How To Attract Your Husband In Bed #16 Will Drive Him Crazy

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Are you Struggling to attract your husband to the bed? This is the toughest moment for any woman. When you realize that your husband is not attracted to you anymore, it can be a very tough time for you.

How To Attract Your Husband In Bed

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What you might not know, however, is that you have just taken a big step in making him love you again and repairing your marriage by simply realizing things aren’t well.

When their husband falls out of love with them, most wives either don’t realize it at all or they simply ignore it until their husband says he wants to divorce them.

Sex isn’t a yardstick for stable homes but it’s also not without a role in a relationship. The role of sex is best explained in Stefan Ziegler’s book “Why Sex Matters to Keep Romance Alive”. He also explained further why the lack of sex and intimacy results in unhappy marriages and broken homes.

So you notice your sex life is nose-diving and need to know how to attract your husband in bed.

Don’t panic! Start reading my 17 Ultimate Ways to Attract Your Husband in Bed below:

You almost certainly have heard that many men subscribe to the claim that sexy lingerie is one great turn-on. And men by nature are easily aroused and visually stimulated than women.

Therefore, if you’ve not been Wearing sexy lacy lingerie before now may be just the appropriate time to inculcate that. It will not only make you feel inviting to him but sexier, more feminine and more confident.

You’re thinking how you will get the best pick in size or color for your shape. There is nearly lingerie for all types of women of different weight, shape or size. So that wouldn’t be a problem. Also, adding some killer lingerie and sexy accessories like necklaces and bracelets is a good idea.

In case you’re shy shopping for lingerie alone there’s a way out. You can buy it online check first for return option in case you’re not happy with what you get. The bottom line is, make the best selection and you can use a friend’s advice if you’re not sure.

Confidence wins the game. If you’re shy to appreciate your beauty you’d fail regardless of your appearance or what you wear. The first step to attract your husband is by building confidence and self-esteem in your qualities. So start appreciating that you’re sexy, attractive and interesting.

While it’s important to have self-esteem and confidence in yourself you must set a balance. Otherwise, you appear arrogant to your husband, which you don’t want to happen. Because it’ll jeopardize the whole effort.

Exhibiting confidence starts, for example, from when you’re horny or need him for something. Don’t be shy to ask your husband for sex or display your feminine power.

It’s understandable why you may not be confident at times. Maybe you’re thinking of a flaw in your body, weight or skin. Every other lady does have theirs. Forget about and instead, appreciate your qualities.


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Yes, you got it right! Change your wardrobes.  No man will appreciate you if you go about with outdated, unattractive and ragged clothes.  Try to arouse your husband’s visual alertness with new clothes.

If it costs discarding those old ones in your wardrobe, do that and replace with new ones. Find a way to look always sexy, clean and attractive to him.

Again, be selective when shopping for clothes. Wearing clothes that are too small for your age and size wouldn’t help but ruin your goal. Only make a selection based on suitability and what’s trendy for your age.

To round it off, give priority to fitness. Go for clothes that fit well on you.

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Everyone wants to get an appreciation for doing well. Your husband isn’t an exception, appreciate him and let him know how special he is to you.

Give special commendation to his masculine qualities. You can do this by praising him After lovemaking and letting your husband know you liked how great he was in bed.

Doing this you’re telling him indirectly to do more and, that way; you’ll attract him to your bed anytime.

Additionally, find what to do to make him happy. Give him re-assurance that you care about his happiness. The most important of it all is, don’t just appreciate him but be specific to say what he did. It could be how he touched, caressed your body or kissed you.

And lastly, demonstrate your appreciation. Take him out on a surprise outing, buy gifts, give him a kiss, etc.

How do you feel when you have someone being there for you when in a low spirit? Happy and relieved, right? You can give your husband the same emotional and physical support to boost his morale. Doing this will make him happy and want to replicate the gesture. Also, don’t wait until he asks for your support but be ready to give him even when he doesn’t ask.

Does he have a passion for circling and you don’t? Instead of getting angry with him support him. And, find a way to join him. That way you get to spend your spare time together. Sherry Argov’s in her book “Why Men Marry Bitches” She states, men, control the world, and women control the men.

According to her, B.I.T.C.H stands for ‘Babe in Total Control of Herself’. When a woman takes control of her actions and reactions in a marriage, she becomes encouraging and supportive on all undertakings the husband embarks on.

You’ve most certainly heard the adage: “Respect begets respect”. But even attraction begets attraction. If you want to learn how to attract your husband in bed you must be attractive. The mistake most women do is to attract being attractive to a certain color. You might have heard that men rated women in red more sexually attractive than others.

This study by Rochester University isn’t always the case. Instead of your husband rate, you based on your intelligence and personality. That’s what he saw in you before proposing to you in the first place.

But that doesn’t mean your look doesn’t count at all but you must improve it. explains the need for this better. And it says… “‘If you want to catch your husband’s eye again, the first thing you need to do is toss this complacency out.” 

Another thing is, always dress neatly to attract your husband regardless of where you’re. Don’t forget to do proper care for your entire body including your hairdo. You can also add a little makeup as Evangeline K Harris, an expert author on recommends.

Another way to attract your husband in bed is by taking him by surprise. By this, I mean to do something unusual to satisfy him and see how it feels. Don’t get me yet? Well here is a better clue to do it.

When he’s leaving for the office, hold his hand, lean over and whisper sexy words to his ear. For example, tell him “I can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing under this tonight … I think you’re going to like it! Or tease him about your plan to make him reach ecstasy tonight.

These are just ideas, so don’t limit yourself to my examples alone. Just be creative.

17 Best Ways On How To Attract Your Husband In Bed

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At times being adventurous helps eliminate bore from your sex life. Your man would like to see you trying new sex styles of adventure. Since men tend to respond to adventurous things with another person.

Once in awhile suggest going to a new sexual style and practice with him. But you should never do this at the expense of your health, safety, and public law. Do what is safe for your health and what will not bring you into troubles.

Every marriage isn’t without its flaws. But the best way to approach a conflict in your marriage is to talk about and resolve it amicably. Nobody is going to do better than you’d in putting things right in your home.

So instead of allowing issues to linger on, find a way to fix it fast. Get your husband seated and find out the cause of his anger. And, as soon as you do, be ready to communicate with him on it.

One of the greatest mistakes most women make is not being in control during lovemaking. I once had a friend who faced this problem and it almost paralyzes her marriage. The truth is not all man like their woman lying still when in bed. Lead him to do your wish. By taking a lead you can successfully fulfill his inner sexual desires and fantasies.

What if your husband is the aggressive type? You can still take over the control of him using your feminine power. He’ll appreciate especially if you do it well. Because He wants to know that his wife DESIRES him sexually, and not just enduring him sexually.

Smiling and laughing with someone is a good pointer that you accept him. Show smiling face in your conversation with him. But don’t go overboard with this so as not to look funny. Otherwise, he’ll misconstrue it thinking you only do that to attract him to your bed it wouldn’t be okay.

How does smiling help?

The American Psychological Association answers this best. It makes you more attractive and stimulates your sensory rewards. The Canadian university also shares this view. Can you see why this is good now?

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Being totally hygienic and smelling nice create a high sense of attraction. If you’re not sure of your body odor try and apply a nice perfume. Even public surveys also show this.  A survey shows 89% of men agreed scent attracts women.

And, 55% agreed men are attracted to women using perfume. But the question again is what perfume is best? No specific one but just Use a perfume that you like but be careful not to overdo it. The point, here again, is to use it sparingly and don’t abuse it.

There are quite a number of misconceptions the society makes us believe about sex. And in view of this, most women believe is wrong to show interest in sex. Absolutely wrong! Your husband’s body is holy for you just as yours is to him.

Showing him you’re interested in sex re-assures him of your interest in the relationship. This is explained in Marvin Gaye‘s song. The point here is to try and exhibit signs every time to make him want to make the move.

Sticking to only one style or position in sex makes things monotonous. But experimenting with new things every now and then attracts your husband more to you. This is the tip to make him remain sexually obsessed with you, keep experimenting with new things now and then.

Again, this makes it impossible for him to predict your next sex move. If he can’t predict you he will always be expected to find out. Because he wouldn’t know what you’re up to again.

By nature, women tend to pretend when it comes to sex. What they enjoy you do they act as if they don’t and feel shy to say it. Don’t be like this. Be bold to communicate with your husband.

There is power in communicating it to him. Tell him what your fantasies are or how you think he can satisfy you in bed. Telling him makes him ask for more and get connected with you the more. You can even go naughty if need be. Above all, praise him for his better performance.

Being physically and mentally fit can boost your sex life. And the only way to remain fit is through exercise. Don’t allow pain or stress in your body spoil your marriage. You may not interpret this to mean you need a tough routine workout. A few minutes of exercise once a day would be fine to keep fit.

Again, you shouldn’t allow age or excess fat spoil your relationship. Adopt a healthy eating habit and burn away those fats using exercise nutritious diets.

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Dancing in a sexy way could be another way to attract your husband to your bed. Not just dancing anywhere but where he can notice you. To most women, this is their best way to express themselves. But the truth is it really works a lot if you can learn to do it.

Fortunately, it is easy to learn. By going to clubs to learn or taking courses in dancing. And once you grab it, thrill him with your dancing steps and moves.

So you’ve learned about how attract your husband to your bed, what next? Take action! And, your sex life will soar to the top again.

Hope you found this article helpful? Do you think we miss a point!? Kindly share your own ways of attracting your husband with us.

Cheers!  To your happy married life!!!







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