How to Seduce your Husband: 21 ultimate Ways

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Has the passion gone out of your marriage? Want to know how to seduce your husband? We have researched and discovered twenty one practical ways to seduce your husband starting right now.

The common phrase after any marriage is usually “and they lived happily ever after “. If you ask me, this is the ideal path that our marriage lives ought to follow. Sadly, this is not always the case.

How to Seduce your Husband: A helpful Guide

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After years of staying together, lives among couples may become routine. After some time, routinely leads to monotony. Before you know it, your husband is bored and won’t even take a second look at you after getting home from work.

Feeling unappreciated is the worst feeling you can have in a marriage. In worse cases, it can lead to divorce. This needn’t be the case for you, discovering your earlier spark that kept your flames burning is easy.

After reading this article, You will be more equipped to seduce your uninterested husband and re-kindle your fading sexual life. These steps are easy to accomplish. It’s just a matter of rediscovering your inner self.

Here are the magical 21 ways that answer the question How to seduce your husband.


1. Go back to the basics.

The first step is simple and easy. Get back to the simple and easy stuff you used to do. Remember the random night out or the surprise gifts you used to give him. How about the time you would move the earth and drop everything just to make him happy?

After a while, you tend to forget the simple things that made him happy. You take for granted the activities that brought you together while you are dating.

In her book, 200 Ways to Seduce Your Husband, Claire Robins emphasizes this topic and discusses its importance in great length.

The solution is simple, you don’t have to change or let go of the little things that used to give both of you butterflies. Instead, be creative and find new ways of doing them.

2. Change your wardrobe… Now!

We all know that men love by sight first then other things. Your dressing is the first thing he notices when he looks at you. The easiest way to seduce your uninterested hubby is to change in your wardrobe.

This is an easy change and very noticeable. Find sexy dresses and be smart. However, dressing sexy doesn’t mean you have to dress skimpily or reveal too much. You also want to keep his mind busy guessing.

Find clothes that are trendy and suit your body type. Being attractive is a sure way of seducing your uninterested hubby. He will take notice and begin to show interest.

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3. Go to bed at the same time.

You might have overlooked this simple factor on a number of occasions. Maybe you are a little too tired and wish to sleep early. The next time it would be him who has wake up early and he goes first.

In no time, you will be sleeping at different times. You won’t have time for each other since you are awake when he is asleep and vice versa.

In Fix Your Sexless Marriage and Bring Back The Spark In Your Bedroom, Annabelle Roseline says that sleeping at the same time gives you an opportunity to share better and creates a conducive environment for intimacy.

Seduce your Husband:

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4. Create the right mood.

A large part of sex occurs in our minds. Subtle things like dimming the lights or soft soothing music can help seduce your husband who may not be interested in you.

Don’t underestimate the role our moods play in our sex lives. When not in the right mood, sex is more of an obligation rather than a fun activity or intimacy.

Make it something he looks forward to. Preparing him psychologically is one way to get him in the mood.

5. Flaunt your body.

Of course, there is no way you can seduce your uninterested husband without using your body. When it comes to seduction, flaunting your body is an asset.

As Laurie Brockway says in How to Seduce a Man and Keep Him Seduced, flaunting your body is one way to drive up a man’s sex drive and turn him on. Wear a sexy mini-skirt when preparing dinner and let his mind race.

Focusing on his sense of sight is an easy way to seduce him even when he is uninterested. Just play with his mind to remind him that what he is yearning for is just right in front of him.

6. Take care of yourself.

When you take care of your body, you look beautiful and are attractive. Research by an association of Harvard Psychologists found that couples who felt their partners were not taking care of their bodies were more likely to lose interest in them sexually.

Taking care of your body comes in different forms. Personal hygiene and checking your weight are among the most important part of taking good care of your body.

A little shaving and grooming hurt no one. If you feel you are becoming overweight, hit the gym, and shed a few pounds. You could even take him along with you for moral support.

How to Seduce your Husband: A helpful Guide

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7. Be well stocked in libido.

Dr. Kevin Leman opines that sex begins in the kitchen. That’s very true considering that your diet is a major factor that determines libido. The meals your take may be a contributing factor in reducing your libido.

Maintain your diet on foods that improve your libido or keeps it intact. Embracing a healthy lifestyle that improves your libido is a sure way of improving your sex life.

On the same note, combining a healthy diet and exercise also improves your sex lives. You’ll be surprised at how these simple things can seduce your hubby who has been uninterested in you for a while.

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8. Show you admire him.

In the book Why Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov, she writes on the reason why men become uninterested in their wives and opt for “bitches”.

Men are attracted to women who are in control of their affairs and who also admire and cherish him.

When he feels like you admire and love him, he will be more attracted to you sexually. Cheer his accomplishments and make him feel appreciated. This way, your sex life will improve and he will love you more since he knows you are his number one supporter.

9. Keep some distance and give him space.

This might seem like a strange way to seduce him when he is already uninterested. The truth is he is uninterested since he doesn’t miss you.

Give him space to miss you and appreciate your absence. Then, he will come to appreciate you and miss your company. After a while, he is bound to be attracted to you when he finally realizes what he has been missing.

You don’t have to leave your home you can limit your contact and let his wonder where you are. After all, good things come to those who wait. Make sex special for both of you.

How to Seduce your Husband: A helpful Guide

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10. Sex shouldn’t be viewed as a normal thing among married couples.

Learn to treat sex as a special and cherished moment. It should be something that you look forward to and a memory to remember.

It should be a sacred moment between the two of you. Don’t make it a usual occurrence or a duty that you have to fulfill. This will turn it into a chore and as a matter of fact, no one loves chores.

On the contrary, we all look forward to special occasions. Making your hubby look forward to sex as a special moment is a sure way of seducing him even when he is uninterested.

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11. Be a team… be in sync.

Having sex regularly will require commitment and dedication from both of you. Be open and talk about what is good and what is bad in your sex life.

At times, there may be things that he wants to do or try out that you find uncomfortable. It is imperative that you find a middle ground that is suitable for both of you.

If your hubby wants to try out new things in the bedroom, be cooperative. The collaboration will lead to him being attracted to you sexually. Being a team player will also make you more creative to spice up your sex life.

Trying out new stuff will also make your uninterested husband look forward to having sex with you.

12. Wear sexy lingerie when going to bed.

You do have to go to bed with an old baggy t-shirt. When did baggy t-shirts turn anyone on anyway? Take a quick read through Lingerie for Women, a book written by Keith Bowen.

After getting a few tips on the types of lingerie men like, go get one. In case you already have it, spruce up with a few additions. He may have gotten used to the one you have.

Talk to your friends too and let them recommend a few types for you to choose from.

Sexy lingerie is a sure way to seduce your uninterested husband into taking notice of you. You will have to be blind, literary, to fail to notice someone wearing sexy lingerie.

13. Take the initiative and talk to him.

At times your husband might not be interested in you for reasons that are beyond your control. Take matters into your hands and find out why he seems uninterested in you sexually.

You would be surprised to find out that it’s a simple matter that can easily be solved. He may even just be lost in his own world of thoughts, having someone to talk to will turn out to be the perfect remedy for him. Sweet words are the perfect medicine to an ailing heart or a troubled person

The simple everyday stuff that we take for granted turn out to be the perfect way to seduce a husband who may seem uninterested.

Seduce your Husband

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14. Avoid unnecessary arguments during bedtime.

Your bedroom should be a place of solace. Somewhere you retreat to after a long day to find peace and rest. Make your bedroom a place that no matter how hard the day was, your husband can look forward to bedtime.

Sort out your issues before going to bed. When it is time to sleep let it be a time to cuddle and enjoy each other’s company.

Even when you are angry with him, let it go. You can always find another time to talk to him when both of you have calmed down. Don’t be a Grinch and be the one to ruin the mood in the bedroom.

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15. Tease him.

Quite simply, be naughty about the way you talk to him. Teasing him sends a clear message that you have sex in your mind.

This is a simple way of seducing him to think about sex even when he is not interested and didn’t have it in mind.

Try changing your voice and speaking softly to draw a reaction out of him.Tease talking is a nice way to turn your uninterested husband on and get him in the mood.

He’ll also find it sexy making him attracted to you sexually. This will also act to spice up your sex life.

16. Make your husband your first priority.

David Shnarch is of the view that any man who feels his needs are not prioritized by his wife, will have less desire in her. This is well captured in his Intimacy and Desire: Awaken the Passion in your Marriage.

Create an environment where his sexual needs are assured. Make his sexual needs a priority. If he has already drifted, start by letting him know he is your top priority from now on. Then go on and start showing it

To begin with, as a married woman, your top priority should be your husband’s needs. Whom do you expect to fulfill his needs anyway, his mother?


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17. Seduce him.

How do you seduce your husband who is not interested in you? Simple, just seduce him. Kiss him on the neck when he is seated on the couch. At dinner time, caress him with your legs.

Come to him from his back and touch his chest. I am sure you don’t need any explanations on how to seduce a man. There so many ways in which you can seduce a man, even by how you eat.

It is so easy to seduce a man when you are with him, especially your husband. Seduce him is an open way of telling your husband you want sex. Even when he is uninterested, he will surely take notice.

18. Be creative and open-minded.

Many a time, married couples fall out of love due to routine and monotony. Sex life is bound to suffer from this effect since it’s easy to be complacent and be predictable.

Don’t have a closed mind, be creative and come up with new ideas and ways to have sex. Don’t let him do all the imagination. After a while, he will tire and become uninterested in having sex with you.

Know what you would wish him to do and be open about it. Try out the ideas he comes up with. This will encourage him to come up with new ones.

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19. Keep in mind the intimate details about him.

Know what he likes, how he likes it, and when he likes it done. It’s not just about having sex, pay attention to the details. Remember his birthday; buy him a pair of shoes of his correct size number.

He will love you more and be attracted to you sexually. These small details will keep the fire of your relationship burning.

By now, you should now know his preferences and how he likes it during intimacy. Having these intricate details at your fingertips will also serve to help you know how to arouse him.

How to Seduce your Husband

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20. Sext him during the day.

During the day when he is going about his activities, write him a dirty text. This will keep his mind racing. Men like sexting; that is an open secret.

Technology has made it easier for us. Even if you are the shy type, I know once in a while you will have a dirty thought racing through your mind. Just put it in a text and send it to him. I’m sure he’ll reply so just keep the conversation as raunchy as you can.

This is an exciting way to seduce your husband too. By the time he gets home, he will be all over you.

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21. Kill the predictability.

Who said you can only have sex at night? Or that it has to be in the bedroom. Abolish this predictable behaviors and routines that make your sex life boring.

Have a quickie during lunch break. Try it in the living room after a date night out. Keep him guessing on what will come next. This way, he will be looking forward to your next encounter.

You will not have to seduce him anymore since he will always be in a constant state of seduction. He will no longer be uninterested in you.


Seducing your husband who no longer seems interested in you needn’t be such a daunting task. It’s just about going back to the basics that made the butterflies in your stomach jump around.

It’s the simple things that we do which can solve the complex situations we often find our relationships in.

Just because you are married doesn’t mean you have to change or slack. Keep the fire burning, in fact, rather than letting it die, make it stronger.

Don’t change the crazy and fun things you used to do. Don’t convince yourself that you are now too old to do some of the things that made you tick. I hope that these Awesome tips on how to Seduce your husband will assist you in your quest to rekindle your love life.


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