59 Ways To Avoid Divorce And Save Your Marriage

By David Small •  Updated: 07/31/17 •  32 min read

How can I avoid divorce and save my marriage is a question I am asked by many individuals. Marriage is the beginning of a new life, reignited through love and lifetime commitment. Although this is the case at the beginning, marriage is not easy and at times couples find themselves going through tough times.

59 Ways To Avoid Divorce And Save Your Marriage

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Emotional, physical and even spiritual situations can simply drain even the strongest couples. Divorce comes after couples have had enough and are unwilling to change how things work.

In the end, marriage needs work, you need to take up the challenge and get your partner back. You can save your marriage alone or get a marriage counselor to help you weather the storm. If you choose either, you need to know that it takes effort and time to build back a relationship.

Get the best tips on how to save your marriage and avoid divorce by building a strong marriage. So if you are just on the verge of giving up, don’t, it’s time to fight for your marriage!

If you feel this is exactly where you are going, don’t freight there are many ways to avoid divorce and save your marriage;-

Table of Contents

1. Communication

Communication is a vital element when it comes to marriage, it’s important to be able to talk to each other. Self-assessment is an important step; it includes thinking about your mistakes and if you want to be an even better partner improves your communication skills by listening to your partner.

A good communication book highly recommended is by Jonathan Robinson book,communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and effective tools to create more love and less conflict it is not just a good read but will assist you in cultivating and developing your communication skills.

If communication is not working as a couple you can seek counseling to help you in the process. Learn amazing communication strategies that will save you and your marriage.

If communication is not working as a couple you can seek counseling to help you in the process. Learn amazing communication strategies that will help you to avoid divorce and save your marriage.

2. Pay attention to your spouse’s needs

As a couple, you need to recognize that your spouse has valid concerns when he/she asks for a divorce. Nevertheless, you can work on it by addressing those concerns. Another way to look at it is by understanding that each of you have invested time and effort into the marriage.

It may seem farfetched but you may be surprised how easy it is to stay in the marriage as opposed to divorce. Use that investment to sway your partner to stay and rebuild your marriage. Reactions are part of emotions; at times as human beings, we become reactive to situations.

In times of divorce, emotions are high, it’s important to give your spouse space if they don’t want to talk. Respect his or her wishes by giving them that emotional space.

3. Express your appreciation

Appreciation is more than a word but more of an emotion, lack of appreciation can cause emotion constraint. Learning to appreciate even the small things during the marriage will give your spouse an emotional boost.

Be quick to notice your spouse has invested in the relationship and express your appreciation for them. Think of the investment your spouse has put into the relationship and use that as an avenue to rebuild the marriage and strengthen your relationship.

To learn more about appreciation in marriage and rebuilding your relationship Marcia Naomi Berger in her book Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love: 30 Minutes a Week to the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted gives a ‘how to’ guideline to get your relationship working through better communication. She has helped thousands of couples improve their relationship and save their marriages that were divorce-bound.

Avoid Divorce

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4. Lower your expectations

While it’s only human to have high expectations when it comes to your spouse, unrealistic fantasies and high expectations are the biggest contributions to divorce. This is partly because most people see marriage as depicted in romance novels where they depict marriage as no work.

Thereafter when you get into marriage you find that in order to have a happy marriage you need to work on it. Balancing expectations as you go along the way, realizing that saving marriage requires that you don’t look for perfection in your spouse and yourself.

In short, if your spouse has flaws it’s advisable not to point them out frequently rather focus on the good qualities of your spouse. Tolerate and learn to live with your partner’s imperfections.

5. Readiness to change it will help to Avoid Divorce

As a couple, you need to be willing to change or compromise your imperfections to build a successful marriage. You can Save your marriage and avoid divorce by willing to accept faults and make changes where necessary.

In order to give your marriage a fighting chance, you must be ready to develop your marriage bond even if it means a change to your spouse personality. Sometimes your spouse may want you to change your attitude and improve your communication skills.

If this is the case see reason and be humble to adapt to your spouse. If you strive to make the needed changes then the benefits are great. When you make changes in your relationship it can considerably bring a better future for both of you save your marriage and avoid divorce.

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6. Spend time together

Most relationships and marriage crash mainly because couples spend too much time apart with little time for each other. As a couple you need to make time work to help your marriage survive the upcoming disaster, you can easily schedule time for each other.

You can create time for your spouse by taking them out for dinner and have a heart to heart conversation will highly improve your relationship. Practice spending time together engaging in different intimate activities to maintain a good healthy marriage lifestyle. Learning to spend time together with your spouse divorce proofs your marriage.

7. Express Your Feelings

Communication skills are vital to a good and healthy relationship, in addition to this, you need to listen to your partner’s feelings. It is never an easy thing to express frustrations and difficulties with the person you love.

In such a case you can use a marriage counselor to meditate and participate in these exchanges while having the confidence to speak your mind. You should never disrespect or put down your partner as this will just create animosity and resentment.

Deciding on marriage therapy will help you go through your problems analytically. To save your marriage you need to have the ability to listen then share your own feelings which in turn will help address some of the problems. Your marriage counselor will help mediate and communicate your feelings effectively.

Mathew McKay in his book Couple Skills: Making Your Relationship Work emphasizes the need to be aware of each other’s feelings. These new approaches will help you to accept your partner’s feelings without judgment

8. Compromise

Compromise plays a vital role in the ultimate success or failure of a marriage. To save your marriage each party must be willing to accommodate the other person. Be open to your partner’s views ideas and views. As a result been able to bend to the needs of the other will help you find a middle ground where you can both be pleased with the dynamics of the relationship.

To be in marriage you need to put aside individual desires and wants and encompassing each other. When you put primary focus on your own ambitions you are more likely to annoy and frustrate your partner. You can save your marriage from divorce by making sure both people are happy in the relationship.

9. Learn to forgive and forget

Love doesn’t record wrongs, so in your marriage, you must learn to let go of past wrongs. One thing that is known to drag relationships down is holding on to past mistakes. Learn to forgive those wrongs will save your marriage. It is not conducive or useful to keep digging when you are feeling aggrieved by your partner.

Give your partner a clean slate each and every day; this will help your marriage flourish. No one likes to be reminded of their past mistakes and your spouse is no different. Learning to forgive brings the balance back to your marriage.

Saving your marriage from divorce also depends on whether your partner has the ability to apologize. In an ideal realistic relationship, both people in a relationship need to ask for forgiveness from each other. It is important to let go of the past for the sake of your future relationship.


10. Have common goals

Finding common goals you can share can tremendously change the way you relate to each other. It can transform your marriage from divorce-bound to rebuilding your marriage success.

Compromising your selfish ambitions to get close to each other by having a common goal is a great milestone. Anchoring your marriage by agreeing to goals that are acceptable to both of you may take some hard work.

If or when kids come you need to figure out who will stay at home to take care of the children and who will continue working. In order to avoid divorce, you need to sit down and write down your goals as a couple and work towards achieving them.

11. Random acts of kindness

Your reaction plays a big role in the way your partner views you as a person. To save your marriage you need to change your actions, random acts of kindness will help you rekindle your relationship. The appreciation of kindness is universal especially if someone is not expecting it.

If your partner shows a negative attitude towards you then don’t re-confirm that by doing nothing, instead show your partner how much you still care. Displaying kindness towards your partner can also help to change their own attitude and may start seeing you in a different light.

Kindness is the foundation of rebuilding your marriage so start been kind to each other. Barton Goldsmith in his book The Happy Couple: How to Make Happiness a Habit One Little Loving Thing at a Time expresses the need to be kind to each other.

12. Don’t engage in emotional blackmail

Emotional blackmail is simply attacking your partner weak point; an obvious line ‘I love you’ is powerful. It carries with it so much weight and power and not something that should be used lightly. In essence, it should not be used to try and fix a failing marriage.

You should not say ‘I love you’ when you and your partner are in a weak emotional state. Save the line for when the marriage is mended otherwise you will be hurting your partner emotionally.

Emotional blackmail can greatly affect how two people connect, turn off any emotional induced feelings to keep your partner in a bad relationship.

13. Stop the argument

Arguments are part and parcel of relationships how you handle it makes the difference. Trying to guilt your partner to be on your side will not only cause discourse but will push your partner away.

The only way to fix an argument is not to enter into one or start one. You can change it by getting to the root of the problem; this means removing the competition and need to win. In marriage, you need to be able to get through arguments without hurting each other.

Saying hurtful sentiment can greatly damage your partners emotionally. In times of arguments, the best way to handle it is to walk away or be silent to avoid any confrontation.

14. Be understanding 

Try to control your reaction to situations. In some cases, it has been observed that the spouse who doesn’t want a divorce may harass the divorcing spouse and talk rashly. You need to learn to control yourself about the issues in the relationship.

In addition, all your spouse needs may just be emotional peace. If this is the case, respect his or her wishes. Understanding your partner is the gateway to rebuilding what was lost. Don’t pressure them into talking if they are unwilling to do so. If your partner is not ready then you need to let go and understand them without pushing it.

15. Have fun 

It may seem unusual but no matter the situation or circumstance try to relax and have fun. Saving your marriage is serious business, however, if you take things too seriously or make the repair process too intense may hurt the chances of a reconnection.

You can suggest going out and doing things you both find interesting. During this time you will find you are reconnecting on different levels by simply having fun. You can choose a vacation spot that you both love and go enjoy the day or weekend together.

Reconnecting while doing something fun builds back your spark and help to avoid divorce. You can repeat this as many times as you can to help you connect and rebuild your marriage.

Marriages16. Stop the blame game 

Pointing fingers at your partner will only make you feel further disconnected from you. Not assigning blame is one of the ways to save your marriage from divorce.

If you want to repair your marriage and avoid divorce,  you need to let go of the blame game. There is an old cliché ‘it takes two to tango’ this is largely true when you are repairing your marriage. Both partners are responsible for the relationship grievances and responsible for the problems.

Such grievances are mostly caused due to lack of communication or unrealistic expectations. Blaming your partner is counterproductive and doesn’t contribute to restoring the relationship to a state of equability.

17. Give lines that are meant as reassurances

Giving assurances such as saying that you will be better or that things have changed sort of lines are rarely believed. It sounds desperate and truly insincere as well as makes you appear weak in the eyes of your partner. It won’t matter how sincere you are or how much you think they want to hear it.

Don’t make unnecessary promises if you are not willing to see it through. Using such lines can also amount to emotional blackmail. What works in these situations is to say nothing but reassure them through actions.

Don’t say you have changed, actually change. You should be ready to work with your partner to do the things needed to fix your relationship.

18. Spend time apart if necessary

Sometimes the best thing is to spend time apart, depending on the current state of your relationship. It may be a good idea as it will help you and your partner organizes their thoughts and feelings.

A break in a relationship can be exactly what you need to save your marriage and avoid divorce. If your marriage has been stressful spending time away from each other can help you reevaluate where things are in your relationship.

Additionally, it can give your partner time and breathing space to think. Time apart will help you or your partner realize what it is like to be without the other. This could be grounds for rebuilding your marriage.

19. Monitor your reaction

Emotions arise in all situations but exercising self-control will help you save your relationship. In the event of an argument or simple disagreements, couples tend to overreact.

Learning to tame your reactions towards your partner will help you understand them. You can do this by sharpening your communication skills, learning to listen critically changes how you react.

Improve your skills by reading books on communication such as The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gray Chapman. Gives a detail report on how as a couple you can communicate effectively with your partner. Eliminating the shouting, yelling and overdone argument as a couple.

20. Rekindle your romance

A conflict has a way of affecting your sex life, but it’s not all lost. Intimacy doesn’t start in the bedroom but begins with communication. Start building your intimacy through constant communication with your partner, the emotional connection can turn things around.

Go out for a quiet dinner and simply have deep conversations this will begin to gradually change how you feel and change the way you see each other.  David Schnarch Ph.D. in his book Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships shows how you can reignite the passion and intimacy.

21. Rebuilding trust in the Marriage

Divorce can be caused by mistrust, an affair or even pathological lying; rebuilding trust can help you save your marriage. You can do this by simply accepting that mistakes were made then be ready to forgive and forget. The only way to rebuild trust is both of you renewing your commitment to your marriage and one another.

The wounded one must share the pain, listening completely to one another with your heart and not your head. Mira Kirshenbaum in her book I Love You But I Don’t Trust You: The Complete Guide to Restoring Trust in Your Relationship she discusses the steps to take to help you build trust in your relationship again. It’s a great read for couples going through trust issues.

A healthy marriage can easily fall into the depths of divorce fast and hard, but you can avert the situation by taking charge of your relationship. You can begin by resolving your conflict by getting into marriage counseling, it’s essential if you want to save your marriage and avoid divorce at all cost.

Divorce should and must be a last resort, as a couple you must be ready to take up the challenge and work on it. Marriage is not easy, living as a couple and having kids can create conflict. Understanding all these instances will help you make the right decision on which way to go to save your marriage.


22. Realize it takes two to save a marriage from Divorce

First, you must realize it takes two to save a marriage. But if you are the one who wants to save your marriage from going the divorce route. You need to realize that you are going to have to do most of the work. You can start your relationship by talking with your spouse and explaining the situation to him or her.

As clearly and precisely as possible, tell him what benefits and gains are in store when the both of you maintain your marriage, and if they understand, then go ahead and show how it simply cannot work with only one person making all the effort.

23. Monitor Your Reaction

Too many times, the spouse who does not want to leave will badger the divorcing spouse to talk about the issues in the relationship. But, sometimes your spouse needs emotional space. If this is the case, respect his or her wishes.

24. Lower Your Expectations

Saving marriage requires that you don’t look for perfection in everything. If he or she has flaws, then it may not the time to point them out. If they do things that get on your nerves, live with it.

25. Chill Out

Saving your marriage from divorce is serious business. But, if you make the repair process too intense, you will scare your spouse away. Instead, suggest that you together do the things you both find fun. When you can reconnect in the small ways, the big things will take care of themselves.

26. Find Opportunities in Times of Trouble

The moment the both of you have come to the unanimous conclusion of saving the relationship hand in hand, you will find that the marriage is not simply easier to resuscitate, but that your combined efforts are actually venues for the both of you to grow and begin loving each other again.As always, adversity and trials are what gives people character and beauty.

In the face of challenge in a marriage that may potentially fall apart, you do not only have threatening possibilities of a future filled with sadness, insecurity, anger, and hopelessness. You also have the opportunity to grow and show your strength and capabilities and capacity to care for your spouse. And more importantly, you also may seem to find in your spouse the traits you may have thought to be long gone.

27. Embrace Emotional Honesty

If games happen to be dishonest, then the best way to overcome that is to become emotionally honest. A start with that is asking directly for what you want without prevaricating and hoping your partner can mind read. Also, it is about getting beyond being overly concerned about what people think.

28. Learn To Create Healthy Boundaries

Couples generally don’t know about or understand the significance of healthy Boundaries, and it is crucial to get this clear at this point. We all have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual boundaries, as well as couple and family boundaries, which are often breached because people don’t know they haven’t got them in place. So make a point of finding out more about this important issue.

29. Develop Vision and Relative Skills

The scripture says that “without a progressive vision, the people perish.” This biblical passage points to the fact that we all usually make happen whatever we visualize, for better or for worse. The operative word here is PROGRESSIVE. As already mentioned, couples visualize getting married, having a home and maybe a family together, but often don’t go beyond that.

It is important to create a vision for the future you both wish to create. However, in order to achieve that you need to ceaselessly develop your personal relating skills, such as understanding, communication, presence, and empathy.

30. Conflict regulation

It is sad to know that many couples don’t understand that conflict is usual and healthy in relationships. What many think is that virtue lies in not having conflict. What is unhealthy is having too much -unregulated conflict, or avoiding it altogether, which may be worse.22 Crucial Tips To Save Your Marriage From Divorce - relationshiptips4uSo it is crucial we learn to develop the skill of being able to talk openly and honestly about matters that trouble you and about which you disagree. That will be the beginning of things you need to do to save your marriage.

31. Stop Playing Games

We all play Games, but most of us until we learn about them are unaware that we do so. Games are a dishonest attempt to get our needs met while creating the impression of being honest. In your quest to saving your marriage, the most destructive are the Blame Game, which most people call the Karpman Triangle.

32. Park the Problem

If you always find yourselves continually talking about “the problem”, that becomes a problem itself, and it will only serve to bring more distance between you. So what you are required to do is to put “the problem” aside for now. It is crucial that the deteriorating situation is stabilized as soon as possible.

33. Commit Yourself to the Processes Involved

One or preferably the both of you need to commit to this 21 ways of saving your marriage over a minimum 90 days period. This is because there is a need to be wholehearted if you are to make the changes you hope for.

34. Make the Marriage the Priority

Your marriage hasn’t got to the state of breakdown overnight, and it will definitely take time and focused attention to turn it around. Your marriage needs to be prioritized over your work, leisure, your friends and family and even your children. It is in your children’s best interest to have two parents in a fulfilling Marriage, To Each Other.

35. Align and Reconnect

It is not possible to resolve challenge or conflict from a position of being disconnected. It is important to reconnect with each other and get into alignment, becoming allies instead of opponents.

Avoid Divorce

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36. Look Your Best

Appearance can be a major factor in the odds of success in saving a marriage. Lose weight, rethink your hairstyle. Pay attention to the clothes you always put on. Throw out those baggy sweat pants and old fashioned shoes. Just picture how you would look if you were to look strikingly attractive.

37. Find Some Common Goal

One of the methods, when learning how to save a marriage from the brink of divorce is by finding some common goals you share with your other partner. Getting guidance from reputable marriage counselors like Mort Fertel can be very helpful because his marriage fitness program has helped many and can help you as well put forward some suggestions that are acceptable to both parties in the relationship.

38. Display Random Act of Kindness

In saving your marriage, it also depends on your actions towards your partner. Even though you feel like doing it right now, performing a kind act for your partner can really help to rekindle the marriage. The appreciation of kindness is universal, especially when someone is not expecting it.marriage, it also depends on your actions towards your partner. Even though you feel like doing it right now, performing a kind act for your partner can really help to rekindle the marriage. The appreciation of kindness is universal, especially when someone is not expecting it.

39. Express Your Feelings

It is never an easy thing to express frustrations and difficulties with a person you love most dearly. But you may have to do that anyway, so your partner can understand your own point of view. So having a marriage counselor like Mort Fortel, the author of “Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp Program can help you mediate by participating in these exchanges and give you the confidence to speak your mind while keeping the discourse rational.

40.Think About the Children and the Future

Married couples with kids in their family should first think about their children before filing for a divorce. It is the children whom will be hurt the most because they depend on their parents. In addition, it is also time to think about the commitment that was made when a couple had their family, about the responsibility of bringing up their children.

59 Ways To Avoid Divorce And Save Your Marriage

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41. Reconsider

It is a good time to give each other time to think about the promises made when you were married. Now is the time to stop the arguments and all the blaming, leave him/her alone and start to recollect your commitment that you promised.

42. Be Willing and Ready To Compromise

As with any marriage or relationship, the word “compromise” plays a very important role in the ultimate success or failure of the whole endeavor. One of the best ways in saving a marriage after infidelity largely depends on how much each party is willing to accommodate the other person, even after series of awful and painful experiences with him or her.” A result of two people willing to bend to the needs of the other is the discovery of a middle ground where they can both be pleased with the dynamics of the relationship or marriage life

Cultivate the habit of appreciating the good in your marriage. If you can’t find any, look more closely, for there will always be something positive in your marriage. You would not have married in the first place if there was nothing special between the two of you. This singular act of showing some little appreciation and counting your blessings helps to refocus the marriage, and ultimately save your marriage from divorce. Mort Fertel, a relationship expert, is the author of Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp”.

43. Listen To Your Partner

Whenever there is a breakdown in marriage, it is often the case that both parties have issues that need to be dealt with. Seek opportunity and make out time to listen to what your spouse has been trying to get across to you.  A communication breakdown is often the root cause of unhealthy marriage, so repairing it can be extremely beneficial when learning how to save your marriage from divorce.

44.  Express Your Feelings

In addition to listening to your partner, you also need to be able to express your own feelings, so your partner can understand your point of view. However, it is never an easy thing to express frustrations and difficulties with the person you love most dearly, so having a marriage counselor, who can mediate and also participate in these exchanges, can give you the confidence to speak your mind while keeping the discourse rational.


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45. Be Willing To Compromise

As with every relationship, compromise plays a very important part in the overall success or failure of the endeavor. Saving a marriage also depends on how much each party is willing to accommodate the other person.

At the same time, your partner should be open to your ideas or opinions. A result of two people willing to bend to the needs of the other is the discovery of a middle ground where they can both be pleased with the dynamics of the relationship or marriage

46. Use the Three Sentence Rule

When you need to ask your partner for something that could be misconstrued as nagging, always keep the request at three sentences. “The art of being assertive without coming off as aggressive lies in being succinct and using a warm tone of voice and body language,” says Bowman.

“When you keep your requests to three sentences or fewer, it’s almost impossible to blame, use sarcasm or use put-downs.” It is also a lot more likely that you will get your point across without losing your spouse’s attention. Make your request with a smile. Be sincere and encouraging.

47. Remind Yourself You Have a Choice to Stay Married

Many people have been found to be in troubled marriages because they believe they have no other choice. “They think and believe they are stuck and they blame this sensation of being stuck on their spouse” Like Bowman said, “If you are stuck, it is your fault, and not your spouse’s”. The real fact is, “you are not stuck; you have got choices to make.

The three choices you can make are that you can decide to do nothing and remain miserable; face your fears and strive to save your marriage; ask for a divorce.” Choose to either be married or not. So you must definitely make a choice.

48. Learn to Forgive and forget

One thing that is capable of dragging your marriage down is holding onto the past wrongs your partner may have committed against you. Everyone makes mistakes, but learning to forgive those wrongs will pay dividends on your odyssey of learning how to save yourMarriage marriage from divorce.

Giving your partner a clean slate each and every day will help your marriage to flourish. Nobody likes being reminded of past slights, whether real or imaginary, and your spouse is no different. Learning to forgive and forget can help to save and bring balance to your marriage.

49. Learn to Display Some Acts of Kindness

An act of kindness is another factor you may want to consider when saving your marriage. Even though you may not feel like doing it right now, showing a kind act towards your partner can help to rekindle the relationship. The appreciation of kindness is universal, most especially when your spouse is not expecting it.

If your partner has a negative attitude toward you, then don’t re-confirm that by doing nothing; instead, show your partner how much you still care, and that you still regard and love him/her somewhere deep inside. Kindness should be the foundation of any marriage or relationship, particularly when you are on the quest to saving your marriage.

50. Take off Your Fighting Gloves

Don’t duke it out, instead, consider taking a time-out. There is this common concept called “loss aversion” in economics, which simply means we really hate or lose. And when we think we are losing, we fight like there is no tomorrow to try to win,” says Anderson. “It happens when couples talk about hot-button issues like sex, housework, money or the kids.

If either person thinks he or she is losing, he or she will ratchet up the stakes and escalate the issue.” The next time you see a spousal spat going to a not-so-happy place, take a break and revisit the subject when neither one of you feels overwhelmed by the topic.

51. Become the Best Version of Yourself You Can Be

What are some of the characteristics that made you irresistible some couple of years back? Reflect upon those qualities you have, and try to resurrect them again. It’s about time you become daring, adventuresome, caring and charming. Remember it was these qualities that won your partner’s heart before; they may do so again.

52. Get Help (Optional) 

Counseling can be a way to explore possibilities. A trained psychologist or Christian counselor will help the both of you work on stabilizing your marriage. It’s always helpful to speak with someone outside your circle. Someone who will not offer a biased opinion. If this option is too expensive, most churches offer free marriage counseling.

59 Ways To Avoid Divorce And Save Your Marriage

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53. Make Out Time for Vacations

Some women were asked at the Wisconsin Medical Journal, how often they went on vacation, and 20% said it had been six years or more. These non-vacationers were more likely to be stressed and unhappy in their marriages. If there is no time to play and have fun, dullness, boredom often takes hold. Just leaving home and seeing and doing different things can be energizing and perk up a stale relationship and save your marriage.

54. Nurture Yourself

Marriage is about giving, but don’t make the mistake of giving too much. “To have a good marriage, you need to be a good you,” says Bowman. “Learn how to prioritize and put boundaries around activities that keep you healthy and whole—activities like rest, relaxation, fitness and time with friends.”

55. Affirm and Encourage Your Spouse in Words Daily

This is considered one the most powerful step in the entire process of saving your marriage. If you would be consistent in this daily affirmation, then your spouse would have no option, but to reciprocate your love and your marriage will definitely be saved.

56. Take Financial Plans Together

The biggest stressors in any marriage are money. Married couples always worry and complain about it every time. MarriageWhen you notice that you and your spouse are beginning to badger each other, over the bottom-line, it’s time to have a penny-pinching powwow. “We are all guilty of something economists call ‘passive decision-making,’ which just means defaulting to the easy option,” says Jenny Anderson, coauthor of Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage, and Dirty Dishes. “Couples need to make an action plan about how they will manage their money.

57. Just Do It

Yes, by “do it” we mean have sex. Intimacy is an important part of a healthy marriage, and one of the first areas to suffer if feelings are floundering. Sexual encounters can also be one of the quickest ways to reconnect and rekindle your marriage vows with your partner. “Of the many forms of couple intimacy—a smile across a room, a kiss, a touch—sex has the potential to be the most powerful positive physical experience most of us enjoy,” says Joel D. Block Ph.D. coauthor of Sex Comes First: 15 Ways to Save Your Relationship…Without Leaving Your Bedroom.

58. Don’t Give Up 

According to Dr. David Hawkins, a clinical Christian psychologist, and director of the “Marriage Recovery Center” said that marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. While things may seem critical, you still have enough time to turn things around and live happily again. “A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other!”

59. Commit Everything to Prayer

Finally, commit everything to God in prayer. According to (Prov. 127:1), it says “Except the Lord builds a city, the builders build but in vain.” You must learn to seek the Lords guidance and follow His lead. Prayer is your surest pathway to securing peace in your marriage.

In this article, the recommended books are some of the best tools to help you build trust, intimacy and communication skills. You need the right tools to help you save your marriage and avoid divorce. Now the ball is in your court it’s time to make it right with your partner as you begin to rebuild your marriage. Start making the effort today with your partner to avoid divorce and save your marriage.


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