21 Signs Of A Serious Committed Relationship

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At some point or another, every woman or (man!) in a serious committed relationship wonders about the level of commitment.

Is it the real thing, they may ask, or is it just a summertime fling headed towards an end? Being in an honest, sincere and serious committed relationship helps you to become the better version of yourself.

 Serious Committed Relationship

Jerry McGuire was right when He said: “soul mates complete each other”.

A person is unable to complete his mission in life alone. Therefore, everyone needs someone to help them become a better person.

However, this is not always a blissful experience.  Below are “ 21 Signs Of A Serious Committed Relationshipto assess whether or not your significant other is interested in you, or committed to you.

Sign 1: You Just Know It 

Something deep inside tells you this is the perfect one for you. It’s as if there is a spiritual force pushing you to let go of everything you previously expected and to give of yourself completely and get committed.

Sign 2: You Spend Significant Time Together

One of the first signs of a committed relationship is when two people spend lots of time together. Outside of normal working hours, and with all the activities piled up for you in a day, there usually isn’t much time leftover to spare.

Also because time is one thing that we can’t get back once it is gone, the fact that you and you’re significant other. choose to make time for each, other, on a regular basis is a good sign that you are both committed to that relationship.

Sign 3: You Show Loyalty, Even When It’s Tough 

We all have been in those situations where we have been tempted by a stunning woman or offensively handsome man. And while someone who is not in a serious committed relationship may stray for their desires to meet, someone who is fully committed will be able to resist the urge and head back to their partners, knowing their true love for them.

Sign 4: Being Honest To the Core

Honesty is also one of the signs of serious a relationship, everyone knows that. But it’s even more important in a truly committed relationship. Your partner should be able to tell you the worst of the worst and feel comfortable doing so, even if it means coming clean to losing their job, being diagnosed with a severe illness, or even cheating.

Sign 5: You “Talk It Out”

Much like loyalty, honesty, and respect, communication is incredibly important in a serious committed relationship. Communication should be comfortable and happening at all times- from a small talk at the lunch table to more serious conversations when needed.

The key here is a comfort and being able to talk through problems, instead of keeping important things inside and letting them ruin the relationship in time.

Sign 6: Talking In Terms Of “We”

That is the goal, right? To become a couple and think of ‘we’ instead of ‘me’. One of the signs he wants a serious committed relationship is that he discusses things that affect the two of you rather than himself alone, that way, you can be convinced you are with someone who is serious and committed.

This could be something as simple as where his new job may take the two of you to actually moving in together.

Sign 7: Being There For You No Matter What

Your spouse should be there for you no matter what- in your times of struggle, in your times of happiness- nothing should break your bond. If your partner is willing to ditch you after the first crises arise, it only a sign he wasn’t committed.

Sign 8: By Showing Love

If you love someone, you would want to prove it, right? That’s exactly the point of this “sign of a serious committed relationship”.

If your partner truly cares for you, they should shower you with love- even if it’s just a lovely love poem or roses here and there.

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Sign 9: Gratefulness

There are many things that people take for granted, once they are more comfortable with each other. Showing gratefulness for everything that both of you do for each other is a sign of a serious and healthy relationship.

Sign 10: You Both Are Always Comfortable With “Low Key Moments”

If you enjoy each other’s company even when you are just snuggling in bed watching reruns of “Friends” it means you have already established a deep bond. I think this is a true testament to a serious relationship. Your activities don’t necessarily include adrenalin-pumping thrills all the time.

The best thing about being in a relationship is that you get to enjoy the simplest of things and you feel like you are having the time of your life even if you two are just making breakfast together.

Sign 11: You Answer Each Other’s Phone

There has to be a certain amount of trust before a couple reaches this stage in a relationship. If your partner’s phone rings and they ask you to answer the call for them it means that you have already established your place in their life.

This is definitely one of the obvious signs of a serious committed relationship. When you answer each other’s phones it means that you have a relationship based on honesty and trust.

Sign 12: Public Display of Affections (PDA)

For any serious relationship, do not underestimate “Public Displays of Affection”. This goes beyond making out or the occasional butt pinch in public. People who are in a relationship just for the sex or shall I say “friends with benefits” do not hold hands or kissID-100225714 in public.

If you are in a serious relationship with someone, you will surely engage in some form of PDA (Public Display of Affection) whether it’s as simple as the guy tucking your hair behind your ears or a quick kiss whenever you say goodbye.

Sign 13: Regular Communication is required in a serious committed relationship

The word “Regular Communication” for any serious relationship means everyday phone calls, texts, emails, etc. He doesn’t let a single pass without calling you, this is one of the signs he wants to be a serious committed relationship with you.

If you are hooking up with someone who is in constant communication with you, chances are they are serious and interested in you.

Sign 14: You Take Vacations Together

Vacations usually happen over the course of several days and can sometimes take several weeks, so if you are going to take company along you will want to make sure you really like them. You are also making memories that last a lifetime.

Generally speaking, people who take vacations together not only enjoy each other ‘s company, but are happy to make memories together, so if you take vacations together it’s a good sign that you and your love are truly committed.

Sign 15: You Make Plans for the Future Together

In a serious committed relationship, however, it matters what the other person wants to do and where they see themselves in the future. So if you and your partner are making plans together, there’s a good likelihood that your relationship is in for the long haul.

Sign 16: You Share Passwords and PIN Numbers Together

Deciding whether to share private information is not to be taken lightly or with casual friends. However, while “relationships experts admit that sharing passwords can strengthen the relationship, it can be added that sharing passwords or personal PIN numbers show great commitment to any relationship because it demonstrates ultimate trust. So unless you are in a serious relationship, it’s still best practice to keep your passwords and PIN numbers private.

Sign 17: You Value Each Other’s Opinions

When faced with issues regarding your career, family, friends, and of course, your relationship — you take important decisions together. You talk about things and then come to a consensus, as opposed to a situation where you decide all by yourself and coolly him or vice-versa.

Sign 18: Being Dependable

A committed person is dependable. You know your partner is committed to you if you can depend on him for important things like making sure you are leading a comfortable life, keeping you happy, and taking care of your daily needs

Sign 19: Financial Awareness

Money makes the world to move around, they say. Well if you are not financially stable, its better you do not get committed to another ID-100140453person. And if you want to show commitment, you need to try and become financially aware and start making investments to secure the future of your relationship.

Sign 20: He’s Gallant

This one is for the man in the relationship. Every woman loves to have a gallant partner, the one who opens doors for her, who offers his arm while walking, who takes up for her in an argument, who defends her, who makes her feel special and very important. If there is no commitment, it will be very difficult for the man to do all these things.

Sign 21: The Proposal and Marriage

Ah, the marriage proposal. Does this really need any more explanations? If the guy eventually proposes, then it’s a sign he is obviously very committed to you and wants to prove his love and loyalty to you.

There is truly no better way to tell if someone is committed than with the act of marriage. In conclusion, commitment is a two-way street in any “

In conclusion, commitment is a two-way street in any “serious relationship definition. It’s a teamwork, hence both have to be committed to making the relationship work. If the commitment comes from only one partner then it is the sign of an unhealthy relationship.

For a happy and fulfilling relationship, a sign of commitment is the key. Make effort to apply the 21 Signs Of A Serious Committed Relationship tips discussed above and watch your relationship grow stronger than you can ever imagine. Share

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