45 Sex Games For Couples To Play In Bedroom

By David Small •  Updated: 03/22/18 •  38 min read

Sex games for couples are an integral part of any romantic relationship or marriage. How often do you and your partner engage in it?

Do you even know the best sex games and sex toys out there you can try? In this post, you’re going to get so many ideas you can try out.

Sex Games For Couples

They are fun, lively, entertaining, and engaging games that will bring some spark into your relationship and improve your sex life. You also learn about a particular game that eliminates the taboo associated with mutual masturbation.

These games will help you to move past your inhibitions by letting the rules of the game dictate your actions, removing the pressure to be creative.

Uninhibited individuals will find ideas for stoking the fires of passion to burn just a little bit hotter. Either way, you will discover new and creative variations that will bring laughter, joy, and if all goes well, a lot of great sex in your life.

Intimacy If you are still reading this and haven’t skipped forward to find the perfect game to put you on the receiving end of white-hot passion, then I congratulate you.

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Here are 45 sex games you can try today.

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Table of Contents

1. What’s Your Fantasy?

Everyone has inner fantasies that they wish would be accomplished; about sex that is. Taking part in a sex game where all of these fantasies get fulfilled will not only make couples become closer but will transform their experience altogether.

This bedroom game is very simple, as all you need are pieces of paper, a pen, and a hat. The two of you should write down all the sexual fantasies you have but are yet to try out in the paper, fold it, and dump it in the hat. This could be anything from having sex in the kitchen to a new sex position.

The next phase in this cool sex games for couples is to try out these fantasies. Make sure what you write down is something that your partner will be comfortable with. You know yourselves, don’t you?

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2. Reenact Movie Sex Scenes.

One of the best sex games for married couples is to find their favorite movie sex scene and then reenact it. Sex scenes in movies are trendy for the way they portray characters and get people to connect with the storyline.

Your job here is to make these sex games for couples provide some fun and relaxation for you and your partner so you can have more fire in your relationship. But please beware, some of these sex scenes may be dangerous so be careful.

This game will help you know how unrealistic some of these sex scenes in the movies can be when tried in real life.

3. Sports Blow Job.

Sex Games For Couples To Play In Bedroom

Every man loves a good blowjob. It gives them pleasure and makes them feel you really care about their satisfaction. Why not take it to another level by making it a special thing to give them on their high time.

You see, every man has a team or two they are supporting, whether in football, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc. Look out for the time when your man’s favorite team just won a crucial match and give him a surprise blowjob as a reward for their victory.

This is the perfect time to do it because he is already heightened and excited about something he cared about so much. Giving him a blowjob at this time will make him happy and prove that you love him so much and you’re ready to do anything to make him a happier man.

4. Get Naked Sex Games For Couples.

Competitive games that make you get naked are couples sex games you should never ignore. They are fun, relaxing, and you can even learn one thing or two.

The usual concept is to use a poker, but try to go beyond that. Turn almost everyday thing into a sex game for couples that allow you to get naked competitively.

Use your favorite TV show, sports, or get new ideas from eBooks, like the 100 sex games by Michael Webbs to spice up your sex life. That contains juicy information and unique methods to increase passion and intimacy in lovemaking.

5. Hidden Sexcapades.

This sex game for couples is easy to set up but takes a long time to complete. It, however, guarantees complete fun and pleasure and offers a lot of surprises for the couple.

To perform these sex games couples, you’ll need a deck of cards or anything you can write on. You and your partner will share the cards into two and then write down sexual acts you want to be done on each other.

Once you’ve achieved this, you can then hide those cards in different parts of the house. Every day, you and your partner with taking turns to find each other’s cards, and play out the scenario mentioned on the card.

6. The Time Bomb Game.

Sex Games For Couples

Couples have plenty of fun before they started living together. But now that they are both busy, and penetrative sex doesn’t take much time at all.

The time bomb is one sex games for couples that will help you correct all that.

All you need is a clock that you set at an interval that both of you would agree – let’s say 15 minutes.

Once this is done, one of you will start the turn by doing all sorts of foreplay including kissing, teasing, etc., without allowing penetration.

With this game, both of you will learn more about how much you stand to gain by slowing down on sex and refocusing on the things that bring the fun.

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7. Show Me.

Everyone knows what gets him or her off. In a relationship, especially the new ones, it is hard to just know about all of them at once.

This is the essence of this very cool erotic sex games for couples.

In this game, the aim is to show your partner how you masturbate to get on. You can start by doing it in the bedroom – which is the most comfortable place for most people to start anyway.

You show your partner the moves that get you on, and they show you in turn.

This sex game is both romantically rewarding and at the same time very educational. If you find yourself feeling embarrassed, minimize it instead of avoiding the awkwardness.

8. Blind Man Bluff.

Not being able to see during sex can create a sexual explosion that will lead to great things. This sex game for couples is easy to carry out and is one of those you want to try very soon.

All you need is a blindfold – could be a scarf or necktie.

Blindfold your man and then lead him to bed or any other places, before you gradually begin to tease him any way you feel.

You are the one taking the shot here and he doesn’t have any choice but to follow suit. This game is great because it helps to increase physiological vulnerability and sensitivity.

9. Create Sex Bucket List.

12 Sex Games For Couples To Play In Bedroom

If you are with a partner, you trust entirely you can have a sex bucket list of the things you have wanted to try with another person.

Sex bucket list is one of the best free sex games for couples that will transform your relationship and put you two on another level.

While a bucket list can be very enticing, you don’t have to try everything in it.

Just make sure you do as much as you wish. To fulfill the ideas on the bucket list, pick a week or month when you’ll try all of these things and then go down with your partner.

10. Beach Blanket.

In these sex games for couples, you’ll learn how much oil and towel can do to your sex life. Place the towel on the floor.

After that, rub each other up in massage oil or cream thoroughly, and then roll around over each other for a while.

Robbing each other with cream has an impact on the skin on skin connection and changes your entire perception about sexual feelings.

Be careful having oil with mint in sensitive parts of your body.

If you plan to have sex with a condom, understand that oil-based lubricants tend to degrade latex so, consider that as well.

You should also try adding oil to sex equipment you’re using for the sex game to increase the sensation.

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11. 30 Seconds Bedroom Game.

Again, this focuses on foreplay, and the importance of a long stretched one to achieve the ultimate sexual fantasy and pleasure.

You are also going to need a timer again, this time. Set the timer for 30 seconds and ask your partner to lie down on the bed.

Do whatever you like to them for 30 seconds without your partner having the power to speak or protest; you’re in total control of everything. Once the 30 seconds time is up, switch places.

Of course, you may not get off in 30 seconds and that is the catch anyway. The idea of this sex game for couples is to improve foreplay, as the longer, you do foreplay normally, the better.

Sex Games For Couples

12. The Amazing Race.

Very few sex games for couples bring new ideas to the bedroom as the amazing race, and it’s very simple. The two of you lie side by side on the bed and then masturbate.

The person that goes off first wins and gets the exclusive right to suggest new sex ideas to the bedroom.

This game also removes the taboo that is associated with mutual masturbation, which sometimes can be better than sex.

Game #13 – Easy as ABC Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: none


1. The object is to work your way through the alphabet by massaging body parts that start with subsequent letters of the alphabet.

For example, you massage your partner’s ankle, then they massage your back, and so on.

2. When you make it through the alphabet, choose your favorite and go back to it.

3. The laughter comes as you try to think of synonyms for your favorite massage zones that fit the next letter. Be creative!


This sex game is best played on the bed, not a massage table.

• It is probably best to refrain from lotions during this game.

You don’t know where it might lead, so lotion may actually be a hindrance.

• Soft lighting and music are recommended.


• Not so Easy ABC – This game follows the general pattern of the previous game with a few modifications.

Instead of massage, you must think of an action and a body part, all the while working through the alphabet.

You might first “Applaud” your partner’s “Back.” Then they would “Cuddle” your “Derriere” and so on.

• With either version, try working backward through the alphabet.

Game #14 – Multiple Choice Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: none


1. This is a great technique for getting couples past inhibitions.

If you struggle with the fear that your partner will reject your request for something new sexually, try forming it as a multiple-choice along with options you know they are comfortable with.

By doing this, you communicate your interests in new activities while not putting too much pressure on your partner.

2. Create your list early on and share it with your partner many hours prior to intimacy.

Express your openness and desire for their comfort and joy, and stress that there is no pressure to try anything new.

3. When you come together, ask which options they want.


• Choose your list carefully.

• Be sure to include an “All of the Above” answer.


• Send it as an e-mail and wait for the reply.

• Ask your partner to create a multiple-choice list for you to choose from.

Game #15 – Twenty Questions Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: none


1. Think first of a new location for intimacy. Get out of the bedroom! Your partner may then ask up to 20 yes-or-no questions to determine where you are thinking of.

Once the location is determined, your partner thinks of an activity and you may ask up to 20 yes-or-no questions to determine the activity.

2. When both the location and the activity have been guessed, the game is over.

3. If the guesser gets to 20 questions without guessing correctly, the players switch roles and begin again. The more times this happens, the greater the anticipation, so make it hard to guess!


• Set ground rules before play beings. For instance, agree whether the location is in the house or somewhere else, and agree whether the activity being chosen is something you have done before or not.


• Make the other aspect of love play the part of the game. For instance, guess a body part to kiss, or a prop to use.

• Lessen the number of questions allowed for a more challenging version.

Game #16 – Word for Word Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: none


1. Your goal is to create a romantic or sexy story which describes the encounter you plan on having. The catch is that you create it one word at a time while alternating turns.

2. Begin with a single word, then your partner gives the second word, and back to you for the third, and so-on. This continues until the story is told.

3. Once the story is done, you and your partner then act out the story that you told.


• Words must be chosen so that sentences make sense.

• Run-on sentences are permitted, but no fragments.


• Tell a story one phrase at a time.

• Act out the story as you tell it, pausing for action after each sentence.

 Sex Games

Photo by Christian Ferrer on Unsplash

Game #17 – Waiter’s Words Length of Play: 1-hour Props: none


1. In this dinner game, you and your partner assign actions to particular phrases that you anticipate a waiter will say at different times during a meal.

2. For example, choose actions for what the waiter might say when he first greets you, when he brings your drinks, when he takes your food order, when he brings your food, and when he brings the check.

3. Assign actions ahead of time, and fulfill those actions after dinner. For instance: • “My name is ______, and I’ll be your waiter tonight.” = Foot massage for man. • “I’d like to recommend the special.” = Woman on top. • “Would you like to see the dessert menu?” = Oral sex.


• Don’t let the waiter know what you are doing. He might be insulted. And don’t laugh every time he speaks.

• Put your list in writing so there is no confusion.

• Choose a restaurant where you will have some privacy so you can enjoy the game as it is being played.


• Assign actions to phrases you typically hear at a drive-thru window and then go parking.

• If you don’t want to get out, use the lines of a waiter in a movie that neither partner has seen.

Game #18 – Freeze Tag Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: none


1. Wearing nothing, or your favorite lingerie, and assume a pose. For instance, you may be standing at the foot of your bed, legs spread slightly, bent over with hands on the bed, and your head turned slightly to face the door.

2. When your partner enters, say, “Freeze Tag! I’m not moving until you move me!”

3. Once you have played it for the first time, try using the words “Freeze Tag” at unusual locations, or whenever you find yourselves alone.


• Assure that you have sufficient privacy and that it will definitely be your partner walking in.


• Whisper the words “Freeze Tag” when you are not alone, along with a time and place for a rendezvous.

• For a more dominant game, one partner tags the other and says “Freeze Tag.” The frozen partner may not move until they’ve been moved.

Game #19 – Read between the Lines Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: none


1. The object is to communicate your desire by writing on your partner’s back. Without speaking, write a request on your partner’s back in print letters.

2. Your partner does not speak, but guesses what was written by doing what they think was asked for.

3. If the guesser was right, then you and your partner switch places. 4. If the guesser was wrong, then the writer tries again, and the guesser “guesses” again by performing what they think the writer asked for.


• No talking.

• Shorter messages work better. Ambiguous messages are great, because they may extend your turn.

• No request for repeating a letter. All guesses must be made with a physical response.


• Talking and repeating are allowed.

• The action is performed only when the guesser gets it right.

Game #20 – Concentration Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: index cards, pen

Instructions: 1. Write a sentence describing what you would like to do for the evening. Be sure to include provocative words and be descriptive. Words like a heaving, thrust, suckle, nibble, and the like are good.

Use your imagination. 2. From your sentence, create two cards for each word. Once you have the entire sentence written twice on cards, shuffle the cards together thoroughly. 3. Arrange the cards face down in a grid pattern.

Then watch as your partner plays a classic game of concentration by flipping only two cards at a time. If the cards match, they may be kept. If they don’t match they are turned back over and another turn is taken.

4. Once all the card matches are found, then your partner must separate the pairs and try to put the sentence back together. By this time, the words alone will have heightened the anticipation.


• Create at least 25 pairs for a decent game.

• Don’t over-invest in making the cards. Once they’ve been used throw them away and create a new sentence to play again.


• Draw or clip pictures to make your sentence.

• Randomly choose verbs (sexual actions) and nouns (body parts) and let your partner make their own sentence.

Game #21 – Commercial Chaos Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: television


1. This game can be played while watching any commercial television program. However, choose a program that you are both likely to enjoy and get into. Watch the program together, with the door locked!

2. At each commercial break, go at it as passionately as you can. However, when the commercial is over you must stop. “Play” resumes at the next break.

3. Stick with the rules and the passion and anticipation will build.


• Sporting events and romantic movies work best. Some shows may stifle the passion, so choose wisely.

• If clothes come off at any point they stay off. • Individuals may not keep themselves or their partners stimulated during the program. Sexual contact and activity can only occur during the commercials.


• A milder version of the game is playable anywhere, anytime. During the commercials begin a kissing chain. One kisses a particular part, then the other must kiss that same part and then another.

For instance, he kisses her ear. She then kisses his ear, then his nose. He would then kiss her ear, her nose, then something else. The round starts fresh at each commercial break.

• For a more difficult game, freeze in whatever position you find yourself when the program returns. No moving at all!

Game #22 – Stress Chess Length of Play: 30 minutes Props: chess set


1. You and your partner don’t have to be great chess players to enjoy this game, but you must be familiar with the basic rules and movements.

2. The object of this game of chess is not necessarily checked mate, but rather to capture your opponent’s pieces.

3. As a piece is captured, the losing player must immediately perform as indicated below: • Pawns – the captured player must give a passionate kiss • Knights and Bishops – the captured player must remove an article of clothing

• Rooks – the captured player must grope another player seductively • Queen – the captured player must pleasure another player • King (check) – checked player must massage other players feet (legs, back, etc., with each successive check getting more involved) • King (checkmate) – winners choice


• Take your time. • Begin wearing at least four articles of clothing. • Sacrificing your own pieces is allowed.


• Prior to the game, change the activities related to each piece. • Store up the activities until someone wins. After the game, the winner “cashes in” his or her pieces.

Game #23 – Strip Poker Length of Play is one of the great Sex Games: 20 minutes Props: a deck of cards, poker chips


1. Players play their favorite poker games, using chips, not clothing. When a player loses a hand or round, they remove an article of clothing.

2. If a player is fully undressed, they may continue, but only if the other player will “loan” them an article of clothing to wager.

3. Play continues until all clothing is gone.


• Players must begin with the same number of articles of clothing. • The losing player determines the clothing to be removed.

• The deal shifts from player to player each round. The dealer chooses the game.


• There are many variations of poker. Browse the Internet or purchase a poker handbook for rules on a large number of games. Have fun with the game itself.

• Any “no limit” games in which a player goes “all in” with his or her chips also places all their clothing on the line as well. If they lose, it’s all gone. However, if a player wins on an “all in” bet, they can reclaim lost clothing.

Game #24 – Magic Numbers Length of Play: 15 minutes Props: dice

Instructions: 1. Create two lists, numbered 1 to 6. 2. On one list, identify six sexual or foreplay activities (for example kiss, nibble, rub, massage, suck, bite, etc).

3. On the other list, identify six body parts or “zones” (for example lips, ear, above the waist, below the waist, etc.). 4. Your partner rolls a die to determine activity, then rolls another die for the body part or zone.

Your partner then “wins” that act from you. Once the act is done, switch roles. 5. Players complete as many rounds as necessary or possible.

Conditions: • Agree on the lists in advance. • Agree on how long each activity should take before the next turn. Recommended: 1 or 2 minutes per activity.

Variations: • Use multiple dice and players get to choose the combinations they have won. • Limit the number of rounds to a set number.

Game #25 – High Card Length of Play: 30 minutes Props: a deck of cards

Instructions: 1. Each card (2, 3, 4…J, Q, K, etc.) is assigned a particular action related to a particular individual. 2. The deck is thoroughly shuffled. 3. Play begins by drawing one card at a time and the activity is performed.

4. Play continues until the deck is done or the players are. 5. Possible activities: • Ace – man’s back massaged • 2 – woman’s front is massaged • 3 – man’s legs are massaged • 4 – woman’s legs are massaged

• 5 – man’s neck and shoulders are massaged • 6 – woman’s neck and shoulders are massaged • 7 – man’s feet are massaged • 8 – woman’s feet are massaged • 9 – man’s genitals are massaged

• 10 – woman’s genitals are massaged • Jackman is given oral pleasure • Queen – a woman is given oral pleasure • King – 2 minutes of intercourse (everybody wins)

Conditions: • If a player draws a card in which they are the intended recipient, then either nothing happens, or they do it to themselves. This will extend play and cut odds of activity in half.

Variations: • Choose different activities for each card before play begins. • Play with only 13 cards—one of each—for a quick game. • Follow action on the card regardless of who draws it.

Game #26 – Movie Mimic Length of Play: 90 minutes Props: television, cable or DVD movie

Instructions: 1. Choose a movie as spicy as you both are comfortable with and sit down to watch it together. 2. Every time physical displays of affection occur, you and your partner must mimic the activity. 3. When the action stops, you must stop as well. 4. Enjoy the movie!

Conditions: • Choose a movie neither of you has seen for great spontaneity. • Agree on boundaries for the activity you may not be comfortable with.

Variations: • Mimic contact that is implied but not shown. This may be necessary for movies that are not explicit. • Don’t stop when the action stops.

Game #27 – Time Trial Length of Play: 20 minutes (or less) Props: alarm clock or egg timer

Instructions: 1. To extend your passion, use a timer set to 20 minutes (or other time you agree on), and start making out. 2. You may not penetrate in any fashion until the timer goes off. You may do anything you like, however, short of intercourse. 3. When the timer goes off, have at it.

Conditions: • This game will help you focus on the person, not the goal of orgasm. • Don’t watch the clock. Watch the person!

Variations: • Try different time intervals. • Try “Reverse Time Trial” and do what you want until the timer goes off. When the bell rings, love play is over. Talk about pressure!

Game #28 – Taste Test Length of Play: 25 minutes Props: various food items, blindfold

Instructions: 1. Blindfold your partner, then offer them various food items to smell or taste. They must then correctly identify the food item.

2. If the item is correctly identified, then the food is placed on the blindfolded partner and promptly eaten or licked off. 3. If the item is not correctly identified, then the blindfolded partner must eat or lick the item off of you.

Conditions: • Choose foods that will be fun to eat: chocolate, whipped cream, fruit, etc. • Throw in some pickles or lemon juice for a big surprise. • Switch the blindfold after 10 minutes.

Variations: • The food is transferred to mouth-to-mouth. • Play in the tub and use messy foods: ice cream, beverages, syrup, honey, etc.

Game #29 – Sports Shopping Length of Play: 2+ hours Props: television

Instructions: 1. Begin by creating a menu of sexual and foreplay activities that both partners are comfortable with. Assign values to each item that increases with the level of intensity of each action.

2. Choose a sport to watch together. Each partner must choose a different team. 3. Enjoy the game. With each score, or at the end of the game, cash in your points for the activities listed on the menu. 4. Everybody wins!

Conditions: • Adjust your menu prices to reflect the sport you are watching. Baseball and football would have many different scales. • Point spreads can be given if a team is heavily favored.

The spread can be spent only at the end of the game. • If games typically are low scoring—like hockey—then assign values to penalties or other common occurrences.

Variations: • Set whole season goals tied to championship games like the Super Bowl or World Series. • With sports with more than two teams (racing, skating, skiing, Olympics, etc.), assign activities to different outcomes.

Game #30 – Bull’s-Eye Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: dartboard

Instructions: 1. Create a list of sexual activities (see “High Card” for an example), and assign point values 1 through 20. 2. Using a dartboard, your partner throws three darts to select the activities they wish to receive.

If the activity they hit doesn’t apply to them, then they forfeit that dart. 3. Fulfill their wish list before taking your turn. 4. Complete as many rounds as you like.

Conditions: • Agree on the list in advance. • Choose a spot from which to throw. • Assign some outrageous task or activity to the bull’s eye.

Variations: • Throw darts for activities you would like to perform, instead of receiving. • Individuals may add dart points to get a higher total.

Game #31 – Lingerie Toss Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: ring toss game

Instructions: 1. Using a standard ring toss game, the woman places different lingerie on the floor to correspond with different pegs on the game. 2. The man then tosses to choose which lingerie she’ll wear.

3. He must land three rings on a single peg to win. Play continues until he lands three.

Conditions: • Couples may improvise a ring toss game if they don’t own one. • New lingerie makes this game most exciting. Or, have one new piece and four previously seen outfits.

• Play may be reversed for the woman to choose the outfit for the man. • Prior to the game, the woman may model each piece during a brief “look-but-don’t-touch” fashion show.

Variations: • Include one flannel nightgown or similar unromantic outfit for added pressure. • Play with some sex toys or food items as possible prizes instead of lingerie.

Game #32 – Hot or Cold Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: coupon

Instructions: 1. Create a coupon for a sexual favor you know your partner would just love, and hide it very carefully in your room. 2. At bedtime, alert your partner to the existence of the coupon and send them looking.

3. As they move towards the coupon, you say, “hotter,” and as they move away, you say, “colder.” 4. Play continues until the coupon is found.

Conditions: • Make the coupon truly thrilling for the seeker. • Hide it in a clever place, for instance, in a book, under a lamp, between the mattresses, etc.

Variations: • Hide a massager, or sex toy instead of a coupon. • Hide multiple coupons and give no help.

Game #33 – Strip Horse Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: indoor basketball game

Instructions: 1. Using a child’s indoor basket game, play a traditional game of horse. (To play horse, players take turns making shots. Whenever a player makes a shot, the other player must make the exact same shot.

If the second player makes it as well, a new round begins. If the second player misses, they get a letter. Letters are accumulated to spell H-O-R-S-E). 2. In this version, instead of receiving a letter, the player who misses a shot must remove an article of clothing.

Conditions: • Players should start with the same number of articles of clothing. • Go for difficult bank shots, backward shots, “blind” shots and the like. Have fun!

Variations: • Don’t use your hands to make a shot. Use feet, elbows, chin, or whatever. • Assign letters instead of stripping, but spell out an activity or sexual position. The first one to accumulate all the letters is the giver, and the winner is the receiver. Try “B-A-TH-E,” or “O-R-A-L,” or “R-U-B.” Use your imagination!

Game #34 – Sensual Sculpture Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: molding clay, timer or watch, blindfold (optional)

33 Hot Sex Games to Send Your Sex Life Bonkers

Photo by Michael McAuliffe on Unsplash

Instructions: 1. Like classic charades, each person writes five sexual activities on individual pieces of paper and places them in a basket. Mix well.

2. The first player takes a clue and has three minutes to mold the activity so the other person can guess. 3. If the guess is correct, the players perform the activity. If it is incorrect, the other player draws a clue and play begins again.

Conditions: • Since only two people are playing, only one guess is allowed for each turn. • Guesses and clues must be specific (e.g. “missionary position”) and not general (e.g. “some type of sex”).

Variations: • For a more frustrating game, either the molder or the guesser wears a blindfold. Or both! • Both draw clues and mold at the same time. The first one to guess the other’s activity is the winner and gets to receive it.

Game #35 – Buy a Vowel Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: a 20 or 26-sided die

Instructions: 1. Using a 20 or 26 sided alphabet die (available at hobby shops), the first player rolls. Using whatever letter is facing up as the first letter, the first player must determine what activity the couple will enjoy.

2. The second player rolls in the same manner to determine location. 3. A third or fourth roll is optional to determine a prop, food item, or duration for the activity.

Conditions: • The selections must begin with the letter rolled, but creativity is allowed and encouraged. It should be fun. It’s amazing how many ways there are to say certain body parts! • Before rolling, identify any activities or props that are not acceptable or desired at that time.

Variations: • More difficult – Use the rolled letter as the last letter of the activity. • Longer version – Keep rolling until you can actually spell an activity.

Game #36 – Auction Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: money (real, play, or imaginary)

Instructions: 1. Together, create a list of at least 10 activities (for example shower together, walk in the park, oral sex, bike ride, hot tub, massage, or whatever you enjoy.) 2. Starting with only $100 each, both partners bid secretly by writing down the max they would pay for the activity. 3. Compare lists. High bid wins the activity, redeemable at any time.

Conditions: • Be careful not to overbid on an item and not win any others. • Partners should be careful to honor redemptions immediately when asked (if possible). Delay or reneging on an auction will build resentment.

• When the activity is redeemed, the partner who did not win gets the cash bid on the activity. (Both partners will eventually get their $100 back, but it adds excitement to the redemption.)

Variations: • Bid on five activity coupons and five-date/time coupons. Activity and date/time coupons can only be used together. • For a more strategic game, only the three lowest winning bids will actually be winners.

All others are thrown out. To win, you must be bid high on things you don’t want, and high enough to beat your partner to win the things you want, but low enough to be the lowest winning bid. Tough!

Game #37 – In the Pocket Length of Play: 1-hour Props: pool table, dice, pen, and paper

Instructions: 1. The wife creates a list of seven locations at which she is willing to have sex, as well as eight sex acts that she likes. She randomly numbers them 1 to 15.

2. The husband rolls a die to determine how many shots he gets on the pool table (1-6). 3. The husband then shoots the determined number of times. 4. The balls that are sunk in the allowed shots then become the sex acts and locations for the occasion.

All acts and locations must be used before the game is up.

Conditions: • If only one shot is allowed, and nothing is sunk, then the husband may pick one ball at random. It will be either a location or an act.

The wife then removes all other balls of the same type (location or act), and the husband chooses from the remaining balls to give a complementing location or act.

• If balls are sunk, but either a location or an act is not sunk, then the husband may randomly choose one in the same manner described above.

Variations: • Switch roles. • Choose new locations or acts. • The list is not secret, so a shooter can aim for the desired location or act.

Game #38 – Music Minute Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: computer or CD player, timer

Instructions: 1. Using a computer music program (like iTunes or MusicMatch), or a CD player, create a music playlist of songs that both partners know and enjoy.

2. Set a timer at one minute and begin playing songs. Once the other partner identifies a song by its title, advance to the next song. If it is too difficult, passing a song is allowed. 3. After one minute, tally the number of songs guessed correctly.

4. The player who gets the most correct wins. The prize for winning is to select the mood music for making out.

Conditions: • Be sure to choose songs that are known by both partners. • Have a playlist of at least 25 songs.

Variations: • Create the list together. Set playback on “scramble” and the first person to name the song wins a point. • Use the radio instead, and play for 10 minutes. The person who guesses the most songs correctly wins.

Game #39 – Music Message Length of Play: indefinite Props: computer with CD burner

Instructions: 1. Using a computer music program (like iTunes or MusicMatch), create a playlist of songs with titles that spell out a message.

2. Burn the CD and leave it in your partner’s car, CD alarm clock, or another place where it will be found by your partner. 3. Wait for it to be discovered and enjoyed. Then reap the benefits once the message is understood!

Conditions: • Choose songs with memorable titles that are easily identified by the words (for instance: “When a Man Loves a Woman,” or “You Sexy Thing,” etc.). • Make sure that it is left where only your partner will find it.

• If possible, record a brief introduction for the CD, or even play DJ and introduce each song so the titles are sure to be understood.

Variations: • Using editing software, cut clips from songs to form a message. The result will be more fun than beautiful, but the message will be loud and clear.

Game #40 – Scavenger Hunt Length of Play: 1-2 hours (plus preparation time) Props: various


1. Create a trail for your partner leading to an ultimate destination where the two of you will meet for dinner, a movie, or an evening together. Be creative.

For instance: • Leave the first clue in their briefcase or PDA, sending them to their next clue. • Tape a clue on the inside of a newspaper stand. • Place a clue in a phone booth.

• Leave a receipt at one clue location to pick up balloons (and another clue) at a flower or party shop. • Leave the proper wardrobe for the evening with a clue in the pocket.

2. Make the clues witty but easily solved.

3. Position the clues all over the house or even all over town.

4. Make sure the clues lead somewhere. If the clues are placed around town, use no more than 7 or 8. Any more would be frustrating. 5. Make sure the clues pay off big in the end!

Conditions: • If placing clues on private property, seek permission first. • If placing clues on public property (like a payphone), be sure to hide them well.

• Provide a cell phone number to your partner in case the clue is lost, or cannot be solved. Otherwise, you may spend the evening alone.

Variations: • Make each clue part of a larger puzzle that must be solved to get to the final destination. • Attach each clue to a reward: chocolate, flowers, tickets, etc.

Game #41 – Story Time Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: computer, printer

Instructions: 1. Prior to your date, write a short story of about four or five pages. The story should detail the date that you are on, leading up to the point at which you present the story to your partner.

For example, the story may begin with you writing the story, planning for the baby sitter, ordering the flowers, and making the dinner reservations. It may continue with how you and your partner were dressed, and what you talked about on your way to dinner.

2. Make sure the date goes off as you’ve written it. When you get to dinner, present the story to your partner. 3. The final page of the story should be a set of multiple-choice endings. Your partner can choose how the date should end.

For example, A) After dinner, the couple saw a movie, got ice cream, and picked up the kids. B) After dinner, the couple went to parking. C) Use your imagination. 4. Follow through on the choice that is made.

Conditions: • Choose ending options that run from tame to wild. Use ones you know your partner will be comfortable with, as well as a few of your own fantasies. • Make sure to cover all the details of the date, and for making the multiple-choice endings a reality.

Variations: • Add a multiple choice middle, followed by a planned activity, and ending with another multiple-choice option. This is great for an all-day date or weekend getaway. • Write your own love scene in the story.

Game #42 – Shower Power Length of Play: 30 minutes Props: mineral oil

Instructions: 1. For everyone who has ever tried to get intimate in the bath or shower, only to be frustrated by the amount of friction that wet skin produces, this one is for you.

First, stop by your local grocery store or pharmacy and purchase a bottle of mineral oil. It is a tasteless, odorless lubricant. 2. Get in the shower or bath. 3. Apply mineral oil liberally to the body. 4. Slip and slide to your heart’s delight.

Conditions: • Be extremely careful. Mineral oil will make you and every other surface extremely slippery. We assume no responsibility for your misfortune! • Mineral oil does not come off easily.

Don’t worry, though. It will wear off in a day without staining clothes or leaving a residue. If used at night, all traces will be gone by morning.

Variations: • Apply to each other. • Apply to self while your partner watches.

Game #43 – Chat Room Length of Play: 10 minutes Props: two computers with an Internet connection

Instructions: 1. With each person at a different computer, try a suggestive or romantic chat. 2. Make sure you have all the privacy you need and don’t give any information over the net you wouldn’t mind sharing with the world.

Don’t use full names, phone numbers, or other sensitive information. 3. Have fun communicating your love and your desires in creative ways.

Conditions: • Provide an opportunity to finish the “conversation” with your partner in person. • Make sure you are chatting with the right person. Use an instant message service like Yahoo! or MSN to be sure.

Variations: • Hide in a public chat room with an unknown alias and let your lover search for you. • Add voice, video, and whiteboard features for even more fun.

Game #44 – The Marathon Length of Play: undetermined Props: various

Instructions: 1. For a weekend getaway where time is not a factor, each partner should select three games from this book and write the game number on a small scrap of paper.

2. Put all six scraps of paper in a basket and take turns drawing a number at random. 3. Continue until all games have been played.

Conditions: • Breaks are recommended between games. You’re only human! • Make sure you have the necessary props on hand. • Don’t tell your partner which games you chose. The surprise helps to build the anticipation.

Variations: • Choose more than three games each. However, be sure to allow for recovery time between each game. • Select numbers randomly by rolling dice and adding or multiplying the numbers.

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Game #45 – Sensual Sentences Length of Play: 20 minutes Props: none

Instructions: 1. Partners take turns completing the following sentences. Each one should complete their sentence without interruption. If clarification is needed, the other partner may ask questions.

The first thing that I noticed about you sexually was…

My favorite sexual experience with you was when we…

Or my favorite time of day to have sex is…

A sexual activity we’ve never done but I’d like to try is…

Can we do more __________ during sex.

or I wish we did less __________ during sex.

The thing I would like to know about you and sex is…

Conditions: • Honesty, love, and trust are absolutely essential to this exercise.

• A partner may pass if the question makes them uncomfortable.

Variations: • Write a letter answering these questions for your partner.

• Take turns trying first to guess what your partner will say to some of the questions. Write your answer down before they answer.

This guide to great sex is simple to follow and allows couples to discover new things about themselves, ensuring they can improve their sex lives. Try them and find out which one works best for you. Sex games have the capacity to transform your sex lives and put you on a new level of sexual experience entirely.

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