11 Quick Ways To Get Over Someone You Love Deeply

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Are you searching to find an answer to the question, How can I Get Over Someone who I have Love deeply? Are you spending days and nights hurting because you can not get over your Ex.

Have you moved on to with a new boyfriend/girlfriend? You know there is no potential nor hope of getting back together? Yes, there are ways to get over him/her, who you love.

11 Quick Ways To Get Over Someone You Love Deeply

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The following are 11 tips that you can use to answer your question:“How To Get Over Someone You Love deeply”.

Chances are you landed here to find out how to get over your Ex who you love so deeply?

The truth is you actually loved him/her and fell in love with him/her for that same reason. But now the table has turned and you’re both like the day and the night! But there is still something that keeps reminding you of him/her Each time you tried to stop this it got worse. Well, this can be harder than you can imagine. But the truth is it’s surmountable.

If you’re seeking for answers to get over someone you love deeply, here are a few tips you need to achieve that:

1. Keep a Distance or Avoid Contact With Him/her

One of the easiest ways to forget about someone you don’t want again is to avoid contact with him/her. Unless you’re still thinking about reconciling with him/her you’d want to avoid seeing him/her for a month or more.  And even when you can avoid that you should make your conversation very brief and polite with him/her. You’d want to ask how possible is this but it’s the truth and you should ensure you do it.

Also, another thing you’d want to do is stop going to places where you both used to hang out.  Because this will not only keep reminding you of him/her but you may likely meet him/her there. Therefore, to avoid complicating your grievances and keeping him/her reminiscent in your mind keep to these rules.

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2. Make Sure There Is No Likelihood of Reconciling With Him

If you’re really going to get over your Ex you need to rid your home of anything reminiscent of him/her. But to be able to achieve this you need to be sure the potential for reconciliation is non-existent. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to get over him/her and the love will keep growing in your heart. Especially, if you still have some of his/her stuff or items hanging around your home.

So to get over him/her determine if the break up is for real or just a temporary. There are few things to look out for here to know if he/she is really going to change. Once you know you don’t want him/her again don’t keep around anything that will keep reminding you of him/her. You either give him/her back they stuff or keep them hidden where you wouldn’t see them again.

3. Fall in Love With Yourself

There is never happiness anywhere except within your very self. If your relationship gets sour with someone you love dearly that is never an end to your life. You should always know that there are thousands if not millions of other people who love you.  Show love and respect for yourself and put confidence in yourself.

And know that if he/she says it’s over between that doesn’t stop you from being loved by other people. In fact, there are several other people out there longing to be loved as you did to him/her. So cherish yourself and shower more love upon yourself. That’s the effective tips to get someone you love deeply but stopped loving you!


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4. See The End To Your Relationship As Happening For a Purpose   

Yes, you heard me right, or what do you think I said? There is a lot of good in accepting and believing your relationship started and ended for a purpose. You actually fell in love with him/her madly but now he is no longer that person she/he used to be. Perhaps he only needed you then just to satisfy his/her sexual urge and now he/she has got it. And he’s/she’s dumping you now for another lady/guy, so did you regret letting him/her go? Or would you rather find a way to get over him/her. I think the latter is the best option for you.

But it’s also possible the break up was at your own instance, or because of your flaw. Maybe you cheated on him/her or even broke his/her mind in another way unimaginable. Whatever it’s the issue, you aren’t going to persecute yourself but forgive yourself and let it go. Try and forgive yourself for making him/her pass through such horrible experience. And, only with this you can set yourself free and get over the whole matter. Most importantly, this will help you get over the anger, pain, and guilt of not being faithful to him/her. And also, it will help you get relieved during the healing process and plan for a better life ahead.

5. Consider Consulting a Therapist

In case you’re still not satisfied with the result you’re getting from above, then you should see a therapist.  Scheduling several consultations with a therapist will help you better your result. And doing this, you wouldn’t only be getting over him but also identifying the reasons for your failure. And more so, it will help you figure out ways to live a better and lovely life again.

11 Quick Ways To Get Over Someone You Love Deeply

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6. Try and Bury The Hatchet

One thing you should expect is that when someone hurts you it makes you feel angry towards him/her. This is normal and natural healthy response for every human being. Anger helps you understand the evil in your partner’s action and it facilitates break up in a relationship. But allowing this anger to linger on in your heart for a long time can affect your future.

Nobody can dispute how painful it can be finding out someone you love so dearly break your heart.  But even at that, you need to make peace with yourself. Doing this is simple. Rather than focusing on what happened to try to see things from the standpoint of the people involved.  The reason for this is because most times he/she acts only to satisfy his/her interest and not to hurt you.

This is so because by our nature we tend to act from our own self-beneficial standpoint. And, we only seem to consider the impact of the action on people around us only after the action. I know you might want to think this isn’t right. Yes, it is. But the truth is seeing his perspective can help you understand fast why he/she acted that way. And then you wouldn’t have to take his/her action personal again.

7. Put The Love Behind You By Embracing Self-Forgiveness

It’s true that your love for him/her is real and perfect and so you wish you’re with him forever. But accepting you loved him and that this is in the past is the best healing tip for you. The fact that you loved him and now you’re no more together doesn’t make loving his time wasted. It only shows the kind of a person you’re and also helps shape you as a person. It’s good to have loved someone and lost him than to have never loved at all.

So, forgive yourself for not being able to keep up the love. And forgive him/her too for wanting to break up with you. Forgiving him is necessary if you’re still thinking of reconciling with him again in the future. But even without, you still need to forgive him and let it go.


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8. Be Ready To Face The Reality

The next thing you’re going to do to get over your Ex that you love is facing the reality. He/she has rejected or left you and now you need to understand he’s/she’s not your life. If he/she was really he/she wouldn’t have left you or rejected you, so start to face that reality now. You might even be thinking but we’re a great match that’s not true. If you’re meant together you’d surely be together. That’s the first reality of life you should start to understand now.

You’re still struggling to get over him/her today because you’re yet to understand this simple fact. It may be hard and even hurts but it’s the fastest way to heal your heart. Think of anything you’ve been going through now or even doing to put it behind you.

You may be watching romance movies, staying in bed for hours and much more. It’s all normal since you aren’t yourself now. You felt he/she has broken your heart and so you’re very disappointed in him/her. This is a serious psychological trauma! But carrying these in your hear for a long time wouldn’t help you. So, face the reality now and put everything behind you.

9. Pick up Your Life And Start Dating Again

You’re really disappointed at him/her and so not ready to date again thinking men/women are all the same.  Don’t allow your initial dates ruin your marital life. Rather start off fresh and make life lovely for yourself. Get a new date with a new guy/lady and try organizing an outing with him/her. Go to movies, basketball or to a hockey and much more.

This never means you should start accepting love advances just like that but be wise. Since you’d be eager to get your life back together again and so you tend to err. But always look for that person who can match your hopes and anticipation. And once you get this kind of a person, you would easily forget about your Ex. Your Ex will become a bygone or thing of a past in your mind.  And your new guy/lady will become your future.

11 Quick Ways To Get Over Someone You Love Deeply

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10. Support Yourself With Physical Activity

As you’re struggling to let the past go, it is time to boost your spirits with physical activity. This will not only help you stay healthy but will also help you feel good after the traumatic experience. And the good thing about exercise is that it’s cheap and fun. Again, it’s a fantastic way to repel clinical depression and boost your mood. Overall, you’ll start seeing rapid changes in the way you feel about the heartbreak and boosting your self-confidence.

11. Be Patient With Yourself During The Healing Process

You feel like getting over him so quickly and so every tip you try doesn’t seem working for you. This again another truth you need to understand: it’s really tough ending a relationship. Then you felt like wanting it to happen quickly because of the pain you’re passing through. But once it happens it takes longer to heal yourself from the beneficial effects of the relationship split.

Robert A. Emmons, Professor of Psychology explains this deeply in his book “The Journal of Positive Psychology”.  According to the research published in this journal, it takes 11 weeks to feel the beneficial effects of a relationship break up. However, in different studies, it takes longer (about 18 Months) to get over a relationship break up. The point I am drawing home here is you need to keep trying and don’t expect result fast.

Rounding off on the topic, you may want to think how soon these tips will start to bring result. There is actually no certain time frame for which these tips will help you get over someone you love deeply. And this is true for any tips you might have come across out there too. It all depends on some factors. These include how long you’re both together, the experience you shared, and whether you had children, among others.


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So, as you’re trying to get over your Ex remember it can be hard and time-consuming. Don’t expect to get it done as quickly as your friend. You never know what factors helped your friend that you aren’t considering yet. Therefore, work things slowly and remain on the course till you get the result.

Remember how deep and strong your love for him/her was and getting over this wouldn’t be instant. The good news is you already have my tips above to help you out. Hold on to it strictly and keep it always handy for reference. And, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing the result showing up.


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