific about how your partner’s actions impact you.

For example, “When you forget to text when you’ll be late, it makes me feel like you don’t care.” “When we begin shifting our language to share how our partner’s behavior makes us feel rather than just telling them what to do, I find that couples become more fluid and more aligned in their daily functioning,” she says. Learn to disagree to agree.

Ask Your Friends for Advice

Sure, you and your partner have your own thing going on, and no one is perfect. But maybe you admire the way your couple-friends seem to navigate conflict, or you really want to emulate the united front that your parents have always had.

Whatever it is, talk to these people about how they’re able to achieve the aspects of their relationship that you admire, an expert on relationship advice for men says. You don’t need to make a huge thing about it.

Just say, “I really love how you and your partner seem to share responsibilities. How do you do that?” Then, if the advice seems good and doable for you? Talk to your partner about it.

Think of Creative New Points of Conversation

Date nights aren’t so special if they’re spent discussing work, politics, or the mundanities of everyday life. Instead, Pearson urges couples to switch things up by asking unexpected questions.

For example, ask what your partner thinks about (other than work) during their daily commute, or what quality of yours they appreciate the most, so you can express it more often.

Even childlike queries like, “What superhero power would you love to have?” works well. Then, ask what they’d be willing to give up to attain that power.

  • Switch things up by asking unexpected questions.

  • Befriend other couples.

This may sound taxing, but cultivating warm and intimate friendships with other pairs can bring you closer, Expert says. Doing so will foster the feeling of mutual support and open you up to engage in deeper conversations the two of you may not have had on your own.

Regularly Tell Your Partner What You Love About Them

It doesn’t cost anything to be thankful—and expressing gratitude for someone shows that you notice and appreciate their efforts. Do you appreciate their compassionate nature, or perhaps you love their energetic approach to the start of every day?

Be specific with what qualities you value to most to indicate you’re paying close attention. Ultimately, small efforts to show recognition will make your partner feel seen and most importantly appreciated. – Arthur Aron, PhD—a psychology professor at Stony Brook University.

29 Experts Share Their Best Relationship Advice for Men

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Celebrate Even the Smallest Successes Together

Let your partner know their achievements are worth commemorating when something good (like a promotion, or a wave of luck) happens to them. That has a more positive effect than just supporting them during periods of hardships.

To do so, plan a special homemade dinner or write them a card as a way of shouting your excitement from the mountaintops. Little acts go a long way in motivating yourself and her to aim high and achieve more.

First, Put in the Work—for Yourself

Before giving your partner attention, a relationship expert suggests taking stock of yourself. “A happy person will make their partner happy, too.”

The expert says. Look within, and ask yourself whether you’re dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem that should be addressed—or if your communication skills allow you to hear and be responsive to your partner’s needs.

There had been scenarios where men are blacklisted as selective listeners. Learn to be intentional, don’t just be there be present.

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Be Spontaneous and Learn to be Happy

Plan a fun activity once a week. Way past the few months of dating phase? An easy method toward rekindling the flame is to try something new together.

You don’t have to partake in a thrilling sport like skydiving, but simple pastimes like trying a new cuisine or taking a cooking class can increase passion.

As a result, you’ll learn to associate thrill and excitement with your partner, says an expert’s on relationship advice for men. Couples develop a particular dynamic: the way they relate to each other that repeats itself over and over.

If you break that pattern and act against type — in a positive way — you inject new life into the relationship. – Toni Coleman, psychotherapist and relationship coach in McLean, Virginia

Enjoy a Steady Diet of Sex

If you want to maintain closeness with your woman, get out of your head and into bed. Ladies feel more comfortable connecting with men on a physical level, not engaging in deep discussions.

To strengthen your bond, approach your lust life as you would your gym regimen or your diet — make it part of your routine. Set a goal to have sex at least a couple of times a week. Says Toni Coleman on his relationship advice for men.

Take Turns Talking

To make sure you both get a chance to state what’s on your mind during a disagreement —and get your points across — alternate playing reflective therapist, where one listens while the other talks.

For example, if your woman is sharing a story about what happened during the day, don’t try to interrupt until she’s done, then take your own turn to share yours.

Relationship Advice for Men

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Find the Intersection

When making decisions together, try to find common ground. You should write down exactly what you want.

Let’s say you’re angling for a vacay in San Francisco to see the sights and hit up the cool shops and restaurants, while she wants a tropical getaway where she can veg out by the pool and sip drinks with umbrellas in the glass.

Now that your desires are clearly laid out on paper, you can pick a place that will satisfy both your needs. A cool city, a little sun…how about Miami? – Paul Dobransky, MD

Be More Positive Than Negative

There’s a more effective way to air grievances than to file an angry complaint. Sandwich your negative comment between two positives.

If you want to complain about how she’s always late, for example, try something like “You know, I love that you’re so laid-back and easy-going, but it bothers me when you show up so late. I’m sure you can still be the fun lady I adore and also be time.” – Christina Vazquez

Echo Each Other

When you and your woman are having a serious relationship talk, it’s easy to get so caught up in how you want to respond that you’re not really listening to what’s being said.

That’s why it’s essential for both of you to repeat each other: so you know you’ve been heard, and you feel understood, which is very essential for good communication. – Yvonne Thomas

Grow Your Tolerance

Neither of you is perfect, nor are the quirks you both have here to stay. So rather than let those annoying traits work your last nerve, try to get in touch with the upside of those particular flaws, even if it’s not immediately recognizable.

Instead of getting annoyed when she starts screaming at the TV, for example, remind yourself how much you love her passion. Or if her shyness with new people bugs you, think about how refreshing it is to be with a chill, genuine lady rather than a blowhard who needs to chat with everyone in the room. – Denver psychologist Jennifer Oikle, PhD

Take a Time-Out

“It’s vital that you get a break from the daily grind and spend alone time as a couple — cell phones and the Internet are off-limits. It can be a fun day trip or just a few quiet hours to yourselves.

The point is simply to steal away (even if you’re going nowhere) so you can reconnect, free of any distractions.” Diana Kirschner stated during one of her talk on relationship advice for men.

Advice for Men

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Have Her Back

You might not agree with your lady when she’s had a riff with a friend, or she thinks her boss is unfair, but you should always be on her side…and vice versa. Otherwise, you’ll both feel like you can’t count on each other.

That doesn’t mean you have to take the “you’re so right” route all the time. Just hear her out, and let her know that you’ll support her no matter what. – New York City psychotherapist JoAnn Magdoff, PhD.

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Don’t Be Too Friendly With Her Pals.

They’re her friends, and she wants to preserve that separate part of her life that doesn’t include you. So don’t tag along every time she’s with them.

One of the reasons you must do this is to make her feel that you trust her and also don’t get much into her mutual relationship with others.

Spend a Little Money on Each Other

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give small presents to show your love. In fact, gifts are more fun and meaningful —when they’re not expected. Try to get into the habit of exchanging sweet tokens of appreciation for no particular reason.

Don’t go and blow your paycheck; though. It’s not about being extravagant; it’s just a way of showing that you really get — and think about — each other.

Maybe you buy her a tee of her favorite band that you saw on sale, or she gets you a pair of pajamas in your favorite color.

Every woman is different, and how they deal with things like stress, family, affection, arguments, and surprises will be different too.

Keep in mind these few universal things and use your best judgment. Chances are, you will have your dream relationship work out if you take all these the relationship advice for men from experts into consideration.

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