Ultimate:100 Sizzling Ways to Seduce Your Partner Sexually

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Seduce your partner sexually and have him/her go to bed with you if you want your relationship to grow.

However, not many women know how to go about this. Neither do the men.

For most of you, working to keep the attraction between you and your partner is more of a nagging hassle. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

Seduce your partner sexually

Keeping your partner attracted to you is key! That’s how most people in relationships grow complacent.

Khristina Merchant in her book, 101 Ways to Seduce Your Man, says that most women, once they get into relationships, get busy doing chores and forget about sex.

Men also get lost in routine and forget the things they should to spice up the relationship. Most men get lost in pursuits like sports and cars.

According to Christina Carter, author of the audio CD, Catch Him and Keep Him, men prefer to sit with their male friends talking about sports, instead of working to be close with their partner.

Try out the following, Ultimate: 100 Sizzling Hot Ways to Seduce Your Partner Sexually


How A Woman can Seduce Her Man Sexually.


This is a hot way to seduce your partner sexually. Tease with what he can or cannot have.

2. Talk dirty.

Seduce your partner by telling him exactly what you want to do with him later.

3. Write dirty.

Text him the details of what he can expect later if you can’t talk dirty.

4. Be direct.

Tell him what you want when you are in bed. Don’t beat around the bush about it!

5. Come home with a bag of tricks.

Pass by the sex toy store and hand him the bag of goodies, once at home.

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6. Answer the door partially naked.

You can seduce your partner sexually while totally naked! However, leaving more to the imagination is always better.

7. Suggest new things.

Read about a new sex position. Tell him about it. Let him know if there is something you have always wanted to try but haven’t sexually.

8. Show him what you like.

Seduce your partner by showing him what you like. Show him exactly how you want him to touch you and where.

9. Let your hair down.

Takedown your long hair in front of him so he knows you mean business.


10. Give and then take.

Seduce your partner sexually by giving him what he wants and then leave him wanting more.

11. Play before him.

Your man will really be seduced when he sees you touching yourself. Wait for TV time and slip your hand in your panties to show you’re really horny.

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12. Taunt him.

This is not the same as teasing. It keeps space between you and your partner. Just watch him want to close that space fast.

13. Take him lingerie shopping.

Let him watch you model the things you want to buy. If he doesn’t lose his mind because he wants you, then what works for him?

14. Send him a provocative photo.

These are not nudes. Seduce your partner with photos of a nipple through your shirt or just how high your skirt goes while seated at your desk at work.

15. Surprise him.

As you part ways in the morning, you could tell him what a surprise he is in for at night.

16. Take off your bra before him.

Seduce your partner by removing your bra before him, and then going back to what you were doing. He will think it’s time for the romp.

17. Show him what he’s missing.

Parade yourself in front of him as you get dressed to leave. It is even better if you pretend not to know what you’re doing.

18. Go panty-less.

Not secretly. Ensure he knows it. This will, surely seduce him!

19. Hand him your panties.

You must have seen this from the movies. Slip your panties into his hands when he’s about to take a bite of food and you’ll have him beside you.


20. Beg him.

Well, just beg your partner for what you want!

21. Eat a Popsicle.

You know the shape of a Popsicle, don’t you? Yeah, eat it using more of your tongue to seduce him sexually.

22. Go in for the kill.

Seduce him by taking the upper hand attacking him with bites and kisses and pulling his clothes off him.

23. Keep him from touching you.

Stand before him barely clothed or naked. Just make him fidget with craving.

24. Make eye contact.

You will be amazed at how easily you can seduce your partner with just one look.

25. Bite your lower lip.

Did you know that your mouth is very sexy? Give it a little bite and your partner will be drawn to it!

26. Give him a gift.

Do this in the morning. If it is anything that your partner can take with him to work the better. Tell him to keep thinking of you every time he uses it.

27. Wear red.

Turn on his primal instinct by wearing red. This will surely seduce him.

28. Walk away.

As much as he hates to see you walk away, he also loves to see you leave.

29. Surprise him by tying him up.

Use a scarf, cuffs, or belt, anything. Seduce him by leaving him feeling helpless.

30. Keep up the personal touch.

Keep in mind the things that matter. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

31. Wear sexy lingerie.

Seduce your partner with that lacy, colorful piece of cloth.

32. Change your wardrobe.

Make it sexier and attractive to seduce your partner.

33. Get out of town.

Go out with your partner, when you really need to go out. With the change of environment, you will surely seduce your partner.

34. Be open-minded.

If your partner brings something new to your love life, take it up with enthusiasm. This will definitely turn him on.

35. Be spontaneous.

Avoid being predictable. Your man will be more attracted to you if he cannot tell the card you’ll play next.

36. Keep your beauty and attractiveness.

This will seduce your partner and have him wanting to come back to you. Richard La Ruina, author of The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Woman You Want, says that men are attracted to beautiful women.

37. Spice up your sex life.

Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring. Add some spice and life to your sex life and you’ll have your partner coming up for more.

38. Don’t cheat.

Cheating erodes trust between you and your partner. Be faithful to your partner and he will keep being interested in you.

39. It’s teamwork.

To seduce your partner, collaborate, and compromise in bed. This brings you closer, by keeping the spark in the relationship.


40. Take control.

Your partner may not always respond to cues and clues, no matter how subtle. Step up your game and make him feel wanted.

41. Keep up your libido.

Exercise a lot and you are sure to maintain your sex drive. This will, surely, keep the flames of your relationship burning.

42. Admire him.

Show and tell your partner how much you look up to him if you hope to seduce him.

43. Prioritize him over all else.

Seduce your partner by making him your number one priority. Make him feel cherished and loved by giving him all your affection.

44. Make your sex sacred.

Treat sex as something special. No more a usual act, but sacred!

45. Sleep together.

Sleeping together is not just a way to seduce your partner. It also draws you closer and gives you privacy for intimacy.

46. Work on the mood.

Sex is all about mood. Turn down the lights and play some light music. This is the right environment for seduction, sex, love, and romance.

47. Be positive.

Men love to see a woman with a positive attitude. Be positive and he will see you as more attractive.

48. Be flirty.

Make a small pass at another man in front of him to pique his interest and stimulate the natural instinct to have you all for himself.

49. Use body language.

Use your body to flirt with and seduce your partner. Tug his hair, touch his arm or shoulder or place your hand on his knees.

50. Try a game together.

Spike his testosterone levels with a competitive video game for, example. Arouse him sexually this way.

Seduce your partner sexually

51. Get a haircut.

Let him notice you’re put together. This will attract and seduce him.

52. Share fantasies.

It doesn’t have to be anything you want to try together. Enhance your partner’s sexual drive by sharing with him your desires.

53. Appeal to his erogenous zones.

Touch, kiss, and lick his earlobes, neck, and scalp.

How A Man can Seduce His Woman Sexually.

54. Get close to her.

To seduce a woman, first get to know her better. Talk to her, text her, and be warm and friendly.

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55. Be likable.

Talk to your partner and find out the things she likes. Then work to keep things interesting by talking and texting her what she likes.

56. Get active at night.

Text, call her up late at night, or simply wake her up when she’s in bed. For women, it’s quite effective.

57. Live two lives.

Get your partner confused. Be flirty and naughty when you text or speak to her at night. Meeting her during the day? Avoid speaking about dirty texts. If she talks about it, she likes the flirty texts.

58. Be nice to her friends.

If they like you, you are likely to get it easily when it comes to your partner.

59. Be a gentleman.

Displaying good manners brings you out as hot and enables you to seduce her.

60. Play to your strengths.

Go to the gym and get hotter, if you’re hot. If funny, be the funniest in town.

61. Don’t tell her you like her, not just yet.

Seduce her by keeping her guessing and having her curiosity grow.

62. Get into her comfort zone.

When alone, sit close to her but pretend you didn’t notice how close you were.

63. Build tension.

Seduce your partner by making her crave your touch. Make it rare.

64. Play games.

Play naughty texting games with her and seduce her while having fun.

65. Talk dirty.

Start a dirty conversation on the phone. Lead her by asking a, seemingly, innocent question and hit the nail on the head.

66. Ask her out.

Tell her to meet up with you so that you have time to make out with each other in person.

67. Buy her a silk thong.

Lingerie, that’s cliché. Be creative. Pass the thong under the table and ask your partner to go to the ladies’ room and change into it.

68. Embrace her until she ends it.

Hug her and don’t let go. Seduce her sexually by making it clear you don’t want the hug to end.

69. Wear her name.

Use her name in the middle of a sentence or write it where she’ll notice it.

70. Whisper into her ear.

Surprise her at a party or in public. Tell her what you’re going to do to her later.

71. Send a card.

Flowers? That, she might already be used to. Do something thoughtful like sending a card to seduce her.

72. Plant a picture.

Keep a photo of her in your wallet. Let her find it when she rummages through your stuff.

73. Tel her why you love her.

Don’t just say “I love you.” Anyone can do that. So, explain why. Give a unique reason to seduce your partner.

74. Get your story straight.

Tell her about your first meeting, where it was, what she was wearing, what you told her, and how you felt. Do it often to seduce her.

75. Leave love notes all over.

Do it under the pillow, in the fridge, or on the bathroom mirror.

76. Apply her lipstick.

Helping her to groom makes her feel doted on, served, and loved.

77. Lick her.

Not at the usual places. Try the elbows, knees, ankles, neck, shoulders, and hip joints to seduce your partner sexually.

78. Bear fruit.

Come home with soft mango and papaya. Rub her onto her body and devour both her and the fruit.

79. Add berries.

To seduce your partner sexually, bring hot chocolate (a woman’s sex stimulant), strawberries, and raspberries (replenish zinc after ejaculation) to bed.

80. Give her a massage.

Roll a chilled can of soda on the back of your partner’s thighs or warm a towel in the microwave and use it to massage her.

81. Come clean.

According to Anne Hooper, the author of Ultimate Sex, start by slinging a generous quantity ofSeduce your partner sexually bath gel. Have her lie on top of you. Let her body be the scrub brush.

82. Blindfold yourself.

Your woman might be insecure about her body. Cover your eyes and she’ll do more with you, to you, and for you!

83.Talk and listen.

To seduce your partner, spend 20 minutes connecting with her and listening to her talk. She’ll really feel appreciated.

84. Dress up.

Put on your best clothes if you want a woman to notice you. Try nice, flattering clothes while striving to look your best on your own terms.

85. Be confident.

Seduce your partner by being comfortable with yourself. Proceed with confidence and you will have her wanting to have you.

86. Flirt with your body language.

Signal your interest with direct and confident body language.

87. Use a good Aroma.

Use the kind of perfumes she likes. Open windows to let in fresh air or light some incense.

88. Try Music.

Get her in the mood using music she likes but also slow, soothing, and sensual songs.

89. Decorate.

Create an ambiance to create the right mood and seduce your partner.

90. Touch her.

Sit close and place your hand on her knee or shoulder. However, take it slow.

91. Focus on her Erogenous zones.

Touch, lick, kiss, or caress her neck, ears, head, feet, lips, abdomen, lower back and seduce your partner sexually.

92. Talk about Sex Naturally.

Make your woman feel comfortable in the way you talk about sex.

93. Make her laugh.

Seduce your woman by making her laugh more. She will like being around you. Ross Jeffries, the author of the book How to Get a Woman You Desire into Bed says that humor always works magic with women.

94. Give her Attention.

To make your partner get a sense of approval, give her attention.

95. Kiss her.

Give your partner a good kiss to turn her on.

96. Escalate her attraction for you.

Build your relationship from pure friendship to sexual attraction.

97. Eye contact.

Give her lingering eye contact to seduce your partner.

98. Ask her to sleep with you.

Be honest. Do you want to sleep with her? Ask! Sexily of course.

99. Enjoy her company.

Show her you love her by enjoying being with her. Relax while with her.

100. Get permission.

Ask before you enter her. It gives your woman a sense of respect! Kiss or caress her as you enter her.

Clearly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a great sex life!

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