How to Make Your Husband Happy Sexually

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If you are looking for techniques and tips to make your husband happy sexually, you have come to the right place. A lot of married women today do not know how to please their husbands in bed.

How to Make Your Husband Happy Sexually

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If you are one of them, you can take solace in the fact that you are not the only one. Luckily, there are tried and tested approaches to please a man in bed sexually.

Numerous sex experts agree on the fact that many broken marriages could be saved if the couples switched on the heat in the bedroom. This resource explores in brazen fashion the practical tricks that you could start doing tonight to make sure your man is insanely satisfied in bed.

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  1. Use different sex positions for increased stimulation

According to Sheila Gregoire, author of the sex guide for couples, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex: (And You Thought Bad Girls Have All the Fun)says most couples have sex in the ordinary, natural missionary position. Why not experiment with changing styles often? To make your husband happy sexually, be open to his suggestions of style, positioning, movement, and rhythm.

Sheila Gregoire is the writer of “10 Ways to Satisfy Your Husband in Bed” that appears on her website  Sheila states that as long as these sex styles do not hurt you, you are good to go. Let him enjoy his fetish. Otherwise, he will get it from someone else. The doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl are among positions that stimulate him differently.

Sheila, a seasoned sex advisor asks all ladies to try to raise their legs higher when in the missionary style. While this stimulates you more, it is one of the surest ways of how to please your man in bed.

  1. Initiate sex when it is appropriate

Your Tango is a leading expert blog run by sex experts who go by the name Pleasure Mechanics. One of the most read posts therein is titled “5 Ways to Make Sure Your Man is Insanely Satisfied In Bed – And Life”. This blog recommends you to initiate sex. It is common for men to be the sex initiators, but the experts agree that women can do so as well.

Timing the approach well is important to pull it off. For example, initiate sex when the both of you are not distracted and when you are in good spirits. Is your man well fed after dinner and the babies are asleep? As you enjoy the night movie, you could initiate sex and go ahead to make your husband happy sexually.

Your man will become sexually excited when he knows that you crave for sex with him. Start the initiation slow, romance your man sexually and let him know your true feelings for him. Wear sexy lingerie and play the slutty games in bed. Watch his response and know how to heighten the game.

  1. Squeeze his manhood

Husband Happy Sexually

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You have heard and practiced the kegel exercise to make your vagina tighter. If you want to make sex feel great for your husband, squeeze his manhood during the act. This technique is recommended by Sheila Gregoire of In the post titled “Top 10 Tips for Initiating Sex with Your Husband”, she guides you on how to keep your husband happy.

Is squeezing the best way to satisfy my man in bed? Many women ask themselves this question. Squeezing him exerts pressure on the nerve endings, muscles and girth of his manhood. This stimulates him further to conquer the new found challenge. The guide states that you will realize him pumping faster, harder and deeper as he enjoys the new found pleasure.

Learn how to squeeze him in intervals and during different positions. If it works for you, you will enjoy lots of pleasurable moments of your own. When you are satisfied, it makes your husband happy sexually.

  1. Lengthen the stimulation before intercourse

Preparation is just as important for great sex as it is for many other endeavors in life. How well do you prepare yourselves for sex as a couple? It has been observed that the level of satisfaction during sex is determined by the breadth of stimulation of each partner before the actual intercourse.

Do you that if there is an increase in stimulation, he will last longer during intercourse. Take time to explore his body from head to toe. Tickle sensitive areas such as his nipples, earlobes, underarms and genital area. Do so actively yet sensitively to keep your man craving for more.

  1. Touch him with your hands


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According to the, there are a number of things that men crave for when having sex. If you are able to grant him these things, you will learn how to please your man in bed sexually. In a bare-knuckle titled “11 Sex Carvings all Guys Have”, the sex guide places female domination high above in the list of cravings.

Jennifer Benjamin, the writer of the post, states that all men are naturally wild as far as taking control of the sex game is concerned. However, every wild creature has its tame flip side. Reverse the roles in bed tonight to make sure your man is insanely satisfied in bed. As you do things that you haven’t done before, you will actually make your husband happy sexually.

Get on top of your man to start the game of domination. Tease him and talk dirty sexual language while at it. Let him know that you are in domination and that he had better surrender. Walk the talk by binding his hands so you have the upper hand. A blindfold comes in handy at this stage.

  1. Break up the pleasure of being nice and slow

Diana Richardson in her book, Slow Sex: The Path to Fulfilling and Sustainable Sexuality advice you to take things slow especially if there is tension brewing between the both of you. You cannot make your husband happy sexually if there are quarrels just before the act of intercourse. If he is angry with you, or you are angry with him, things may not turn out too well as one partner is disinterested.

Sheila Gregoire is the writer of “10 Ways to Satisfy Your Husband in Bed”, one of the most read blogs appearing on the relationship website. She asks you to make amends for any wrongdoing before initiating sex. Apologize profusely and whole-heartedly to your man. Only after that, will you be able to make sex feel great for your husband?

If you do it correctly, being vulnerable can actually lead to making your man insanely satisfied.It is at the moment of vulnerability that your man feels like the lion he needs to be. As you apologize, let him know that you are open to receiving punishment in form of sex. Here, you may have to compromise on your own pleasure to make him happy.

  1. Give him a quickie

Husband Happy Sexually

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According to, a quickie is a short, intense yet mutually satisfying moment of sexual activity. Keeping your husband happy sexually does not mean extending the duration of sex. In fact, the opposite can be true as outlined by the leading sexual satisfaction guide titled 11 Sex Carvings all Guys Have

Jennifer Benjamin, the writer of this post has been educating women about sexual affairs for a long time. She states that your man occasionally needs a quickie, most desirably out of the bedroom. Places such as the basement garage, kitchen, in the hallway and in the car are great for a quickie. If you are really out to surprise your man in bed, get out of it.

This short duration of intense intercourse comes with benefits. Not only will you make sex feel great for your husband, you will help him deal with the occasional stresses of life. Just like all forms of sex, a quickie relieves the mind, leaving the both of you psychologically stronger to deal with the next challenge of life.

  1. Express your desire

Sexual satisfaction often comes from voluntary acts that he did not expect. Playing sexy music and dimming the lights are two of the leading spontaneous things that turn men on. Long before the both of you meet at home, send him cute messages on his phone while he is at work. These prepare his mind for a great night of lovemaking.

Lick, suck and touch him in areas that you have never accessed. This jogs his mind, excites him sexually and paves the way for you to please your man in bed sexually. Simply put, expressing your desire for his sex is a sure way to make your husband happy sexually.

  1. Use the senses to your advantage

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Take advantage of the fact that men are visual creatures. They fancy what they perceive with their eyes. This is the reason why men unashamedly ogle women in public places. To make your husband happy sexually, you have to actively maintain a great figure. Age and childbearing could hinder your efforts, but doing nothing doesn’t help either.

Wear makeup to hide undesirable features on your body and to heighten your strengths. When going to bed, sexy lingerie is far much better than an old pair of shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Whisper close to his ears and call out his name to seduce and heighten his sexual desire for you.

  1. Experiment in making your Husband Happy Sexually

How can I satisfy my man in bed? The answer is through experimenting. Different men have different likes, tastes, and preferences as far as the sexual game is concerned. What works for your friends next door might not work for you. It is upon you to find out by actively trying out different styles, approaches, and mannerisms. Have a list and rule out options if you must.

According to Cosmopolitan, having sex in the open is one of the things that men crave. While some will try to do it, others might even never communicate this to their partners. Simply put, try things such as leaving the lights on while having sex. Keep your high heels or bra and watch or listen to his opinion.

  1. Watch erotic scenes together

How to Make Your Husband Happy Sexually

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Adult movies are easily one of the richest sources of ideas for great sex. This is especially true if you watch together. As he gets excited by the scenes, he might initiate sex right then and there.

To make your husband happy sexually, allow him to experiment with some of the styles, positions, and approaches that he learns from adult movies. Spontaneity is the spice of life, my friend.

  1.  Own the pleasure

Keeping your husband happy sexually sometimes comes as a consequence of reaching your climax. Men feel like champions when they know that they are able to take you all the way. Discover sexual positions or approaches that cause you to orgasm, and let him know these so he may give them to you.

According to “11 Sex Carvings all Guys Have” published by Cosmopolitan, making a woman cum ranks high. If you are able to reach climax several times in a single session, then you are his star.  All the while, let him see your face as you orgasm. The grimace, groan and involuntary trembling of your body cause him to attain a climax of his own.

In Conclusion;

While some of the above tips could surprise your man in bed sexually, he will be happy to get what he has always wanted- great sex. Note that all men feel like champions when their sex lives are great. These tricks will, therefore, cause him to love you more. When he is satisfied, he will treat you like the queen that you are and your life will turn for the better.

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