How To Please A Man In Bed:17 Proven Ways

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How To Please A Man In Bed

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Every woman needs to know how to please a man in bed. Not only will this make your relationships stronger, but it will also make him long for you more.

In fact, he will have no reason for thinking about having sex with another woman. What you need is to master the 17 irresistible techniques we are going to discuss in this write-up.

It is a collection of the things every man wants his woman to do for him in bed.

So, you want to give pleasure to your man in bed. The following are 17 proven irresistible ways that will please him in bed.


  1. Get Your  Oral Game on!

Every man enjoys receiving good treatment from his woman. If you get the oral part of sex right, your man is likely to have very powerful orgasms.

First, you must make it as wet as possible. Your man will love it when you use lots of saliva during oral sex. Not only is it more sensual but your man feels better stimulated.

While on it, concentrate on the tip of the penis, which if the most sensitive part of the male reproductive organ.

To please a man in bed, you should also be prepared to try new finishing methods such as him splashing you on the face, butt, neck or chest.

  1. Think  Sex Positon!

The quickest way to dampen your sex life is routine. For most couples, two to six sex positions are all they know.

To please a man in bed, you must learn some fresh positions, even as you use those you enjoy the most.

For example, you may want to try the washing machine position. This entails leaning over a table, car hood or washing machine.

While standing, the man will enter you from behind. Another great one is the lap dance position in which the man sits on a sofa. You then sit on him to allow him to enter you.

  1. Dirty Talk!

Some men would like you to get vocal and talk dirty. So, if you are sure that your man likes it, why don’t you talk dirty to him?

According to the book: The Temptress’s Handbook, you also need to be open to the idea. If you aren’t, find other ways of communicating with your man about your sexual needs.

Women who can’t voice it out can try sighing, moaning or such other sound during sex. It is all about giving him feedback about how much pleasure you are feeling.

Nothing pleases a man than knowing he is able to provide you with the pleasure you need.

  1. Play out His Fantasies.

Every man fantasized about sex. It is the duty of a woman to find out the kind of fantasies her man has and play them out. You could ask him what his fantasies are.

In that case, you will need to listen to him without being judgmental. Once you learn about his fantasies, it is easy to please a man by trying them out.

As Cadence Baxter advises in the book: Blow His Mind, you ought to pick one fantasy and try it. With time, you will end up pleasing your man by meeting his deepest needs.

  1. Show Him Some Excitement.

When it comes to learning how to please a man in bed, your attitude towards sex is very important.

If anything, men get quickly turned off when with a woman who views sex as something burdensome.

When a man realizes you are in a hurry to get over sex, he isn’t going to get any pleasure from the encounter.

So, you need to show that you are enthusiastic about new tactics, tricks, tips, techniques, and positions. That’s the essence of this write-up, by the way.

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  1. Initiate Sex.

If you want to please a man in bed, be the one initiating sex. While he is likely to initiate it often, you should surprise him one day by asking for sex.

According to a recent study, doing that will make your man feel more desired. So how do you initiate sex? Ask him if he wants it.

Alternatively, you may want to strip down and to walk in the room where he is naked. Even better, create the suspense by calling him and promising to have sex as soon as you get home.

  1. Work on His Balls.

A man’s testicles are the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to please a man in bed. According to this article, the scrotum and balls contain a lot of nerves and sensitive tissue.

So, while stroking your man, allow your hands to stray all the way to the testicles. Some sex positions even make it possible for you to reach down and stroke the balls.

Some of the techniques to apply here include cupping, massaging, gently tugging, and sucking the balls. A man who has never had such an experience will certainly remember you for it.

  1. Touch Him All Over the Body.

It is not enough to center all touching on the genitals. A man’s body contains many more than the well-known erogenous zones.

All you need is a man who is fully turned on and any part you touch will be sensual. It doesn’t matter if it is the back, arms or chest of a man. Tug or stroke his hair and touch his face.

When all of you are focused on the sexual encounter, you are certainly going to enjoy yourself. If anything, touching can play an important role when it comes to foreplay.

  1. Create More Variety.

In addition to having different sexual positions, you also need to bring in an element of variety. Lack of variety is one of the reasons men get quickly bored with relationships.

According to the book: Tell Me What You Want by Justin J. Lehmiller, every man fantasizes about sexual novelty. So, you should resolve to try new things often.

It may mean having sex in a different place other than the usual bedroom. You will be surprised just how much your man loves having sex with you.


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

  1. Invite Him to Different Locations.

Just like everyone else, men like it when they have sex in different locations. Some of the best locations to have sex include the shower, beach, the woods or a place where you risk getting caught.

When choosing a sex location, take care not to break any laws. However, to please a man in bed, you should have a good idea about his sexual preferences.

If he fantasizes about doing it on a beach, ask him out and spring a surprise.

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  1. Go for the Prostate.

The prostate gland is a key part of a man’s reproductive system. It is as sensitive as the other parts you might be aware of. To satisfy a man in bed, you might want to start playing with the prostate.

You don’t have to be intrusive to stimulate the prostate. Targeting the perineum (in between the anus and balls) is a great way to do it.

According to some studies, stimulating the prostate is capable of giving your man multiple or distinct organisms.

It is possible to stimulate this gland during oral sex or different kinds of positions.

  1. Communicate Exactly What You Want.

Communicating your needs to a man isn’t just going to leave you more satisfied, it is also a great way to please him in bed.

Men like it when you tell him or her how and where you would like him to touch you. That way, he will know what to do to satisfy you sexually.

If you are afraid to say what you want, the guy is likely to be lost in the woods about what to do with you. So, communicate your needs in a clear, concise manner.

You don’t have to be what Ina Kerner calls a passionista to please a man in bed.

  1. Try to Intensify His Orgasms.

For a man, cumming marks the climax of a sexual encounter. There are several ways to help your man have a more intense orgasm.

You might want to scratch him, dig in your nails, spank or pinch him. As he climaxes, the pain will make it more delightful.

However, you will have to find out to what extent your man can tolerate pain. If he avers pain of any kind, then this move is unlikely to intensify his orgasm.

The opposite is true for men who can tolerate pain to a certain extent.

  1. Get Spontaneous.

You are going to fall into a rut if you keep doing the same thing all the time. To avoid boredom and please a man in bed, you need to be more spontaneous.

As author Sheila Wray Gregoire says, you should do things without prior planning to breathe life into your relationship.

Things you could get spontaneous about include initiating sex, trying a new position or inviting him for sex over the phone.

Spontaneity makes your sex life less predictable, exciting, and more enjoyable. It is the kind of thing you need to keep your relationship as fresh as possible can be.

  1. Allow Him to Get Primal With You.

He is gentle, yes! However, that harmless mien may not do much in giving you greater sexual excitement. That’s why you ought to encourage him to borrow something from the animal kingdom.

Out of the blue, ask him to get wild with you. For example, you could lay down on the bed with your clothes on and let him go wild.

Don’t tell him what he ought to do. Who knows? He might decide to rip off your clothes before caressing you all over the body.

In the end, the sex between the two of you will be as great as it can be. Just then, you would know you actually can please a man in bed.

  1. Be As Wild As Possible.

Of course, men crave wild, aggressive women who are unafraid to take the lead. In that case, you should get creative. Being wild may mean different things to different people.

For example, you could try throwing your man onto the bed when he tries to initiate sex. Use your bra to blindfold him, remove his clothes, and then go ahead to give him a good blowjob.

Let you man lying there on the bed relishing the pleasure you are giving to him. For this to work, it should come out of the blue.

If you man can guess what you are up to, then he may not derive a lot of pleasure out of it. With this kind of wildness, you will be able to please your man in bed.

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  1. Try Something Kinky.

If you are finding it hard to please a man in bed, try doing something out of the ordinary. Sometimes all a man wants to achieve through sex is to release pent-up tension.

In fact, the more a guy is stressed, the more he will want to have unusual sex. The same applies to you, by the way.

However, before trying something kinky, first, have a conversation on what you consider to be safe sex.

According to the book: How to Drive a Man Crazy in bed, he needs to know some of the things to expect from your relationship.

He should be able to tell you any taboos he holds about sex. You can then agree on the kinky things to try. Once you reach an understanding, don’t hesitate to go ahead with it.

In Conclusion;

It may take time before you learn how to please a man in bed, especially if you are just starting out in intimate relationships.

The tips discussed here will take you a long way in making your sexual life more exciting.

Take one step at a time. If you try something and it does not work, move to the next.

Soon, you will have a good idea about what your man likes or dislikes in bed. Good luck!

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