How To Get A Man Stay Committed To You

By David Small •  Updated: 04/07/17 •  18 min read

Getting your man committed to you is a dreaded phrase that many women go through in the dating world.

An Omega Female is a man magnet who has grasped the remarkably effective attraction secrets that get men to feed out of her palm.

Once you understand all the secrets it becomes effortless for you to get your man committed to you.


Every woman whether married or single has a desire to be able to make the man committed to them forever.

A lot of hidden truth that men prefer women to never come to discover have been shared in books such as; Become the Omega Female and Crack His Code by dating coach and author Josh Maytr.

It’s a complete guide revealing the secret techniques of how to make your man love you more than anything.

It is said ‘there are many ways to skin a cat’ and on this particular discussion, shared are 21 secrets that will give you in-depth knowledge making you inexplicably irresistible to any man.

21 Secrets To Get Your Man Stay Committed To You


1. Become more interesting

Guess what? Gorgeous women get dumped every day! How is that possible? I thought men are all about good looks!

That is why a lot of women focus on outer beauty other than building on their personality and interests.

You have already got his attention, right? Then it is time to blow his mind by proofing that you have got more going on beyond your looks.

Be proactive and innovative to keep him interested by showing him subtly that you have a lot going on than just being your pretty self.

2. Engage in Bonding Opportunities

Dating should be fun and there is no way you will get to know your partner well by doing unexciting or dormant activities.

You should be easy and open-minded about making meaningful sacrifices as the investment will be worth the reward.

Be easy-going and ready to do activities that you may have never done as he will also suggest some activities that interest him as well.

Indoors and outdoors activities can both be made interesting and by this, you are letting him see the side of you that he may end up admiring you more.

If you are a good singer suggest you go for a karaoke session, a dancer dance class, good swimmer-swimming, if you love hiking, rock climbing or just any other exciting activity that you could be good at.

3. Transform yourself

Normal can be boring and unfortunately, most men are not into “plain Jane’s”.

It’s not about being over the top with your appearance but little changes in your look every now and then it’s sure something he will notice.

Every man desires some femininity in a woman that creates a stronger bond with his masculinity.

It reminds him that you have several aspects of your personality as well. Interchange your dress code, hairdo, a make-up style once in a while to give your personality a tasteful character.

4. Not too available, not too hard to get

When you are getting to like someone, you are very excited, and spending every minute with him seems harmless.

The attention from him is on point and it feels easier giving him your free time.

Men can easily get bored as it becomes a lesser challenge to be with you because they will be sure they completely have you.

The secret of getting your man committed to you is to lower his guard first by not making yourself too available but not being too hard to get at the same time.

If you are too available, he would ride over you roughshod and you may not really count for much in his eyes at the end.

The secret to getting your man committed to you is to lower his guard first by not making yourself too available but not being too hard to get at the same time.

5. Be Patient with your Man

When Love is blooming at the beginning of the relationship, you could think that both of you are on the same page.

However, men and women are wired differently and your man can just be enjoying the chase but not ready to be tied down by committing.

Putting pressure on him to commit will make him pull back or even run for the hills.

Women can be obvious about their desire to get married, others are subtle on it, regardless of the approach, men will notice and end up fighting against it.

Make him commit to enjoying the ride and not focusing on the destination, as this will make you fun to be around.

Most of the time you as a lady, you are not ready to settle down as well. ‘Give it time’ and try to know who he is as a person.

6. Remember Relationship is a give and take a state of affairs

In all relationships, a sound recipe for long-term satisfaction is where there is a balance of giving and taking.

You need to bring balance and before this, you need to acknowledge that balance does not mean being identical. The secret is not to let him do too much for you or spend too much as this will be taking advantage of him.

In the book ‘Five Languages of Love’ by Author Gary Chapman, he states falling in love is easy; staying in love is the challenge.

The most effective way is to find out your spouse’s language of love, by observing how they express love to others and you will be able to evaluate what gets into their nerves and what they often ask for from their significant other.

The five languages of love include; quality time, physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, and gift-giving.

Learn what he appreciates as well and give it to him once in a while at least. Do not overwhelm him with gifts, attention or whatever he appreciates, a dosage of it as healthy as it will draw him closer to you.

7. Do not let yourself go

Never lose your shine and beauty just because you are in a relationship.

Loving yourself is the greatest love of all as you can never appreciate someone else’s love and appreciation if you don’t love yourself first.

What’s inside reflects so much on what’s outside, and remaining attractive is about not being to the extreme of trying to look attractive.

Keep good hygiene, maintain a healthy weight, dress up clean, and always invest in improving yourself health-wise.

 8. Build up your confidence

Never underestimate the power of self-confidence when dating.

Confidence is the most attractive trait that women can behold when it comes to getting any man to stay committed to you.

Let go of your insecurities, be proud of whatman you are and what you have. Never sell yourself short or settle for the fact you cannot date a better man. The most important benefit of having confidence is the way of assuring your partner that you are okay with or without him.

No man wants to date a doormat and a girl who is ready to please him in every way in order to secure the relationship.

You are not ready to change for him to stay committed, whatever changes that may occur while in the relationship are for bettering yourself or done through compromise.

9. Bring something to the table

Show your man that he would benefit from committing to you by bringing something to the table.

It can be done without trying too hard to impress or make him notice.

To do this effortlessly has to be aligned by working on yourself so that you do not have to pretend to be what you are not.

Before he takes the big step of taking your relationship to the next stage, assure him that you are an interesting person who is fun, positive, and exciting to be with.

Learn to be independent, be generous by learning how to compromise, have your own passions, and show him that you have a lot of positive qualities to teach him.

When you show him this, he will realize that he needs you and cannot live without you.  He will realize that being with you is making him a better person.

10. Have an independent life besides your relationship

One of the best secrets to getting any man to stay committed to you is to ‘have a life’. Many women forget their friends totally once they get a guy.

They stop engaging in other plans to keep their time free in case their boyfriend wants to see them.

After the relationship breaks, she becomes a burden to her friends as she becomes stranded emotionally and socially.

It is normal to be a turn off to people when you revolve your life around them.

When you have a part of your life that your partner cannot reach to, you become more attractive to him as he knows he cannot get you completely.

He respects you more when you make him understand you need time with your friends, family, or doing your leisure pursuit.

Do not always drop everything for him; you easily become a bore and a doormat that he soon loses interest and runs to the next new girl.

11. Give him Healthy Space

What men fear most about commitment is losing their freedom. One secret to getting any man committed to you is by making make him feel it was his idea of you being in a serious relationship. Trying to change him too fast will threaten his masculinity and make him begin detaching himself from you.

Be easy on the time he spends away from you, and if he does like spending time with you, he will shorten his time with his boys because he’d rather be with you. This can only be achieved by you also not being too available and having your own separate life besides your relationship. It will definitely keep him on his toes.

12. Do not open up to him quickly

When a guy first meets you, he wants to know everything about you; what you are all about. By keeping a little mystery will make him crave and be obsessed with you. Do not be excited or relaxed months into the relationship and get him to know every bit part of your life.

Open up consequently as you are getting to know him better as you are teaching him how you want to be treated. This will give him the initiative to do things that you like most as he doesn’t want to let you go. As you open up slowly about your past life, capabilities, fears, achievements, he will probably be already head over heels for you.

13. Be easy to talk to

Everyone wants to have a life partner that he can talk to about almost anything.

Communication is the heart of every functional relationship as having meaningful conversation increases relationship satisfaction.

In Jonathan Robinson’s book Communication Miracles for Couples’: Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict says that most couples may not readily admit it, but they all felt blamed and misunderstood, and they have all caused their partner to feel the same at some point.

It is important to learn the listening tool that gets you and your partner to not only hear each other but understand one another better.

When you become easy to talk to, your partner will easily open up to you and by this, you will get to know what he thinks and wants from the relationship.

To create a successful communication you need to be firm, do not confront him, be open-minded, and choose the right time to talk.

14. Don’t Play Games

Jealousy is an emotion that people in relationship experience at one time or another.

A feeling that you are in-too-deep into the relationship as feelings have started to be obvious you may feel like your partner may see you less-desirable and not commit to you.

You may feel an urge to flirting in front of him, discuss with him about your past love-life, or someone else who could be trying to pursue you.

This is all done to make him see you as more desirable; unfortunately, it might just turn them on for a while, but soon, he will start being skeptical about you.

What women don’t know is that men are likely to commit where he feels there is complete loyalty and is appreciated.

They may be masculine but very insecure about their sexual desirability and their appeal.  Making him jealous will just diminish the interest he has for you.

15. Take a Step Back

When you are really getting to like your partner more, it is easy to think with emotions and no longer practical. It’s a hard thing to pull back a little from someone you love, but in the end, it will give you a better footing in the relationship.

How is this possible? Well, no man will commit once he gets to a place where he is taking his girlfriend’s presence for granted. Men are natural hunters, and when you have made it clear to him that you are there and going nowhere he will easily get bored.

CommittedMen read so much into actions and taking a step back is a subtle hint to show him you have got options. If there is no sign of commitment from him, think about taking a step back.

If he misses you and looks for you or doesn’t get in touch sooner enough, both outcomes will be a great benefit for you. You will be able to know whether he is a serious contender or not.

By him taking notice that you are pulling away and you do not find him completely irresistible he will do whatever it takes to change your mind.

Once you stop obsessing over the idea of pinning him down, he will automatically become fixated on how he can win you back completely.

16. Let him know that you love him

In reality, a sense of belonging is a sense of acceptance. Men have a different way of expressing emotions and feelings but that doesn’t mean they are not human beings.

All humans have an emotional need and desire for belonging and to be accepted by our partners especially.

Getting interested in knowing what he likes and doesn’t like, and let him understand you like for who he is as a person not because of his achievements or status.

One best way to show that you love him is by getting the good side of his family and friends and try to support him in things he loves doing.

17. Overlook the petty stuff

Sometimes women can become controlling and would want everything to go their way. Taking advantage of how your man is into you and now you become nagging and forceful, he will quickly stop seeing you as his partner but more of an obstruction.

Men can quickly switch from a commitment to becoming completely disinterested in taking the relationship to the next level.

Nobody is perfect, he also has some pet peeves that he sees in you but overlooks them since he is trying to make this work. If he always forgets to do something that you can do yourself do not keep whining and complaining to him.

Remember dating to men is all about making the journey enjoyable, but being uptight and nagging will just make him feel not masculine enough and less of himself so next move he does fleeing. Learn to focus on and appreciate the positive stuff.

18. Hold on to the “girlfriend privileges”

Yes, men can be selfish and not so truthful. When he’s pursuing you and letting you know how they feel about you, you may think that he has already made up his mind.

Before he is really made up his mind you are already giving him all the girlfriend privileges and he will be thinking, “Why should I be in a committed relationship if I can get all these privileges while I am still single?” Sometimes women tend to think sex will bring him closer but to men sex can be perceived as a sport.

Men will treat you the way you will show them how you want to be treated. Value yourself by letting him know that to you sex is a romantic and respected action between lovers.

Girlfriend privileges also include assigning you duties that are not being demanded such as always checking up on him, sleepovers at his place, being too available, cleaning after him.

They may ask for some of these favors, but they will never want you to know they wouldn’t mind you to be a little hard on them.

19. Don’t expect too much

Managing your expectations on the outcome of the relationship is really necessary for your sanity’s sake. It may sound pessimistic but that’s just the way it is.

Imaginations of getting married to the guy that you have known for just a month will give you the wrong idea of what is actually taking place; learn to live in the moment.

Disappointment is very painful and can make you bitter and no need of giving him hints and clues that you want a serious relationship from the word go.

Play it cool but remember to be authentic you, thus be yourself.

In Steve Harvey’s book,” Act Like a lady Think Like a Man” he states; do not be afraid to lose him, because if a man truly loves you, he’s not going anywhere”.

When you get obsessed with the idea of getting married, you will end up trying so hard and not being yourself.

You may end up getting married but a dysfunctional marriage is way disappointing being dumped by a guy you briefly dated.

20. Put a logical time frame

Once the honeymoon phase of dating is over, it is time to think things over rationally. Are you really ready for this relationship if it proceeds to the next stage?

Are we both on the same page? Is he seriously thinking about being in a committedrelationship with you? Most of the time, both partners are on the same page regarding the relationship.

If this is the case, it’s time to detach yourself but let him know you are doing this for both of you to contemplate the relationship aspect thoroughly.

When you put a logical time of you being together enough to know each other well and giving each other space will make him realize how much he cannot do without you.

Sometimes women think they are ready for the next step in the relationship but that’s not the case, and space can actually help them realize that.

If he doesn’t spring back to you well and good, no need for ending up with a guy who wasn’t up for it from the word go.

21. Blow him off

By now you can tell if your man was honest all the time or he was taking you for a ride. Men almost always come back but for some obvious reasons and some not so obvious.

It could be just for sex, checking up on you (if you have moved on), and memories, pushed by family and friends to get back with you, genuinely misses you (just your company) or he really wants this to work where he feels helpless without you.

When he is giving you mixed signals, it’s time to run a girl and follow the “no-contact” rule where you give him a complete blackout.

Do not be scared that he may leave for good; trust that if a guy really wants you, he will find you.

In Natalie Lue’s Book, The No Contact Rule, she describes as the No contact rule is a guide to turn off the temptation to stay in touch, or keep engaging, serving you to get back your sense of self and move on to a healthier relationship if need be.

The secrets shared can help you get your partner committed to you; however, you need to understand that there is no guarantee that a guy will get interested if he wasn’t from the beginning.

Secrets to getting any man to stay committed to you only apply to the man who has already shown the interest in pursuing you.




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