18 Great Ways to Make Your Relationship Better

By David Small •  Updated: 08/19/22 •  10 min read

Humans are complex creatures that have the ability to learn, love, and evolve.

We have the desire and the capability to communicate, connect, and affect each other with our actions, emotions, and words.

And relationships are born through these actions resulting in a mutual connection, understanding, and love for each other.

However, if you are facing issues with your partner, rest assured you’re not alone. Each relationship whether it’s new or old goes through ups and downs.

It essentially comes down to how you deal with these situations, which determines the strength of your relationship.

You love your partner but lately, the two of you have been experiencing some barriers in communication or have trouble finding a common ground.

Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dig in to find the best ways to make your relationship better.

Enhance Mode of Communication

Yes, we all know that communication is a powerful tool in resolving conflict. Just talking and starting a dialogue with your partner can do wonders for your relationship.

You may discover that perhaps your partner was feeling the same way about certain things and situations as you, but misunderstandings led to cracks widening.

However, sometimes just talking doesn’t lead you anywhere. It can cause even more disagreements and heated arguments which will not benefit anyone. Hence, it’s important to find the right channel of communication to deal with your problems.

Here’s a list of some things you could do.

This is a well-proven method of improving relationships and finding a way out of your troubles. Therapy will not only encourage complete transparency but also help you and your partner understand and discover each other’s innermost feelings, personality traits, and behavioral patterns.

If simply conversing doesn’t work, try writing your thoughts down or explaining it through art or music. Dedicate a song to your partner and see how they react. Explore new ways to reach out to your partner with your actions rather than words.

An intervention with close friends or family members can go a long way.

A study published in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science provides evidence of individuals advancing towards relational intimacy and becoming more socially connected.

Perhaps skepticism of these measures stopped you from ever considering such a possibility for improvement, but interventions do work.

Sometimes clearing your head to get a breath of fresh air can completely change your mindset and mood.

If things are tough and your relationship has hit a bumpy patch, try changing your environment. A change of setting can often break the mold and transform the tone of a conversation.

Communicate with your partner by exhibiting intimacy and creating an environment of comfort and love. Remind them why you chose them and what makes you a good couple.

You might not realize it, but the lack of physical intimacy is often the root of many frustrations and anger. Hence, try experimenting in the bedroom and relight that spark.

Find a Mutual Interest

One of the best ways to make your relationship healthier is by finding something to do together. If you already engage in an activity that you both enjoy together, perhaps it’s time you find something else.

Complacency can be good or bad depending. In this case, if a change is pertinent to improve your partnership then a novelty can become necessary. Here are some things you can try:

A sport activity may be challenging and exhausting, but so is maintaining a relationship. So, find a way to reveal and dispel your aggression and frustration together through a sport that you may both enjoy.

It could be tennis, badminton, or even table tennis or swimming. If your partner already excels in one of these sports, find a different sport that you can both learn together. Or maybe learn it from them. Playing sports together is proven to increase sexual responsiveness towards your partner.

Yes, Date Nights! You might think, “Who’s got time for that?” But dating was important to both of you at one time and there is no reason why it should become a thing of the past.

Weekly date nights can serve as a way to unwind and communicate with your partner in a new environment with good food and wine, without the constrictions of work, kids, or anything else.

It’s a well-known fact that traveling together can spark romance, from planning a trip to executing it, exploring new places, and getting a taste of different cultures can strengthen the bond between you and your partner drastically.

Moreover, it’s fun! A trip could be as small as a hike, a road trip to another town/city/state, or to a different country. Traveling with your partner can allow you to observe them out of the norm and establish more opportunities for connecting emotionally.

Mutual interest is not limited to discovering new activities or events, but it can also be something as trivial as having coffee, getting dinner, cooking, reading, or watching a movie together.

Start a routine or mix and match between such activities. For example, instead of watching Netflix at home, you and your partner could go to the theater and watch the latest movie every once in a while.

By doing so, you are showing interest in developing your relationship by spicing up even the most mundane tasks and/or activities.

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Discover Yourself

Many times the problem is not within the relationship or your partner, but it’s your own personal volitions and cognitive dissonance that disallow you from committing, progressing. This could be due to a number of reasons that you have to find yourself.

It’s imperative to understand your needs, wants, and desires before sharing your life with another. If you avoid dealing with and facing your own personal demons, then eventually these unsolved deep-rooted issues will be reflected in your relationship and be the cause of its demise.

What can you do?

That is enjoy solitude, perhaps give each other physically and/or emotional space to grow.

Ask yourself if they align with your relationship and the future.

What have you got to lose? An impartial look into your life can lead to personal satisfaction.

Where and what do you see yourself doing?

Make a list and discuss it with your partner when ready.

Oftentimes, we lose our way and get distracted or do poorly at work, which can project on your relationship.

A simple hobby can guide and help you find something that you’re good at.

A proven method of improving mindfulness and control of your mind and body.

Show, Build and Rekindle Respect

Somewhere along the way, we have to remind ourselves of the significance of respect and trust. As equal partners in a relationship, the power of love can only do much in keeping the companionship alive. If the aspects of respect and trust are missing, then the relationship is as good as dead.

If you doubt your partner of infidelity or lying then perhaps it’s better to communicate your feelings there and then rather than holding it in or asking around behind their back. Respect nurtures trust and increases your ability to love the person for who they are.

Here’s what you can do to re-establish that love and respect for your partner.

If your partner enjoys solitude and engaging in hobbies by themselves, then give them that space and involve yourself by discussing their day.

Jealousy is the silent killer of a lot of good relationships. It’s imperative to give them the freedom to enjoy their friendships, meet and interact with your partner’s friends and if you feel uneasy then it’s always better to put it out there and let them know how you feel.

The most important thing you can do for your partner is to support their decisions and if you disagree with their choices then guide and prepare them to be the best version of themselves.

How would you want to be treated if you were starting a new job, got fired, or had a fight with a colleague or boss? Treat them the way you would want to be treated.

How you behave with your partner’s family is a clear reflection of how you are with your own family and your upbringing. Hence, respect them and reassure them that you love your partner.

Involving your partner in a life-changing decision or choice will strengthen your relationship and allow you, partner, to reciprocate by sharing problems in their life.

Being clingy and/or undermining your partner means that you don’t trust them to do anything or achieve anything. This destroys the respect that you have for each other because you won’t see them as equal.

One of the most important aspects of showing respect and building trust is hearing what your partner has to say. Don’t disrespect them by interrupting and interjecting their thoughts and actions. Create an environment that allows them to think out loud and give your opinions when they are ready to start a dialogue.

One of the most essential elements that can lead to disagreements and quarrels in its absence. Loss of patience can make you lose your sense of being and act irrationally towards your partner, perhaps blame them for irrelevant things or make mistakes that can not be fixed. Hence, keep your cool and trust them enough that they won’t hurt you.

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Try not to put your partner in uncomfortable positions or scenarios, yes it’s great to try new things together and make an appearance at social events together.

However if you force them to do something or manipulate them into committing to it, this can have very negative consequences on building trust and respect. If you respect them you wouldn’t do anything that would cause emotional pain.

Each relationship is special and unique in its own way, whether it’s between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, between siblings, or within the family. But they all have one thing in common, and that is the reciprocity of love.

A relationship is a two-way street. For it to work and improve, you must be on an equal footing and find a balance between giving and taking. One partner can not carry the burden of their own lives and the life of their partner in a relationship.

There must be transparency. Sharing feelings and emotions should always be encouraged. Lastly appreciate your partner and display gratitude. Show them that you love them every day in your own way!

David Small

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